Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 921

Xia Tian wanted to kill the corrupt wolf directly, is the life of corrupt wolf, unexpectedly was transmitted directly. This has rescued his life. This time Xia Tian small cauldron high throws, afterward the small cauldron increases fast. Universe reversal! The Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, opens! Meanwhile, all treasures in entire Witchcraft Sect buried treasure all think in the small cauldron to fly automatically, the buried treasure that these weapons, the herbal medicine wait / etc., had not been unearthed, at this moment, has all flown into the Xia Tian small cauldron. pill! Xia Tian gives a loud shout. pill Medical supply store in Witchcraft Sect buried treasure opened. Over a billion compounded drugs have flown into nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, in these over a billion compounded drugs also seven levels of compounded drugs, eight levels of compounded drugs, even nine levels of compounded drugs, the Witchcraft Sect compounded drug did not have what consumption, their research are few, the consumption are also few. Moreover Witchcraft Sect does not have any consumption for these years, therefore here compounded drug meets these many. Looks at these compounded drug little flying to nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, Xia Tian was very happy, he now simply is excited must die, he also had a feeling of nouveau riche immediately. In nine revolutions of universe cauldrons has the special Chu space. Moreover it automatic various class thing minutes open. This time got rich.” Xia Tian incomparably excited saying, these compounded drugs continuous flies into the small cauldron. Meanwhile. Buried treasure! You were my Witchcraft Sect disciple, the soul king are my past ghost, I apportioned you soul king, so long as you worked with concerted efforts, in the future one day can display the true power of soul king.” Thanks the founder!” Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong's respectful saying.

Was good, person who you selected, I hope some day you to be able Witchcraft Sect to carry forward, but with Maoshan should not be the enemy, I looked up the clue, that treasure of past years was not Master Zu of Maoshan takes, was not our Witchcraft Sect Master Zu takes, but was another person, he called the ghost millet.” Founder, we remembered.” Han Zifeng said. In the second secret room. ! Continuous corpse air/Qi floods into in within the body of Great General, the corpse air/Qi of that corpse king within the body also continuously flows in the body of Great General, the Great General is evolving, this corpse king was the past Witchcraft Sect old ancestor strongest corpse king, afterward he collected the innumerable corpse air/Qi to train it. Corpse air/Qi! Here has by far unceasing corpse air/Qi, that necklace on big corpse neck also started absorption wantonly the corpse air/Qi. In the third secret room. Drinks his blood, food its meat, clothing his pill, only then obtains the speed of Zhuifeng beast.” Stole the day to start to turn into the carnivore completely, the Zhuifeng beast became his fine food, his strength and speed were having the tremendous changes at this time. He is also evolving. However what he evolves is the muscle and explosive force. Outside this time Witchcraft Sect buried treasure. War. Tangled warfare! The Maoshan 3000 disciples become an official completely, North Korean several thousand Expert help, the powder cultivates innumerably, only recognizes the clothes not to recognize people, sees the person to hit, looked that the person kills. This war turned red-hot. Now dark night, moon/month violent wind filled with dust high murder night! These powder cultivate escaping quietly, but here absolutely does not have the safe place, runs away also dies.

Wants not dead, besides finding a place hides, has a method, that fights. The war has continued for night. Xia Tian this harvest, with the digit did not describe that was unable to calculate actually he obtained many treasure with the digit. However what most makes his excited is nine revolutions of universe cauldrons. Reason that the nine revolutions of universe cauldrons in his hand cannot handle skillfully are because he does not have the application method, moreover this nine revolutions of universe cauldrons are incomplete, inside does not have the soul, now was good. Finally nine revolutions of universe cauldrons the soul also returned to nine revolutions of universe cauldrons. These regarding Xia Tian are just buried treasures, genuine treasure that three Spirit Tool and 30 false Spirit Tool. Witchcraft Sect books that however he hopes to obtain. Here has Witchcraft Sect cultivation method, ancient book, as well as history. These book has also recorded the usages of nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, regarding Xia Tian, this absolutely is the most precious object, nine revolutions of universe cauldrons are the Witchcraft Sect first most precious object, the might naturally are very formidable. Xia Tian carefully studied was very long, studied to understand a wee bit. First receives, goes back to study slowly!” Xia Tian received the book, his present time are not much, cannot go carefully to study, therefore can only study a superficial knowledge first, but he has discovered quickly another book. This book is Witchcraft Sect. Front with Maoshan is the same, is boasted that to died that Witchcraft Sect old ancestor's there time, Xia Tian looked at carefully. This Witchcraft Sect old ancestor also is really a fierce and ambitious, he truly must swallow the Maoshan old ancestor. What a pity failed. However he has swallowed the 9981 disciples, finally obtained the present strength, person's sensibility to a strength is limited, therefore the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor was sensed by own disciple at that time, then he swallows his disciple directly, like this sensibility of his disciple will also turn his. Swallows the big law!

This and other evil family merit laws, if remains in the world, perhaps also will kill many people.” A Xia Tian right hand racket, one generation becomes famous Unique Skill to vanish in this in society in light of this. However quick Xia Tian saw a very interesting matter. That is the ultimate most precious object. Also is this ultimate most precious object, at that time also had the record in the ancient book of Maoshan. Because this most precious object Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan will break off. What? Let the ghost millet steal?” Xia Tian saw the time whole person who this news has been shocked, afterward he continues to below looks. Next morning. Bang! That mountain collapsed, honor departed five people, these five people fly, fought unexpectedly to stop, all people had the tacit understanding has called a halt, because these five people were the buried treasure owners. Collapsed! The mountain collapsed. Originally on close Changbai Mountains, because nearby mountain collapsed, they have sealed up all climbing mountains paths directly. Came out, you came out finally.” Blood old monster mean looks at Xia Tian. This time Xia Tian their five, fell in the crowd directly, these people resigned a piece of space, Expert and Witchcraft Sect of Maoshan Expert their here walk to Xia Tian, was advocating. Although they sooner or later must have a war mutually, but carries the heavy valuable Xia Tian to come out now. Then they must resist Xia Tian fully. Buried treasure in your hands, if I have not guessed wrong, the Witchcraft Sect most precious object nine revolutions of universe cauldrons are also in your hands?” Blood old monster vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian.