Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 920

Xia Tian, you also really dare to bring death.” Blood old monster coldly looks at Xia Tian to say. His within the body emerges very intense murderous aura, he hated dead, he who Xia Tian hated wished one could Xia Tian swallow raw and whole, was Xia Tian makes him feel that one did not have the face before the Maoshan old ancestors. Although the Maoshan old ancestors have not blamed his meaning, but he has no alternative but to blame itself. The present Maoshan resources are very tight, his unexpectedly had also been deceived by Xia Tian, making Xia Tian all whirl away there compounded drug. this sends regarding Maoshan is the massive loss. He must kill Xia Tian now first, then all wins the buried treasure in Witchcraft Sect, this can make up for his loss. Blood is old, you thought that you were good?” Xia Tian ponders looked that old said to the blood strangely. You court death!” The blood old said strangely fires into Xia Tian directly. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian shouts suddenly. The blood old monster has really anchored footsteps: Also had any last words saying that begging for mercy was useless, I will not let off your.” You on together, avoid troubles.” Xia Tian said directly. Extremely arrogant! Hears his words, the people of surroundings all people think that he was really too extremely arrogant, this tripartite allied armies, strength worst was Earth Grade Expert, everyone was Expert in Expert. But Xia Tian unexpectedly said that lets them on together, this simply was too inconceivable. Namely extremely arrogant, and is supercilious. This is they the appraisal to Xia Tian. First did not say the blood old monster and that two teacher's younger brothers. Solely is protector with three teacher's younger brother this positive, in the world was considered as on is the great skilled person, moreover there is that to hang the corrupt wolf of treasure from top to bottom, these treasures put out casually same do Earth Grade Expert not to have the issue.

Now Xia Tian opens mouth must all on all. This is not only the surrounding person, the litigant also slightly stares, on their faces all disdains, thinks that Xia Tian wants to save face at all costs. Xia Tian has not spoken, but is corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Combustion compounded drug. Xia Tian instantaneously the complete combustion of these compounded drugs, that is all compounded drugs that steals from the Maoshan dwelling place, but these want enough Maoshan to make for 20 years to 30 years, but is burnt by Xia Tian now. His left hand turned into the golden color, is only the flash, a terrifying strength has swept across entire ninth. In ninth the people of all people all can feel this strength the terrifying nature. Ran away the person who Ah! these watched the fun unable to bear again, they do not want dead here, but turned around runs away, tripartite allied armies that the whole face disdained a moment ago, complexion big changes. This strength was really too terrifying. They have not thought that Xia Tian can erupt such terrifying strength suddenly. Seizes dragon! The left hand of Xia Tian has shown a very strange posture, five fingers change into three, is Dragon Claw the posture, the strength that in nine revolutions of universe cauldrons burns down entered in the left hand of Xia Tian instantaneously. Meanwhile their five people flush away to the opposite party directly. On together!” The corrupt wolf gives a loud shout, he knows now does not flaunt the hero time, Xia Tian the might was too big, they have not thought that this strength as if can vacillate the world to be ordinary. Rock! The ground starts to rock. Surroundings these loose stone wall also start to come down.

The small stone of surrounding ground all flies, has formed a giant vortex, the person who these escape was hit by the gravel, instantaneously penetrates, so long as not fatal, they do not dare to turn head, running that but has kept. Xia Tian! A person of strength, shook entire ninth. Can enter the ninth person, each is the strength strong. However now they all at-large. The frightened, unprecedented sense of fear has swept across their body and mind, this terrifying strength makes them have a thought that that runs away, any treasure non- treasure, compares not to be worth a red cent with the life simply. Today, Xia Tian is doomed to become famous in the world. Hateful, this strength has been able to compare favorably with the old ancestor.” Blood old monster deeping frown, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can erupt such terrifying strength, this strength he a little fears, but they cannot escape now, can only all people get rid to meet together hardly. „Who is this fellow? So to be how strong, even if the Boss is also mediocre.” Two teacher's younger brothers in North Korea deep frown, they together have also fired into Xia Tian. The tripartite allied armies fought with Xia Tian officially. Good, good.” Nod that the soul king keeps, he naturally knows what Xia Tian uses is any strength, he can also see Xia Tian now the strength of main body, in the normal condition, the Profound Grade greatly complete strength can jump the ranks to challenge Earth Grade that is the extraordinary matter. However Xia Tian unexpectedly is always blaming the person fights of their this rank with blood now, moreover is tripartite Expert collaborates together. The soul king is the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor's soul, he knows that combustion compounded drug might, simultaneously he also knows that the combustion compounded drug is the need how formidable human body and skeleton, even if he living time does not dare such to burn, will be been broken by this formidable explosive force bang because of his bone. But Xia Tian achieved. The left hand of Xia Tian fused the crystal jade bone, can therefore withstand the enormous force that is hard to imagine. If not the crystal jade bone, then Xia Tian has burnt such great power, already burnt down him cleanly, discussed that what uses this strength. Bang!

Left hand of Xia Tian when moving the strength of opposite party, his seizing dragon held all people directly, this type holds does not grasp with the hand, but is Inner Strength manifestation, seizes Inner Strength manifestation of dragon. Afterward he makes an effort to fling, has flung these people directly. Enters!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout. Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong have crashed in the cavern of first soul king, the Great General has crashed in the cavern of second corpse king, stole the day to crash in the third Zhuifeng beast behind cavern, they have not gotten rid. Enters the cavern is their real objective, is Xia Tian studies with them. The entrance three patron gods, have not prevented these four people, after their four crash in cavern inside, these three patron gods also vanished. The cavern also vanished. Seizes dragon! Xia Tian seizing dragon holds the corrupt wolf instantaneously: Your these treasures, are my.” Bang! Pounding that a Xia Tian fist makes an effort on the body of corrupt wolf, has punctured the belly of corrupt wolf directly, his left hand racket, corrupt wolf treasure all had been taken afterward away by him, three Spirit Tool, 30 false Spirit Tool. When Xia Tian just about to under Assassins, the body of corrupt wolf changes into ray of light to vanish. The Witchcraft Sect buried treasure closed. The Xia Tian left hand wields, that small cauldron tattoos changes into the entity to appear in his palm center directly. Genuine buried treasure turned over to me.”