Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 923
Hears this sound time, on the face of Maoshan disciple is one happy, but the complexions of other people are very ugly. Xia Tian and the others as if feels an intense pressure. This pressure feeling is strong, probably is a hill presses on them is the same. Hateful, words that such gets down, will steal the day they to be detained by this imposing manner.” Xia Tian one has not wrinkled small cauldron tattoos on left hand to burn instantaneously 100,000 Rank 1 compounded drugs, the flash of these compounded drug combustion, his left hand finger in the air, an empty shade of nine revolutions of universe cauldrons appears in the front of people. Transparent small cauldron. The small cauldron all blocked all pressure. Xia Tian behind person relaxed immediately. However a Zhuge Wanglang matter does not have, according to the truth, his Inner Strength does not have, that had given to run over him a moment ago, but his unexpectedly matter does not have. Thus it can be seen Zhuge Wanglang has the strangeness, but Xia Tian has not said anything. Because Zhuge Wanglang with him is one group. Nine revolutions of universe cauldrons!” The form appeared in the front of all people together. Suddenly all Maoshan disciples all kneel on the ground, including which gate main ranks Expert, only then protector with the blood positive old monster has not knelt down, but they also lower the head to cup one hand in the other across the chest. See old ancestor!” Maoshan old ancestor! All people were all shocked. This is the Maoshan old ancestors, super Expert in legend, age over 200-year-old big figure.

The enemies in Maoshan started excitedly, because they saw figure in legend, the Maoshan old ancestors have lived in the myth, nobody has seen him, regarding the majority of people, he was one living legend. Today they finally with own eyes see this legend. Xia Tian is also gains ground unceasingly is sizing up. This is the Maoshan old ancestors.” Xia Tian felt that Maoshan old ancestor's life compares to pursue a goal with determination, if he became by the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor is absorbed at that time also one of the successful people, then he now is a deceased person. Even if he afterward ran away, went to Maoshan, his day does not feel better, is all the way rough, until he met the blood to be old. The blood old monster is a Frankenstein, has helped also busy of Maoshan old ancestor. If no blood to be old, he is impossible to live today. Therefore he old regards with the blood strangely is the blood brother regards, even he does not know that the blood brother is anything felt, in brief is a few words, treats the blood to be old, the ratio is also better to him. He does not permit anybody disrespecting blood to be old. Not to mention injured to the blood has always blamed, now in the blood old monster hand, he naturally cannot endure. He is the Maoshan old ancestor. This world Pyramid topest figure. „Have you injured old blood?” The Maoshan old ancestors have not gone to pay attention to kneel in these Maoshan disciples of ground, but turned the head to look to Hongwu, although he does not know that was whose hand, but can see from the blade of Hongwu that he had just begun. No, the one who begins is I.” Xia Tian slowly walked from behind, he remove the empty shades of nine revolutions of universe cauldrons. Hongwu was the hand that because he moved, he naturally cannot make the Maoshan old ancestors cope with Hongwu, this was Xia Tian, so long as were his brothers, he will act to protect.

Hongwu was also! You? That person who obtains the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure is you, only then nine revolutions of universe cauldrons can carry off inside all treasures, then you stay behind.” Maoshan old ancestor light saying. The way that he spoke was tranquil, but nobody thinks that he was too extremely arrogant, because this from the start was his true strength. If this saying is others says, that absolutely can only describe with the arrogance, but this saying is Maoshan Lao Zu says, that is ordinary. Regardless of Xia Tian is any strength, regardless of he has the multi- talents, his these strength much is under strong. However they are unable to place on a par with the Maoshan old ancestors. Because the Maoshan old ancestors is a legend, no matter regarding anybody, the Maoshan old ancestors is a legend, even if China four big Expert here, they do not dare to treat it lightly. If the Maoshan old ancestors also compete for the China four big Expert positions, then he also certainly can obtain a position. With figure of China four big Expert ranks. Right, is I.” Xia Tian nodded, he had not denied that he knows is denied does not have any use, because he had used the strengths of nine revolutions of universe cauldrons a moment ago. He has nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, represents him is being that final that treasure winner. „The Maoshan old ancestor, your in any case is also super Expert, you such directly get rid to Junior, perhaps will extinguish your reputation.” At this moment Zhuge Wanglang light saying. Em?” The Maoshan old ancestors turn the head to look to Zhuge Wanglang. My name was Zhuge Wanglang, other was needless to say.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Surnamed Zhuge.” The Maoshan old ancestors hear this surname a time brow slightly wrinkle, he is peerless Expert, even if were China four big Expert came, he not show due respect for feelings, but heard Zhuge this surname time he has actually gawked.

Although is only, but this has also represented his regarding as important to this surname. Right, the Maoshan old ancestor, you should still remember that our Zhuge Jiadang year travel promise, has not helped Witchcraft Sect, therefore you owe our Zhuge Jiajia favour.” Zhuge Wanglang said directly. Hears Zhuge Wanglang words, the surrounding person is all startled. Some unexpectedly people can talk with Maoshan Lao Zu, this simply was too inconceivable, moreover Maoshan old ancestor unexpectedly has not blamed his meaning, if were others negotiates with Maoshan Lao Zu, definitely by direct Insta-kill. However everybody heard Zhuge this surname. Some people had also heard Zhuge this surname, that is the inheritance from Zhuge Liang of Three Kingdom era, Zhuge Jiazu Zhuge Liang's descendant, is called brain IQ surpasses 200% families. I can let off you.” Maoshan old ancestor light saying. Perhaps the Maoshan old ancestor, you such spoke does not speak morality and justice, I have not participated in the fight from the start, discussed that what let off me? What I want is you lets off Xia Tian and his these brothers.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Is impossible!” Maoshan old ancestor rejection said. Maoshan old ancestor from the start agreement, although he truly owes a Zhuge Jiazu favour, but this does not represent him to let off Xia Tian, the Xia Tian body has the Witchcraft Sect most precious object nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, moreover is bringing the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure. This wealth cannot belittle absolutely. This can make Maoshan regain vitality. „Does the Maoshan old ancestor, how we make the ratio to trade?” Zhuge Wanglang looks to Maoshan old ancestor light saying.