Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 922
The King go out! Present Xia Tian and the others are the King goes out. Their five come out finally, definitely already obtained inside treasure. The Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, countless wealth, like this were obtained by Xia Tian, they possibly are not how jealous! However now has competes for the ability, only then two groups of people, that is Expert of Expert and North Korea of Maoshan, besides their two sides, other people absolutely does not have the qualifications to compete. Maoshan sends the entire entrance to send out. North Korea sends several thousand Expert, although they do not dare to enter Changbai Mountains the rifle sling, however their weapons may be many, was almost the cold weapons, there are some crossbow arrows. How cultivates as for these powder with the Witchcraft Sect vestiges is finding the way to run away. They must flee from here. The following war, they certainly will also be involved, but all crossroads all died of suffocation now, they absolutely do not have any opportunity to escape, only if jumps to the water. But in the water has the water monster. They may hear the roar of water monster, moreover may not jump, here also has the distance from Tianchi, only then the qing gong extremely good talented person has the opportunity to jump, the words that otherwise jumps directly, will be fallen the muddy flesh. Right!” Xia Tian light saying. His time had not denied, but directly acknowledged. Both sides have not worried to begin. Because in ninth, Xia Tian had defeated a moment ago them by a person of strength, although is only one move, but they truly had been thrown by Xia Tian, Xia Tian Profound Grade greatly complete person unexpectedly has defeated them. Snort, you also dare to come out, really courts death.” Two teacher's younger brother cold snort Voice of North Korea said that was defeated by Xia Tian this young fellow one move, this regarding him is the shame, moreover they are that many Expert on together. Defeated, or you continue on together, can look block my one move.” Xia Tian direct said loudly that his sound spreads over in the ear of everyone, all people hear clearly. Two teacher's younger brothers in North Korea, Expert in this Expert, unexpectedly was defeated by Xia Tian one move.

This was also too terrifying. „Is this possible? But two teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea Expert in Expert, even if in the world, that were also quite extraordinary figure, but his unexpectedly was defeated by Xia Tian one move.” Two teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea little said that also over 80 years old, his unexpectedly has lost to under 20-year-old Xia Tian.” This was also too fierce, did you visit him to wear the white tiger abstention quickly? Isn't that the Western Hidden Xia Tianlong ring?” These people all looked to the finger of Xia Tian, the ring that on the finger of Xia Tian truly wears a white tiger shape, before had many people to guess the true might that white tiger abstained, thinks, so long as put on white tiger to abstain can the strength increase, but Xia Tian can tell them very much responsiblily. That is the nonsense. White tiger abstains inside not any energy. After putting on, will not have any addition. Right, this is the white tiger abstention, I am Western Hidden Xia Tianlong son Xia Tian.” Xia Tian shouts loudly, everybody then thinks that originally Xia Tian is the Xia Tianlong son, moreover their names also merely differ a character. Xia Tian is the Xia Tianlong son. Xia Tianlong is China one of the four big Expert. You are whose sons are useless, today nobody can save you.” Saying of blood old monster coldly. You are also my defeated.” Xia Tian light saying. He said unusual is optional, these people but who actually sounds are unable to be optional, because they hear probably was the legend, unexpectedly Lian Xuelao blames such Expert to defeat in the hand of Xia Tian, this was also too inconceivable. He just said a moment ago one have defeated two teacher's younger brothers in North Korea, now unexpectedly also said one defeated the blood to be old. What is main is these two people had not denied, all these that in other words, Xia Tian said real, he has defeated these two people, these two super Expert, his under 20-year-old person unexpectedly has defeated two old monsters. I know your a little method, but I do not believe you to be able to block at the same time attacks of my 3000 disciples.” The strength that blood old monster light saying, Xia Tian that flash erupted a moment ago is truly terrorist, words that but he behind now 3000 Maoshan disciples, these people together attacks, even if the deep pond water monster, perhaps must turn the head to run. Right? I did not mind that first kills your 1800 disciples.” Xia Tian said directly.

Threat. Xia Tian this is the naked threat, his unexpectedly dares to threaten Maoshan. You dare!” Blood old monster facial color one cold! Ah! At this moment, in the team of Maoshan has transmitted a pitiful yell suddenly. Has the friend from the distant place, delight.” The rear area of crowd has broadcast a sound, two people walked behind the crowd, the following that person elegant bearing, in the front that individual hand is taking a blood blade. The blood blade is red, does not know that has eaten the blood of many people. Was that blade directly divided more than 30 Maoshan disciples a moment ago, has only used a blade. The might of this blade can fully the quarrying a mountain crack stone. The blood drinks the crazy blade. Broadsword Hongwu! What person?” The blood is old, facial color one cold, has fired into broadsword Hongwu directly. „A person cries, loves really invincibly!” In the broadsword Hongwu hand the blood blade divided directly! Bang! The blood old monster whole person was chopped into pieces, but the quick blood old monster body gathered in one, this skill consumption was very small, but the blood always blames truly to look pale now. Thus it can be seen that did not feel better a moment ago. He was injured.

He made him be injured excessively self-confidently, he thinks this blade was also consumes him to select the Yang spirit, but he has not thought that this blade unexpectedly will make him be injured: Actually are you who?” Hongwu!” Hongwu said directly. Hongwu? Has not heard!” The people are shaking the head that keeps, this Hongwu absolutely was Expert, the might of his blade was powerful a moment ago, was his unexpectedly is not famous, Xia Tian was also done to be shocked by Hongwu this blade. He has not thought that Hongwu unexpectedly was so fierce. Mr. Zhuge, how did you come?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Zhuge Wanglang. Looks to him blade while convenient, moreover I did not comply to help you, that naturally cannot look that you were besieged.” Zhuge Wanglang very optional saying. Xia Tian nodded. Broadsword Hongwu that blade obtained his approval a moment ago. Seven people! No, six people, because of Zhuge Wanglang cannot Martial Arts. Xia Tian, broadsword Hongwu, Great General, Han Zifeng, Zhong Chuhong, steals the day. Their six now are the masters of King. Dares to injure the old blood, really courts death!” At this moment, drinks to transmit greatly, Xia Tian and the others the complexions are one white.