Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 928

This ultimate war. A move of showdown. Xia Tian unexpectedly shouldered. He shouldered the Maoshan old ancestors struck, this simply was inconceivable. Xia Tian has created the miracle once more, he has completed not the matter that is possible to complete, his unexpectedly shouldered the Earth Grade greatly complete Maoshan old monster struck fully. This simply is may be called the legend. Xia Tian merely 18 years old, his unexpectedly can shoulder the 200-year-old Maoshan old ancestors this year strikes. Go against heaven's will! Only can with going against heaven's will this glossary describes Xia Tian. He used the fact to prove, talent can also contend with the old monster, other people said own how how talent, in the future meets cultivation to any degree, became Expert of any rank. However Xia Tian is different, he has proven with his strength, the true talent can fighting the old monster. The victory and loss is flash's matter, has won living, lost dying. The life and death only grasps in own hand. This is Xia Tian. Maoshan always blames although now is the hate of whole face, but he also knows that he was unable to renege on a promise: Good, you walk, all Maoshan disciples will not feel embarrassed you.” Maoshan old clenched teeth to say strangely.

Looks that had most precious object Xia Tian to from own front leave, he was unwilling, what a pity he lost. He has a dream cannot think that Xia Tian can have such card in a hand, unexpectedly links his to strike to shoulder fully. Was too fierce, his unexpectedly shouldered the Maoshan old ancestors struck, this simply was too inconceivable, what I have not been able to imagine him to turn into the future, perhaps such formidable talent, he in the future can surmount China four big Expert.” They attacked a moment ago very strong, you looked that the two sides hills were destroyed, strangely the blood old said is not deceives people, real, the Maoshan old ancestors have the strength that the hill destroys, but Xia Tian unexpectedly also achieved.” Was too strong, if I had he 1/10 Kungfu to be good.” The surrounding these people say with emotion, the heavenly dark cloud diverged at this time, the ground has also subsided, the surrounding air current also stopped, all probably have not occurred have been same, however periphery in confusion told them, here truly had a war a moment ago. The Maoshan old ancestors have compromised. He agreed that Xia Tian they left. You lift him quickly to walk, in order to avoid causes trouble.” Zhuge Wanglang said hurriedly. He always one unlucky premonitions, he felt that also will have any matter to occur, therefore they must a bit faster leave here. „To walk, does not have is so easy!” At this moment the form has blocked their way together directly. This form very strong, he appears, these Expert of North Korea all knee down: See crown prince Sir.” North Korean crown prince! First Expert of North Korea. Big brother!” On two teacher's younger brothers and three teacher's younger brother faces in North Korea one happy.

He arrived finally. Before he had the matter to leave one, now finally rushed, saw on the faces of his arrival these North Korea Expert specially excited, but Zhuge Wanglang was really the complexion changes, he turned head to see a Maoshan old ancestor, discovered he at this time was a face smiling face looks one and the others. Originally the Maoshan old ancestors already expected this North Korean crown prince to arrive. Hateful, was then bad.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Your several listened, one according to the office that I said.” Xia Tian said in a low voice: Protects Mr. Zhuge to leave here, then runs away separatedly, the Great General and steals the day same place, Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong together, Mr. Zhuge and Hongwu same place, regardless of what happened do not turn head, if has not seen me, you first return to Jiang Hai City, before I go back, cannot make Jiang Hai City have any matter, yes?” Yes!” Several people not hesitant, they know, now is not flaunting superiority time. You are that person who called Xia Tian?” North Korean crown prince looked that asked to Xia Tian. Right.” Xia Tian nodded. unexpectedly can the Maoshan old compatible move not die, the talent is good, I can not kill you, hands over on you all treasures, the treasure that obtains from Witchcraft Sect, then you can leave.” North Korean crown prince said. Maoshan bumped into North Korean Expert, that hits, but any person has not begun now, because the Maoshan old ancestors have not issued order . Moreover the Maoshan old ancestors did not plan to issue order to cope with these North Korean Expert probably. He lost the gambling to make, that cannot cope with Xia Tian. However he also said that all Maoshan disciples will not get rid, he has not requested others not to begin, now North Korean Expert has encircled Xia Tian, must rob the buried treasure obviously, this is just right for the meaning of Maoshan old ancestor. After they snatched, the Maoshan old ancestors can begin to these North Korean Expert, when the time comes snatched to be good the buried treasure again, this is not considered as that violates the gambling to make. Zhuge Wanglang understands why finally the Maoshan old ancestors must say a moment ago intentionally all Maoshan disciples will not feel embarrassed you.’ These words, this was clearly knows that North Korean crown prince will come, when the time comes was robbed by North Korean crown prince. Then the Maoshan old ancestors go to snatch with North Korean crown prince again.

This is the Maoshan old ancestor's small thoughts. Now Xia Tian they gathered round by several thousand Expert . Moreover the strength can compare favorably with Maoshan old ancestor's super Expert, Xia Tian is seriously injured now, was impossible to block an attack of time North Korean crown prince again. You did not fear after snatching my buried treasure, do the Maoshan old ancestors begin to you?” Xia Tian looked that said to North Korean crown prince directly. Why I must fear that a waste, only dares to hide the waste in mountain.” North Korean crown prince impolite saying, in recent years, their North Korea has not been short with Maoshan very fights, but they, once dispatches large quantities of people, Maoshan will block the entrance, making their powerful nowhere cause . Moreover the Maoshan old ancestors never leave the entrance. Otherwise they already fought one. Hears his words, disciple unusual angers of Maoshan, Maoshan old ancestor's complexion also very ugly, if for the buried treasure, he directly does not get rid to kill the crown prince in this North Korea now. Snort!” Maoshan old ancestor's numerous cold snort had not spoken. It seems like your strength is really old ancestor to be fiercer than Maoshan, a moment ago his also that good B, now you, when his surface scolded him him not to dare to talk back.” Saying of Xia Tian face admiration. That is natural.” North Korean crown prince proud saying. Snort, cannot listen including such simple estranging idea, the brains of your North Korean are eat to fly in circles.” Maoshan old ancestor very discontented saying. You dare to scold me!” The complexion of North Korean crown prince changes. Is now, runs away!” Racket of both hands of Xia Tian in ground, his body direct exceed to Tianchi, but steals the day and the others is also directly flushes away to the surrounding.