Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 930

Huge Inner Strength manifestation pounded directly to the head of Xia Tian. „It is not good!” Xia Tian knows if one cannot block these, then must die without doubt, he lifts the both arms to protect his head hurriedly. Bang! The intense hit raised to fly Xia Tian directly, the Eight Trigrams mirror of his chest has also grow darked, at the same time on him all equipment all suction by nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, except for ring and necklace. All suction. Death! The aura broke! In which function of nine revolutions of universe cauldrons is when the master died, it will recruit on the master all treasures. The Xia Tian aura vanished. The vitality also broke, therefore nine revolutions of universe cauldrons judged Xia Tian dead. At this moment, Xia Tian the place of chest, has flowed out a slim chance of survival. North Korean crown prince sees after one have hit Xia Tian, the direct fast rise, he believes that his, can kill Xia Tian absolutely, therefore he also no longer stayed, but is the plan comes ashore first, after coming ashore, he discovered that here soon left the range of Changbai Mountains. „It is not good, my intermediate total.” North Korean crown prince has thought suddenly a possibility, he sees all over the sky signal afterward. He knows that in one Maoshan old ancestor's scheme, now the Maoshan old ancestors are wantonly are certainly capturing and killing North Korean Expert, he must turn back in order to help friendly forces fast, his speed is quick, when he comes back. North Korea died over a thousand Expert. Thus it can be seen, actually the Maoshan old ancestors are terrors how. Came back! North Korean crown prince unexpectedly came back, moreover his complexion is ugly. With losing!” All people understood, he with throwing, him had not overtaken Xia Tian, this made everybody more surprised, solemn North Korean crown prince unexpectedly has not followed Xia Tian, making Xia Tian running away.

This is simply old ancestor also to lose face compared with Maoshan. The Maoshan old ancestors were Xia Tian right one move, Xia Tian had not died, but all people saw, Xia Tian is the severe wound, but North Korean crown prince unexpectedly linked a severely wounded person not to overtake. Similarly, everybody also sighed with emotion fierce location of Xia Tian. unexpectedly Crown Prince Lian Chaoxian have not overtaken him. War! The Maoshan old ancestors have not thought that North Korean crown prince unexpectedly let slip, this hates, the speed of murder was faster. The death of North Korea was very big, but North Korean crown prince has chosen retreating. Here other people also start to become a fugitive. Han Zifeng they were stipulating that good place gathered, they waited here for three days, without any Xia Tian news, but was listens to others saying that North Korean crown prince cannot overtake Xia Tian probably. Walks!” Zhuge Wanglang noticed that in the room the awkward atmosphere said directly. „It is not good, I must wait for the Boss to come back.” Han Zifeng firm saying. Nonsense, you forgot Xia Tian to speak the words? What he cares is Jiang Hai City, he makes you go back to protect Jiang Hai City, but does not wait here.” Zhuge Wanglang scolded directly. Child peak, walks, I believe that Xia Tian will definitely not have the matter, Jiang Hai City needs us now, moreover our harvests are not small, goes back to develop our influences well, you also noticed that Maoshan their influence some much was actually strong, all nobody dare to move them is because they have the formidable influence to be the backing, we go back the trained subordinate well, waits for Xia Tian to come back.” Steals the day to console to say. But.” Han Zifeng also wants to say anything. Not anything right that but, Mr. Zhuge said that Xia Tian hopes that we protect Jiang Hai City, but does not wait him here.” Steals the day to say directly. Han Zifeng nodded. His sentiment to the Xia Tian is very deep, he thinks that his all are Xia Tian give, if no Xia Tian, he already by Expert of Maoshan killing. Now he not only broke through Earth Grade, but also obtained the ghost of half soul king, present he became true Expert, even if were also considered as in entire China on is Expert. But **************.

How he has remembered his strength to come. Without Xia Tian, his anything is not. Therefore he must return to Jiang Hai City to complete all that Xia Tian confesses, he must be Xia Tian builds master of the King. Boss, I will certainly not disappoint your expectation.” Han Zifeng has gotten hold of own fist. ! The finger of Lin Bingbing was delimited to bleed, she felt that she always restlesses recently, without any thoughts of work, she is a workaholic, but the desires of her a wee bit work do not have now. How recently was?” Lin Bingbing deeps frown. dīng! Telephone sound. Department head, the people of summer teacher their team came back.” The secretary said. „, Comes back well, comes back well.” Lin Bingbing felt instantaneously own whole person whole body was relaxed, hangs at heart falls in big stone directly. Summer teacher not in team.” The secretary said again. What? Where is he at? Why has not come back together, together goes has to steal the day, you help me convey him, said that I must see him.” The heart that Lin Bingbing just relaxed has raised once more. Xia Tian unexpectedly has not come back. Recently Xia Tian absolutely did not have no mission, but why he has not come back, restlessed with oneself recently related? Is impossible, he is absolutely impossible to have an accident, do not frighten themselves.” Saying that Lin Bingbing thought aloud, she was forcing to request itself do not frighten themselves, she tells herself Xia Tian not to have an accident absolutely. Second such as year! Now Lin Bingbing felt one are the second such as the year. He steals day arrival in the waiting, steals the day one, she can know that actually what happened, now her the brain is very chaotic, her anything cannot think that she was afraid, she feared that what to do Xia Tian has had an accident accidentally.

What to do one should, she evade this issue before. Thump! Comes in!” Lin Bingbing shouts hurriedly. Department head, this document.” Exits, now my anything does not want to look, I in and the others, have any issue to wait to me today.” Lin Bingbing angry saying, she got angry, this was he becomes the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office department head first ignition. That hand walked with the person of document hurriedly. He is also first time sees Department Head Lin this appearance. Hurry up! A bit faster Ah! Must tell me not to have an accident, he was just took a stroll, do not have an accident. Lin Bingbing is meditating, she was praying that she prayed Xia Tian do not have the matter. Treads! Lin Bingbing back and forth walked over a hundred in the office back and forth, has not stopped, present she probably turned into a neurosis to be the same, walked in the office, does not dare to stop. Because after she fears stops, to think blindly. Thump! At this moment, the gate of office was sounded again.