Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 916

Boss, here weapon is the good thing, how do we carry off?” Han Zifeng asked that here may be over six levels weapons, these weapons outside words, casual one were value priceless. Even if in Hidden Sect these large amount gates is impossible to have these many good weapons. Here weapon, even if lost one to lose. In Hidden Sect, can have one here Rank 5 weapon, that was the extraordinary disciple, but here lowest grade was over six levels weapons. You pile the weapon in the same place first, I try!” In the Xia Tian mind starts to meditate. He wants to try nine revolutions of universe cauldrons to be able the weapon to receive, he guessed that the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor will not do does not have the matter of brain, even if after is, how can come and go out the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure freely, now Maoshan to know the buried treasure position, so long as when the time comes they found the person to make a connection with here to be good, here buried treasure same was their. Receives!” Xia Tian meditates one. Whiz! That pile of weapons in instantaneous secret room all vanished in the people at present. shit, how do you achieve?” Steals the day puzzled looks to Xia Tian. Boss, your simply god.” Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong are also a face may be inconceivable. Before Xia Tian absorbed them to feel these herbal medicines sufficed mysteriously, his unexpectedly also has taken away these weapons now, this was makes people unable to imagine simply. Really!” Xia Tian beforehand has experimented, besides compounded drug, anything cannot attract, afterward he attracted the herbal medicine he also thinks that this is very likely because the herbal medicine and compounded drug are kind of goods. Now seems like not.

Certainly was the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor has gotten up to any tricks in this above. In other words so long as nine revolutions of universe cauldrons know the method, that can absorb all goods, thinks of here, the joy on the face of Xia Tian not being able to hide, he believes that controls the methods of nine revolutions of universe cauldrons certainly in this buried treasure. The Witchcraft Sect ancestor already calculated all these. His nine revolutions of universe cauldrons are not lose, but makes person under steal away intentionally, he knows, only then uses nine revolutions of universe cauldrons to make Witchcraft Sect stage a comeback. Therefore that carries the people of nine revolutions of universe cauldrons to carry off here treasure. Xia Tian has not explained anything, he knows that nine revolutions of universe cauldron thing less people know are better, he had not explained that Han Zifeng and steals the day and the others not to ask again. „Does Boss, we go now?” Han Zifeng asked. In this secret room has certainly the exit / to speak, looks, I estimated that the exit / to speak was in ninth.” Xia Tian said. Several people start in the surrounding search, they look unusual is careful, but anything had not found. Boss, won't here have exported?” Han Zifeng doubts looks to Xia Tian, he has tried to search for with the ghost, may be anything had still not found, without any sign of exit / to speak. Blocked. They were blocked completely in this secret room. This secret room has the entrance, has not exported, moreover surrounding stone wall is very thick, even if makes the senior general military fist hit, 1-2 months have not been unable to make a connection, other people of 1-2 months besides the Great General must starve to death. At this time in ninth.

The final level of Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, enters to here person truly are not many, but each is the elite in elite, super Expert of major influences. Their is powerful. Although ninth everywhere is treasure, but they do not have any person to look at the treasure of ground, their goals are the ninth center. Witchcraft Sect genuine big buried treasure. Ha Ha Ha Ha, is really the day helps me.” The corrupt wolf was getting more and more excited at this time, he felt that the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure simply, now on him who he prepares had seven false Spirit Tool, from the armor to the wrist|skill, the ring, fights the boots wait / etc., his present whole person is fully-armed. The body is the false Spirit Tool equipment. Moreover is the super equipment of Witchcraft Sect, person who his does not understand any ghost magic arts, now can control the ghost, moreover these ghosts did not have any attack effect to him. The luck of corrupt wolf simply was as good as the explosive table, he was the person who first entered the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, at this time other people linked false Spirit Tool not to notice that he obtained seven false Spirit Tool and Spirit Tool. Central place, is certainly quick, my first arrives there definitely also to have the good thing.” Corrupt wolf excited saying, he can feel that now the treasure was waving to him. Xia Tian, you give me just wait, I must make you die not entire corpse!” Corrupt wolf wicked saying. Ninth another. Blood teacher's younger brother, here resembled some people to arrive first, I had inspected a moment ago, several false Spirit Tool were taken away.” Expert of famous family main rank said. Snort, certainly is Xia Tian, certainly is he, walks, goes to the central place, I must kill him personally, here all treasures are our Maoshan.” Blood old monster cold snort, angry saying, he so long as now remembers Xia Tian, that is hates to press the plant root straight itchy. Xia Tian!” Yang Hufa saying silently, his helpless shaking the head.

Sir, do we to ninth, go now?” Hongwu looked that asked to Zhuge Wanglang. Now all people will hurry to the central place, we do not worry, first looks for a weapon while convenient with me, your blade skill is so strong, does not have words of handle good blade, that was a pity.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Sir, here does not have what weapon.” Hongwu looked in the surroundings. No, here famous article!” Zhuge Wanglang mysterious smiles. What famous article?” Asking of Hongwu doubts. Is the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor owes us various Ge.” Zhuge Wanglang said. They leave soon. Three teacher's younger brothers! On our four people, but also clashes?” Expert of North Korea asked. To, where although the big brother did not know, but Second Brother already to eighth, they quickly support.” Three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea said: „After and other brothers came, I must these Maoshan dead without the burial ground, that hateful Xia Tian, he must die.” Two teacher's younger brothers, unexpectedly are two teacher's younger brothers, three teacher's younger brothers, can two teacher's younger brothers come really?” North Korean Expert excited saying. Em, immediately, we first go to the central place.” Three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea said. When shortly after they leave, one line of more than 60 people walked, they had 80 people, but now only remaining 60 people. Brothers, we entered ninth finally, here thing can take many to take many, first gave the brother who died to take, sending several people to send back, other people repaid a debt of gratitude.” Witchcraft Sect Expert said.