Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 927

In average person opinion, was divided by the lightning, that must die without doubt. However now the military extremely vault of heaven stick in Maoshan old ancestor hand is keeping was being stroked by the lightning, but the military vault of heaven stick probably is the lightning rod is extremely same, cannot injure to arrive at the Maoshan old ancestor. The stick lived! Probably turned into the living biology to be the same. In an instant. On the stick has twined a purple strength, is very bright, in this dark situation, the military vault of heaven stick probably turned into an illumination stage prop to be the same extremely, illuminated the purple the surroundings. The might that on the stick contains really can probably break the day to be the same. This formidable strength lets present all person all legs and feet to become tender, these Earth Grade Expert are also retreat that keeps, they felt that their body feels weak, some strength bad people even directly fell on the ground. ! At this moment, another head, Xia Tian there as if sent out Dragon Yin to be the same. The left hand of Xia Tian has shown a very strange posture. Five fingers change into three. Seizes dragon! Now on the entire left hand of Xia Tian braves the golden light, the golden light brightness does not contend in martial arts the brightness on vault of heaven stick to be extremely few, moreover is glittering, at this time the left hand of Xia Tian probably turned into a dragon claw to be the same. Small cauldron! Around Xia Tian presented a transparent small cauldron, afterward golden light flashes dodges, the small cauldron vanishes, directly entered in the left hand of Xia Tian, suddenly, all strengths were all drawn the left hand of Xia Tian. We leave this first, otherwise he will divert attention.” Zhuge Wanglang said directly. Afterward several people nodded, fast runs to side. Here fight is not, danger that they can imagine, frightened. All these as if periphery all can be epoch-makingly same. Here picture afterward the person by distant place had been illuminated with the list reflection camera, although cannot illuminate the person, but here wind and cloud is densely covered, under lightning unceasing dividing, moreover strange luminous. This has to remind the Tianchi water monster.

They are thinking certainly is the crossing tribulation in legend, the Tianchi water monster is crossing the tribulation. This idea had been written the news reporter directly, turned into the headline instantaneously, not only clicks in China aloofly, the overseas person also starts to study the picture, they think these pictures certainly forge, computer synthesis. Afterward they discovered this picture unexpectedly real. It is not the synthesis. Suddenly, the scientists started to send out various bold suspicions. But is manufacturer of this stir, the Maoshan old ancestor and Xia Tian, the imposing manner has reached an altitude, a terrifying altitude, the surrounding these people ran up to beyond several li (0.5km), dares person not over ten people who watches in the nearby. Broken day! The Maoshan old ancestors give a loud shout, is only flash, all strengths all erupt, the violent storm, the Tianchi high water, the water surface mighty waves are turbulent, these Tianchi water monsters also flee in all directions. Terror! The terrifying degree of this strength can be said as scary. Military extremely vault of heaven stick directly from top to bottom pounds. Bang! This Tianchang snow-capped mountain as if had the earthquake to be the same, the crushed stone flew randomly, the surrounding these people started the resisting crushed stone diligently, the might of these crushed stones compelled the bullet to be big. This is the broken day. A stick broken day. Vast universe, the strength of vault of heaven. Seizes dragon! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, this is his first control such formidable strength, the epoch-making great power, the strength of this combustion besides Xia Tian, nobody can control sufficiently. Because only then he has crystal jade bone. Only then crystal jade bone can withstand the so formidable might, this might Xia Tian flesh and blood Beng Fei, the flesh and blood on his left arm is unable to withstand this strength directly, the defense strengths of nine revolutions of universe cauldrons also suction by the left hand. Direct set on his left hand.

Seized dragon to put on a safety mask. To the Maoshan old ancestor broken day might, the momentum that the Xia Tian use seized dragon must lower many, but the explosive force of his interior implication was not low, seized dragon is the Xia Tian homemade technique. Is an unusual technique. The strength that on this seizing dragon contains was unable to imagine. Even has been above the cognition of humanity. The surrounding these people all looked silly, they do not dare to breathe, this second of as if world has frozen, probably was a century is so long, Xia Tian and Maoshan old ancestor their attacks of collided finally in one. The broken day collision seizes dragon. Vault of heaven VS universe. In two strengths collide in together. Bang! Exploded. However explosion is not the position that they attack, but is the water surface, the Tianchi water surface had the large explosion, the surrounding rock had the large explosion, this explosive force all shocked the entire Changbai Mountains. Outside these scholars were still guessing the issue of water monster. At this moment, spreads a news. Changbai Mountains are having the earthquake. Changbai Mountains are an extinct volcano, but unexpectedly had the earthquake, wanted the volcanic eruption? !! Pitiful yells send out from Tianchi, the water of Tianchi explodes dozens meters, the water monster that some have not run away with enough time was also exploded to fly. At noon rock avalanche. Two different strengths go to about two Fang Fei. Bang!

Two hills were exploded directly crush, the stone that breaks to pieces, has killed over a hundred people. Two forms have flown upside down. Old ancestor!” Xia Tian!” The blood old monster and the others flew directly to the Maoshan old ancestor, but Han Zifeng and the others have fired into the Xia Tian position. Puff! The blood keeps spouts from the Xia Tian mouth. Finished. The fight ended. Xia Tian took nine levels of compounded drugs directly, this type of compounded drug resiliency very formidable, but now the Xia Tian situation is only metastable, has not had the condition of rapidly restoring. But after the Maoshan old ancestors stand firm the body, a face angry looks to Xia Tian, at this time his face is red, looked that is the phenomenon that the vitality reverses, even if his such Expert impossible under this hit to send lossless. Although he has not been injured, but some within the body vitality tuck dive. You lost!” Xia Tian looks difficultly Maoshan Lao Zu said that although his voice is not loud, but presents all people to hear clearly, Xia Tian has won, the Maoshan old ancestors lost. This victory and loss, is not the victory and loss of fight. But gambling approximately victory and loss. A Maoshan old ancestor move cannot kill Xia Tian, therefore his gambling approximately lost, although Xia Tian is seriously injured now, but he has not died, in other words they won. „The Maoshan old ancestor, you lost, can we walk?” Zhuge Wanglang said. The gambling approximately wins, the Maoshan old ancestors must observe the gambling to make, otherwise his reputation may lose completely, moreover he cannot pass his closed.