Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 924
Zhuge Wanglang starts formally discussed that traded. Discussed the transaction with Maoshan Lao Zu. But the Maoshan old ancestors figure of this world Pyramid most peak, discussed generally the transaction is the strength differs among not the big people, but now two of carbon transaction appeared a little monster. Kungfu person unexpectedly will not be discussing the transaction with Maoshan Lao Zu. This simply was too inconceivable. The Maoshan old ancestors only need to be run over and die Zhuge Wanglang with a finger, moreover is with hands down. By Maoshan old ancestor's strength. Regardless of copes with any Expert, does not need to consume too in a big way. Because he is true Expert, he and Yang Hufa and the others were different, protector them positive in others' eyes that already Expert that is unable to look straight ahead. In the average person eyes, meets Martial Arts person very extraordinary. In meeting the Martial Arts person, Earth Grade is a forever goal, they think this whole life, so long as can cultivation arrive at Earth Grade, then this whole life value, especially in China, in these families generally was Profound Grade late stage, or Profound Grade assumed personal command greatly completely. Their strengths cannot be underestimated. However they have consumed innumerable resources, is in order to into Earth Grade Expert. But in these Earth Grade Expert eyes, protector this person positive is their goal, the strength that protector positive is Earth Grade late stage, if he thinks that he can a move kill the Earth Grade Initial Stage person. Once enters Earth Grade, that faint trace subtle change, the strength disparity will be very big. After arriving at Earth Grade, must look were many, what is main is whose merit law, whose skill is fiercer.

Compared with Maoshan old ancestor person, other person anything do not consider as finished. Expert, he is true Expert. What trades?” The Maoshan old ancestors have not worried to get rid, because he believes that his strength, he does not believe Xia Tian can escape from his hand, therefore he does not worry, in his eyes, Xia Tian is a deceased person. If these words did not say from the mouth of Zhuge Wanglang, he already directly started to kill people. However these words truly said from the mouth of Zhuge Wanglang. ! The surroundings broadcast the voice of Tianchi water monster once more, recently the Tianchi water monster was unusual Berserk, often appeared in Tianchi. Gives me peacefully, otherwise I have killed you.” Maoshan old ancestor drinks greatly, these Tianchi water monster thorough disappearances disappear, moreover does not have any sound again. Fierce! unexpectedly a few words gave to run away in fear the Tianchi water monster, this was also too terrifying, strength these person of parts of these Tianchi water monsters were to know, part, although does not know, but also solely heard the roar to shiver on the whole body. But so the formidable Tianchi water monster, unexpectedly ran away in fear by Maoshan old ancestor a few words. This is true Expert, Expert in Expert. Is very simple, you such fierce person, should be confident to own strength.” Zhuge Wanglang looked that said to Maoshan Lao Zu, he has not worried to say the transaction content, but in little seepage Maoshan old ancestor's heart. Now, the Maoshan old ancestors definitely will not say in this case do not have the confidence, moreover he really has the full self-confidence. Em!” The Maoshan old ancestors nodded, has not said anything, he really very much has the self-confidence, because he is the Maoshan old ancestor, super Expert.

Good, I bet one move with you, if your move can kill Xia Tian to result in the words, whatever we you handle, if you could not kill, must make us leave here.” Zhuge Wanglang said directly, he said is very optional, resembles Xia Tian to block Maoshan old ancestor one move. But Maoshan old ancestors in this world strongest a group of people. In the past Yin Nie when cut off Tong the finger, was one move, moreover that move can easily wanted Tong life, Tong, but Earth Grade Expert, however in the Yin Nie eye, he compared with ants in little. The present Maoshan old ancestors look at Xia Tian and the others are also so. In his eyes, Xia Tian tight is ants. „A move, was enough.” Maoshan Lao Zu said that in his opinion, oneself full struck can raze a hill fully, even if were the person who protector their ranks positive cannot block itself fully struck. One move, regarding the average person is not anything, but regarding the person of Maoshan old ancestor rank, that can extinguish kills all. Strikes fully! Since is the gambling makes. The Maoshan old ancestors naturally can use fully, this move of he will make all people see that making these people see his fierce, his terrifying, this terrifying can deep seal above the minds of these people. After letting these people, saw that the Maoshan disciples feared. Although he believes that the own casual move can extinguish has killed Xia Tian, but he will not get rid casually, once he gets rid, must the strength that uses this rank person to use. Actually let others know the Maoshan old ancestors fierce. He must drum up support! Good, we settled, but when the time comes do not compare one move after you, other people must compare with us, that will perhaps make people feel that the people in your Maoshan were mean-spirited.” Zhuge Wanglang light saying.

Snort, if my move has not killed him, that is he has good luck ever, who dares to block me to kill anyone.” Maoshan old ancestor cold snort , he but super Expert, the dignity is stronger than anybody. He said person who puts, that is safe, if some people dare to block the person who he puts. That in does not give him the face. He naturally cannot let off. Good breadth of spirit, worthily is the Maoshan old ancestor.” Saying that Zhuge Wanglang admires, the surrounding person is the admiration looks to Zhuge Wanglang, because his words gain the maximization the benefit simply. Moreover each words have to let the reason that the Maoshan old ancestors are unable to reject. He as if caught the Maoshan old ancestor's weakness to negotiate. Zhuge Wanglang does not even have to solicit the suggestions of Xia Tian, Xia Tian will certainly not reject, making him go to go all out with the Maoshan old ancestors, this simply is not mission that is possible to complete, must die without doubt, is the present is different. A move. Although he knows that the Maoshan old ancestors can definitely leave fully, but he, so long as blocked Maoshan old ancestor's one move to suffice. With words that going all out to compare, a move appeared with ease are many. Maoshan old ancestor's full a move in others eyes, is definitely invincible, nobody can block, but Xia Tian actually obviously relaxed. Boy, this you died, an old ancestor's move can the smashing that a hill hit, if such might hit in the human.” Blood old monster ridicule smiles, has not said anything again. Can destroy the mountain, this is the how terrifying matter, all people have all held breath cold air.