Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 917

Life is alive, righteousness character overhead!” This is affects deepest a few words to their this teams, although Xia Tian pledged at that time they must give back to their two minutes. However finally Xia Tian supports to them for five minutes. They understand, if not Xia Tian, they are impossible to block Maoshan and attack of North Korean Expert, but Xia Tian completed two minutes of commitment to leave at that time, when the time comes again in others eyes he is one speaks the prestige person. But Xia Tian afterward procedure told all people. The loyalty is sometimes more important than anything. Reason that their 80 people of teams can enter ninth, because of the loyalty, each of them is heavy the loyalty, although only remaining more than 60 people, however their first idea first has given these family members of person of dying the treasure now. The ninth center. That is the key position region of treasure. In genuine buried treasure. Ninth is very big, even if at the speeds of these people, they also dashes about wildly. In present secret room. Boss, we not by in dire straits here.” Han Zifeng gave up, he had not found in surroundings anything, without any switch. The hand of Xia Tian has patted on stone wall, he found a thinnest place. Ka!

In the right hand golden light flashes dodges. Is [gold/metal] Dao, the [gold/metal] blade cut directly above stone wall, he used four blades to cut a giant stone directly, then continued to dig! Has [gold/metal] Dao, where does not have to be able to block him. But here wall is too thick, even if [gold/metal] Dao is impossible to cut open directly, therefore Xia Tian can only patient slowly has cut, sees in the Xia Tian hand that abnormal [gold/metal] blade, stole the day only to say two characters silently: Anomaly.” To! Finally.” Corrupt wolf excited saying, he is the person who first arrives in the central place, here really has the treasure. However these treasures imagine with him is different. The central place has a giant statue, what the portray of statue is a person, in his hand takes is transferring the universe cauldron, awe-inspiring appearance. Here has a ghost, a big corpse, a Hushan god beast. Three monsters have blocked three entrances. Hateful, why has such strong fellow defense!” The corrupt wolf wanted to try rushing a moment ago, but first round by the opposite party returning. In that three entrances, definitely is the most precious object. Looks that the near at hand treasure actually cannot attain, the corrupt wolf was very depressed. No, I am a person who uses the big destiny, certainly has the means.” The vision of corrupt wolf is taking a fast look around in the surroundings, he must look, he believes that he can certainly find the genuine buried treasure. But he looked for half-day anything not to find.

Hateful, some people came.” The corrupt wolf wants to move aside to side, is at this moment, his hand has bumped into a switch, afterward his whole person fell down. After a half minute! Em? I felt the aura of some people a moment ago obviously.” A blood old monster brow wrinkle, he carefully is observing the surrounding situation, but has not discovered to have the person, afterward he will focus in front that statue. Snort! Died has also played any power and prestige!” The blood old looks saying that strangely that Witchcraft Sect ancestor's statue disdains, since the ancient times becomes Wang Baikou, they have won, but Witchcraft Sect lost, therefore he can use the tone speech of this disdaining. Blood gentleman, is the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor's soul king, the corpse king, his saddle horse Zhuifeng beast.” Yang Hufa looks to opposite that three monster light saying. Snort, this old fogy, after dying, must play these many [say / way], what in the soul king behind cave of hides is the compounded drug \; What in the corpse king behind cave of hides is the ancient book \; What in Zhuifeng beast behind cavern hides is the treasure \; Here is the ultimate buried treasure.” Blood old monster light snort. Hits?” Yang Hufa asked. Em, first starts from soul Wang Kaishi, I do not believe a manned controllable soul king unable to have the big might.” The blood old said strangely has fired into the soul king directly, soul king is very big, more than three zhang (3.33 m) high, when the blood old rushes to his front strangely, his eye opens instantaneously. Bang! A soul king palm of the hand clapped on the blood old monster body, the blood old monster whole person is cranked up the muddy flesh. However quick blood old monster body gathered in one. Hateful!” The blood old cursed angrily one strangely, his vision looks to that statue: Your lunatic, your unexpectedly has all given the soul king own soul.” The Witchcraft Sect old ancestor, has given the soul king own soul, such soul king had the independent thought and soul, in addition this is the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor's soul, therefore it now changes to became the second Witchcraft Sect old ancestor. Blood is small, you came.” The soul mouth spits the criticism, this simply was too inconceivable, but the soul truly spits the criticism in the mouth now, that several gate lord in Maoshan surprised could not say incoming call.

Moreover opposite party unexpectedly called him to be small for blood, others called him for the blood gentleman, the blood teacher's younger brother, blood Master Zu wait / etc., but also some people called him to be old for the blood, however in the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor's eyes, he was a blood is just small. Your old fogy, I also thought you in the past already relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish.” The blood old looks strangely that soul Wang said. I truly died, but Witchcraft Sect will not extinguish, I injected in my soul the soul king, human body and corpse king synthesis, and seal the thought of Zhuifeng beast, these three caves, want not so to be simple now, the talented person who was selected by me was qualified.” Soul Wang Dandan saying. You live can not preserve Witchcraft Sect, why now also such to speak to me?” Disdaining of blood old monster face. Depends on is I compared with you.” Soul king very impolite saying, he is the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor, although the blood old monster is also very fierce, but he with the strengths of Witchcraft Sect old ancestor these people are a little disparity. You live cannot be blocking me, you died could not block me, you and other Witchcraft Sect disciples, I do not stand now here, coming me to kill one, I will make you see with one's own eyes your disciples dead in your front.” Blood old monster wicked saying. Will die that person who the person in your hands is not I selects certainly.” The soul king shows a faint smile. He smiles unusual is mystical, resembles all during his grasps is the same, the blood old monster most dislikes others' smile, especially Witchcraft Sect old ancestor loser, his unexpectedly also dares such to smile. I make you smile, all people obey orders, saw that the Witchcraft Sect disciple executes summarily.” Ha Ha Ha Ha, the anger is not small, the blood of Maoshan is old, I had already heard your given name, how I must have a look at you dead today but actually.” At this moment one line of five people of forms appeared in the blood old monster and the others the front.