Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 929

Run away! When Xia Tian said this running away character. „A person cries, loves really invincibly.” A Hongwu blade cut directly, these North Korean Expert ran away directly to the two sides, the person who these have not escaped with enough time, was broken out by a blade directly, sees to have the space of escaping, Hongwu ran away directly to outside at the back of Zhuge Wanglang. Bang!” An Great General fist hits to fly front person, a row of person was being hit to fly, afterward steals the day Great General to flush away to outside directly. The soul king attacks! Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong ghost synthesis, hit all people in straight line directly. Three groups of people, run away in the different directions. Xia Tian drank diamond blood, the instantaneous incarnation was Vampire, this was his final maintaining life card in a hand, Vampire changed behind, can forget own pain, in addition the addition of Vampire speed, his speed suddenly erupted to quickly. Jumps from here downward, 40-50 meters altitudes, the normal person will be fallen meets a cruel death, moreover below is not Tianchi, Tianchi from the ground also 40-50 meters distances, Xia Tian wants to enter Tianchi, must jump from here, be not plunged to death by oneself using the movement, then sneaks Tianchi. 40-50 meters altitude, even if Earth Grade Expert does not dare downward to jump easily, this jumps is bringing death simply. Get up! The Xia Tian simple-minded directness will not certainly jump. Even if the Tianchi water monster must plunge to death, he both feet makes an effort a step on on the wall, is running along with the sweptback downward, this can download the function of gravity, this Kungfu ordinary Earth Grade Expert cannot achieve. However Xia Tian Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step added on Vampire changes the speed of body is OK. „Is this possible? How he achieves, such high distance unexpectedly ran by the qing gong.” Was too fierce, has not thought that his qing gong so is also fierce.” „The words that such runs away perhaps, nobody can overtake.” Surrounding these person of surprised saying.

Snort, carves insect small technique.” North Korean crown prince said that complete individual also stepped on the wall to pursue, he was Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, how possibly by Xia Tian such easily threw off. Hateful, unexpectedly pursued.” Xia Tian does not dare to turn head, flushes away to front directly, he must enter Tianchi. „To run away? It is not easy.” North Korean crown prince pursued directly. Puff passes! The body of Xia Tian plunged into water directly, after getting down to the water, his body probably is the fish is the same, is going forward. Puff passes! North Korean crown prince also pursued. „Does old ancestor, begin?” The blood old looked asked strangely to Maoshan Lao Zu. Waits again, making him pursue a meeting first, then we clean these fellows in North Korea, when he brings the buried treasure is coming back, we again intercept him to be good.” The Maoshan old ancestors said directly. All during his plan. He knows, if the present begins, North Korean Expert will certainly send the signal. When the time comes North Korean crown prince will definitely return to defense, that was equal to that cheap Xia Tian, he must seek something big with foresight now. Xia Tian that group of friends also quickly flushed, weren't we blocking? In that has Witchcraft Sect Yu Nie.” The blood old monster asked again. So long as Xia Tian dies, they will turn into one crowd of mob, Quicksand Wei Guang will have let off them? With the Xia Tianlong concerned all people, Wei Guang will not let off, their Qiu Ke is not low.” Maoshan old ancestor light saying. Em.” The blood old nodded strangely, thought Maoshan Lao Zu said is very reasonable. All the disciples in Maoshan have not worried to get rid. But is the choice escapes.

In Jiang Hai City. Department head, Changbai Mountains there spreads news, probably was the extinct volcano erupted, or had any earthquake!” The secretary reported. Changbai Mountains, Xia Tian went to there, hopes that do not have the matter.” Deeping frown of Lin Bingbing, she always restlesses recently, always felt that has any not good matter to occur, but she does not hope absolutely this unlucky premonition occurred on Xia Tian. In this time Tianchi! Xia Tian is moving fast, he knows that he is impossible maintains this condition too for a long time, now he has been overdrawing his body, is equal to is overdrawing own life. He maintains this condition time is longer, his life expenditure is bigger. moda foka, pursues, father runs toward the deep water, I do not believe you to pursue.” Xia Tian angry saying, his body dives afterward fast, the deep water, that is the genuine deep water. The inhabited area of deep pond water monster. The speed of North Korean crown prince is too fast, even if his speed in the water is also quick, Xia Tian wants to cast off him using the speed is impossible. Therefore he bets the life once more! This time bets the life with North Korean crown prince, he knows that the deep pond water monster will be will not tolerate others to intrude its domain absolutely. „It is not good, he must go to the deep pond.” North Korean crown prince had also discovered the Xia Tian goal, the deep pond, there has the deep pond water monster, he 50% strengths in the water cannot display continually, moreover he has not made any preparation, therefore he possibly is not the match of deep pond water monster. Flickers the body technique! When North Korean crown prince must pursue Xia Tian immediately, Xia Tian flickered the body technique to shunt directly. Hits me, fool!” Xia Tian fast submergence. They do not know how long pursued, does not know that here was also Tianchi. The water pressure was getting bigger and bigger, his speed was also more and more slow, here fluent pressure was very big, his body pressed was very painful, although in Vampire changed under the condition of body, but he now is not invincible.

! At this moment the surrounding water flow, the body of Xia Tian was flown by this fluent volume directly. Puff! A blood spouts from the Xia Tian mouth. „It is not good, is the deep pond water monster.” The North Korean crown prince complexion changes, both hands in the front, have blocked the attack of current of water horizontally, saw that was curled Xia Tian that flies, he overran directly, how he possibly makes the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure slip away from his hand. Near. He was away from Xia Tian to be getting more and more near. One step! So long as he goes forward again one step, he can catch Xia Tian, when the time comes he drew Xia Tian to escape from the water surface to be good directly, the deep water monster definitely does not dare to come to the ground to pursue him, the deep pond water monster in the water was the King. To the land on, his North Korea crown prince is a King. Bang! At this moment deep pond water monster flushed, a quality compensation sword directly horizontally in him and Xia Tian middle. In the world the farthest distance is not the birth and death, the treasure that but succeeds in obtaining immediately how actually suffices unable to reach. Hateful, dies!” North Korean crown prince under has decided cruel-heartedly, he must kill Xia Tian first, then next time will be ready to launch to salvage the treasure. A giant fist pounded directly to Xia Tian. Inner Strength manifestation.