Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 931

Lin Bingbing ran hurriedly. Opened the door of office. Comes in quickly.” Sees steals the day time, Lin Bingbing said hurriedly. Department Head Lin.” When steals the day sees the Lin Bingbing appearance, a little does not know that should say anything, he knows that relations between Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing, he was a little not cruel enough to tell Lin Bingbing. Although Xia Tian is missing now. However by the Earth Grade greatly complete Expert pursuit, was missing really? If missing, Xia Tian should also be able a little news. But now anything does not have, he started to suspect, but was Xia Tian has had an accident, he will not leave Jiang Hai City absolutely, because Xia Tian was the person who he saw has been loyal. The life is alive, righteousness character overhead. Xia Tian?” Lin Bingbing asked hurriedly. Boss he.” Steals the day told only half, does not know how should say, he looked like really very much deceives Lin Bingbing, but he also knows how long deceived Lin Bingbing unable to deceive. Everybody's condition and are not happy, so long as Lin Bingbing sends for looking up can guess correctly a general idea. Xia Tian he? Said.” Lin Bingbing grabs to steal the day the arm to shout, she undergoes the Vampire evolution, her strength is big, the day of secretly stressing is painful, but steals the day not to shout makes noise. Boss he. Boss he..” He? Said.” Lin Bingbing shouts loudly. Boss he was missing.” Stole the day not to conceal to say directly. Bang!

The body of Lin Bingbing to retreat one step, almost threw down. Sister-in-law! You are all right!” Steals the day to ask hurriedly. I am all right, said the specific situation to me.” The Lin Bingbing facial color is pale. After Xia Tian was hit by North Korean crown prince, entered the death condition, because he died, he felt that he died, the feeling of this death was not good, how regardless of he moved, the body cannot move, but his soul in little fluttered outside body. I died.” This is the only feeling of Xia Tian. In his present mind a blank, anything does not have, only since birth with dying, he does not remember who one are, does not remember why one will die, he only knows one died. At this moment, his soul had been drawn by one vigorously, has pulled back the body his soul directly, he felt that own chest suddenly presents a vitality. This vitality flowed in his heart slowly. Afterward enters his four limbs. Life! His body had life once more, the heart beat, can breathe. However he is still not able to come soberly, his body is fluttering on the water surface, does not know how long to flutter, he does not know how long one have rested, he only knows his body good pain. ! This?” Xia Tian slowly opens own both eyes. An ordinary log cabin, room inside has the moisture, very moist, his gradually walks toward outside, has the water, has the ship. You awoke.” A female sees Xia Tian saying that the female has combed two short braids, on face dirty, the skin is not good, possibly is because year to year lives in the water's edge reason.

Em, is this?” Xia Tian asked. This is my family, I and mother sell the fish in this fishing.” The females said that looked asked to Xia Tian: „Do you name?” „Do I name? Ah! my head good pain.” Xia Tian feels on the head to transmit a severe pain, his anything could not think. Lost recalls? Such the dog blood, I only have seen in drama series.” The females think that Xia Tian is an attire, but after she looks has met discovered that Xia Tian probably is not an attire, therefore she goes forward hurriedly: Was good, have not thought that on you also has the wound, then the heavy wound has not died, you assign really in a big way.” Xia Tian is flutters to her family fishing boat, at that time saw Xia Tian time, she also had a scare, thinks is the deceased person, afterward her mother came, salvages the discovery Xia Tian is the live person, the body of Xia Tian was too been just long by the blister time, a little edema . Moreover the body also has many wounds, the only advantage is wound unexpectedly does not have the inflammation. Otherwise Xia Tian already died. The wound inflammation wants to rescue does not have the opportunity. After Xia Tian rescues, she for Xia Tian has dressed the wound, when she for Xia Tian wrap wound, she was almost frightened, because the body of Xia Tian is the wound, she is usually few main house gate, only if were too busy, helping mother deliver the fish. She is also few contact man, but she can say very much responsibly that Xia Tian is she has seen the most attractive male, the eye is big, the skin is good, which in brief is good, therefore she always likes secretly looks at Xia Tian. Who am I?” Xia Tian sits thinking that keeps there. But his anything cannot think, one wants on the headache. Very painful. Have not thought that waits for the later my mother to lead you to go to the big hospital in city to have a look, I heard that there doctor is fierce, certainly can cure your.” The females said. Em!” Xia Tian nodded: „Do you name?” Water Sheng.” The females said. I called you water Sheng elder sister!” Xia Tian said.

You are big, you called my elder sister.” Water Sheng discontented saying. Does not know.” Xia Tian could not remember to be big. You cannot call my elder sister, appears my very old as results, you called me the water younger sister to be good.” Water Sheng thinks at heart, she listened to others saying that the girl was older than the boy, the boy is not willing to marry. How therefore regardless of she did not agree that Xia Tian called her elder sister. Water younger sister!” Xia Tian discussing silently. The water Sheng hears Xia Tian to call her for the water younger sister, happy smiles: Since you could not remember to call anything, I called you water elder brother.” Water elder brother, good, I was the water elder brother.” Xia Tian claps the hands and shouts praise. Water elder brother, you have been injured, mother makes me cook a fish to you, I have selected biggest one to you specially, gives your making up well.” Water Sheng sweet smiles, although she and mother are the life in the water's edge, but their day cannot overthrow many fish, can only in the waters that in these do not collect fees fishes, the places of these charges one time takes much money, moreover needs the big net, otherwise went definitely to lose money. In the waters that these do not collect fees many people fish every day, person were many, the fish has been short, a day cannot hit many, maintains the livelihood reluctantly, the facility from water Sheng family can look, their family is very poor. Thanks!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Does not use politely, after you have eaten the fish of our family, was our family's people, later must help to fish together.” Water Sheng very optional saying, in her opinion this is natural, they have rescued the Xia Tian life, that Xia Tian must help. They do not raise Sir. Water Sheng, he awoke.” At this moment outside has broadcast a voice of woman.