Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 918

Five people! North Korean Expert. Before was four people, but now is actually five people. Second Brother, this blood old monster strength is very strange.” That three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea reminded, was head the two teacher's younger brothers in that person North Korea. That two teacher's younger brother corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, had not answered, but moves toward the blood to be old directly! The blood old monster also similarly moved toward two teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea. Suddenly, their imposing manners are in sharp opposition. Second big Expert of North Korea wanted the positive showdown blood always to blame. Bang! Two teacher's younger brothers in North Korea get rid instantaneously. A person of high fist pounded directly to the blood was old. Inner Strength manifestation! His Inner Strength manifestation is a little big, if this big fist on how the person, is either dead or wounded, the surrounding these people can induce to the huge air current that on the fist transmits. Gets rid is kills to incur! These, if has hit these ordinary Earth Grade Expert, that is Insta-kill! ! The blood old monster body had the drastic change instantaneously, his right hand turned into the shape of water monster all of a sudden, the fast thickening, increases, his hand turned into the claw completely, afterward his claw patted directly on that giant fist. Bang! The formidable explosive force curls up the surrounding crushed stone, the crushed stone might that these curl up is not smaller than the bullet. Snort, has real skill!” Two teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea said that fired into the blood to be old directly, suddenly, they fought in one, their strength formidable, each air current of fighting can curl the surrounding person flies.

Yang Hufa gains ground suddenly, sees three teacher's younger brothers to that North Korea: Your four people, our nine people, this time looked like you must die.” Has the skill to come!” Three teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea said. Kills! Does not remain!” Protector saying of coldly positive, his voice just fell, his ghost directly has fired into three teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea, just started three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea also to restrain Maoshan Expert means that but that means by Xia Tian breaking, therefore he to fighting to protect buddhist law positive did not have any superiority. Eight pairs three! The remaining Maoshan Expert quantities had the absolute superiority, the people in Maoshan are this, the person more than one, the strength is stronger, their eight to fighting opposite party three, this simply is not the fight that is possible to lose. Central area around gradually also came many people, but nobody dares to go forward, because everybody saw this war, they are afraid themselves also to be involved in this war. Meanwhile, in the ninth secret room! Hongwu, this was the Witchcraft Sect ancestor owes us the blade various Ge, I want to take it now, but its can intelligential, subdue it to visit you.” Zhuge Wanglang light saying. The vision of Hongwu was passed the sword attraction by front this completely. The blood drinks the crazy blade! The red broadsword, above the broadsword also has the bloodstain of killing. On the knife point transmits intense Baleful Qi. „This blade to subdue lord, his all masters all dies a violent death, therefore our various Ge delivers to Witchcraft Sect the blade this, hopes that they have the means to restrain blade inside evil aura, but they have not succeeded, afterward Witchcraft Sect was extinguished by Maoshan.” Zhuge Wanglang answered. The blood drinks the crazy blade! Not in famous article. Because it is a handle demon blade, a handle cursed blade. Uses the owner of this blade to be doomed dead a violent death. World myriad things all intelligential, dies a violent death is just because they are unable to control this handle blade, in other words is this handle blade is the blade of King, the blade of King must the King use, making these average people use just wastes the resources.” Hongwu so was little earnest, he drank the crazy blade the blood directly high threw! His right hand stretches out, place that blade drops.

Saw that the blood drank the crazy blade to cut off his arm, but Hongwu still did not hide does not dodge. Hold up! Went round. The blood drank crazy blade unexpectedly to go round, Zhuge Wanglang inconceivable looks at Hongwu. He believes firmly a moment ago Hongwu anything has not done. However the blood drank crazy blade unexpectedly to go round the hand of Hongwu on this. This. This what's the matter?” Zhuge Wanglang looked puzzled to Hongwu. He , if not approve me, will cut off my arm, if approves me, he will become my god soldier.” The Hongwu right hand mentioned the blood to drink crazy blade, delimited in the control of own left hand directly, the blood has dropped above the knife. Changed red! The blood drinks the crazy blade instantaneously becomes red! Probably is a blood blade edge is the same! Really god soldier target homing lord.” Zhuge Wanglang says with emotion. Sir, now do we go?” Hongwu asked. Should help.” Zhuge Wanglang light saying. Bang! stone wall in ninth was punctured. One line of five people appear. Is Xia Tian they. Xia Tian spent for five minutes to make a connection with this stone wall, thus it can be seen this stone wall actually thick.

Han Zifeng, did you feel?” Xia Tian felt suddenly an intense hauling feeling, he felt he was summoned by some type of thing probably is being same. No, anything felt that does not have.” Han Zifeng shook the head. Good, we walk.” Xia Tian they flush away to central position directly, his inding distance is nearer, that hauling feeling is stronger. At this time the war of central place is intensifying. North Korean Expert occupies the inferiority obviously, because they have three people to fighting the opposite party eight people, a short time could not finish up as for two teacher's younger brothers and three teacher's younger brother there fights, therefore they completely retreat in defeat again and again now, must present the casualties shortly. Bang! Ha Ha Ha Ha! Xia Tian, I want you dead!” At this moment, a nearby wall suddenly was opened, a man has put from inside, the present his whole body has hung all over the equipment. On ten fingers has ten rings, the jade plate waistband, on an arm has six wristers. On the leg is also tying up the wrister of leg ring and ankle place, in the hand wears a gold thread glove, the under foot puts on pair of silver to fight the boots, the head wears a black hat, on the neck has a lavender necklace. Local tyrants! If this person walks on avenue, that all people think that he is a local tyrant. However here everybody thinks that he is a big local tyrant. Three Spirit Tool, 30 false Spirit Tool!” The corrupt wolf thinks these things that own present equips are excited, moreover he also took one to return pill a moment ago greatly, now his strength was promoted once more. Present he, has confidence direct Insta-kill Xia Tian. Sees this sudden person, the surrounding all people stare, Maoshan Expert and Witchcraft Sect Expert that fought also stopped the movement in hand, because the corrupt wolf whole body braves up. These are only representing Spirit Tool and false Spirit Tool.