Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 926

The most precious object of Maoshan appears in people finally at present. Military extremely vault of heaven stick! Now in the Maoshan old ancestor hand is taking military extremely vault of heaven stick, the treasure in treasure, the most precious object in most precious object. With a weapon of Witchcraft Sect nine revolutions of universe cauldron ranks. The vision of surroundings these people by the military extremely vault of heaven stick to the deep attraction the past, they had not all been seen the so attractive stick . Moreover the design that on the stick portrays is lifelike, probably is living the biology is the same. Attractive! This is the first feelings of all people. Danger! This is the second feelings of all people. On military vault of heaven stick has transmitted an energy of death extremely, this energy is terrorist, making the person be afraid, surrounding person retreat of cannot help but two steps, on the stick have transmitted flowed all at once, on nearest several person clothes all was the wound that the air current cut open. Quite heavy!” Although Xia Tian has not gone to touch the military extremely vault of heaven stick, but he can feel the weight on the stick transmitting. Moreover on the military vault of heaven stick has transmitted a very strong constriction extremely, this constriction is not the Maoshan old ancestors uses, but is the stick itself has this constriction, the lower extremity of stick smashed a pit the ground, this was because the Maoshan old ancestors were taking reason, if the Maoshan old ancestors loosened the stick, that stick direct thorough. Because it was too heavy. If this stick presses on an average person, that bone is cut off immediately, less than one second will die. From the start does not need to use any Kungfu intentionally. The direct pressure can run over. Military extremely vault of heaven stick, this is the most precious object of Maoshan.” Han Zifeng looks at the stick in Maoshan old ancestor hand surprisedly. Quite fierce, I steal treasure to be innumerable, but has not seen such treasure.” Steals the day carefully is sizing up the military extremely vault of heaven stick, his story is very broad, but is he has not seen this type of weapon. This most precious object.

This is the Maoshan most precious object, good thing.” Two teacher's younger brothers in North Korea have gotten hold of their fist. Expert of North Korea with Maoshan old ancestor that is a mortal enemy, they want to revenge for previous generation Senior Official, the Maoshan old ancestors taunted Senior Official in the past time, it can be said that their shames. Military vault of heaven stick, the old ancestor must act seriously extremely.” Blood old monster excited saying, he knows, once the old ancestor uses the military extremely vault of heaven stick, that Xia Tian must die without doubt, the might of military vault of heaven stick was unable to imagine extremely. Moreover Maoshan old ancestor's strength is Earth Grade greatly is complete. He started to study that mysterious strength, surmounts the Heaven Grade strength, so long as he can study successfully, he can the incarnation be Heaven Grade Expert. Death!” The Maoshan old ancestors mentioned the military extremely vault of heaven stick single-handed, pointed to Xia Tian. Aims at him to be the same with Xia Tian single-handed. This move of war must start finally. All people all turned very quiet, the Maoshan old ancestors to fighting Xia Tian. A move of gambling makes. Wins, Xia Tian and his person all die, the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure belongs to Maoshan, loses, Xia Tian and his person can leave safely. However nobody believes that the Maoshan old ancestors can lose. His move can definitely kill Xia Tian. Therefore Xia Tian and his behind these people must die. Although the aspect is so intense, but Xia Tian and his behind these person of any have not flinched, is the unyielding person, they used the motion to indicate their idea, regarding this situation, they will only stand in Xia Tian supports him, but did not escape. If Xia Tian lost, they will not revolt. Because this is the gambling that Xia Tian makes makes, they certainly will observe. They believe Xia Tian, although the opposite person is Expert that is unable to defeat, however in them, Xia Tian will not lose, who regardless of the opposite party is, even if Maoshan old ancestor's such Expert is also same.

This trust is from the heart. Come, has any skill to use, I then.” Above the left hand of Xia Tian tattoos of that insect moved, its this time ran directly into small cauldron tattoos, afterward Xia Tian started to prepare the combustion compounded drug. Copes with the Maoshan old ancestors full strikes, he not parsimonious, 5 million compounded drugs, he knows that these compounded drugs have surpassed the withstanding limit of his body, however his left arm can withstand this strength. Because his left arm is the crystal jade bone. The most mystical crystal jade bone, some people said that the crystal jade bone is the bone of Heaven Grade Expert, but is not so, even if the bone of Heaven Grade Expert is impossible such limpidly transparent, therefore Xia Tian believes that the crystal jade bone can certainly unable to withstand 5 million compounded drug combustion the strengths. If his miscalculation. Then he will directly explode body to perish. The life is gambling, grand gambling, he must bet. Won has been able with the Maoshan old ancestors to striking, lost, discarded itself and behind these brothers' lives, he believes that oneself behind these brothers definitely are willing to come to this life gambling house with oneself. Bang! The day changed. The cloudless day, this time sky was actually was cloudy a moment ago, black, black that almost anything could not see. Ka! The lightning chops! Under shining of lightning, everybody saw that two Expert imposing manner. These two showdown unexpectedly were changed including the air, because just the air was changed, therefore the sky the perineum gets down. Ticktack! The raindrop drops sound on rock.

Hears this type of raindrop the sound. All people understood, heavy rain must come, the war must start, the Maoshan old ancestors must get rid. „A move of broken day, if you can block, showed that you assign should not certainly.” Maoshan old ancestor light saying, cold, the surrounding air instantaneously changes cold, all people are felt own whole body one cold, shivered. The aura changed the air. Broken day?” Xia Tian light saying: If your move can break the day, I and you did not need to compare, what a pity this was only a name.” A move of broken day! This is the Maoshan old ancestor's style! He takes one move to extinguish kills Xia Tian, and causes the biggest stir, therefore he has used the broken day, own adept Unique Skill, Expert like Maoshan old ancestor, was unable saying that was unilateral cultivation. But is versatile. Xia Tian not hesitant, 5 million compounded drugs burn instantaneously. In the small cauldron, that small insect compounded drug fast swallowing, has then put out the pure strength, the strength gathers in the left hand of Xia Tian instantaneously, the small insect is helping Xia Tian, he helped Xia Tian depute the strength of compounded drug. This pure strength stronger compared with the universe cauldron directly-burning on many. If the directly-burning can waste many strengths. However now he does not need to be worried. In Maoshan old ancestor's hand stick high holding up, the heavenly thunder and lightning all pounds to the stick center. Rumbling! The thunder and lightning pounds , on stick, all people saw, the carving on stick lived.