Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 932

Mother, he awoke, but he lost recalls.” The water Sheng ran. She helped her mother unload the shoulder pole and bucket, usually delivered the fish to deliver with the bucket, generally was 2 : 00 am, about 8 : 00 am can come back, back and forth must take six hours of road, went to time close four hours, came back two hours. Because goes to time is uphill, moreover there is a cargo, comes back is the downhill, is emptying coming back. Fish cooks how?” The mother of water Sheng asked. Was immediately good.” The water Sheng said that although is fishing, but they often do not eat the fish, because the fish is very expensive, can sell for money, they usually eat the steamed bun, big rice, green vegetables cheap time buys green vegetables, green vegetables expensive time on own pickles a brined vegetable. The life is difficult. Moreover such big fish, the water Sheng long such greatly only has eaten, that is his fresh serious illness time mother cooks to her. You how?” The mother of water Sheng walks into the log cabin to ask. Fortunately, was anything cannot think, one wants on the headache.” Xia Tian answered, mother of water Sheng put on very simply, but on the clothes did not have what patch, she was the same with the water Sheng, what put on was the boots, the body wrapped an apron, on the face dirty. Her hair grips. On the hair is also moistening the scale. Possibly is your brain is hit, the water Sheng has cooked the fish to you, first ate the fish to restore, waited for the opportunity to lead you to go to the hospital in city to have a look.” The mother of water Sheng said. Thanks the aunt!” Xia Tian said. All right, I year to year caught fish, save you to do good deeds.” On mother face of water Sheng does not have what expression change, on her face has written all over the trace of years, the wrinkle is very deep. Quick, Xia Tian can smell the fragrance of fish, he felt that he is very hungry, probably was very long has not eaten the thing to be the same. Good!” The water Sheng has carried the table the pot with a clasp directly: Do not worry first, you too long have not eaten the thing, first drinks the dashi warm stomach, the dashi is the nutrition.” Em!” Xia Tian nodded.

The water Sheng brought a long ladle, to Xia Tian but actually one bowl of dashis. The mother of water Sheng has put out several steamed buns and one pack of brined vegetables. Mother, gives you dashi.” The water Sheng to her mother abundant one bowl of dashis, dashi inside had many fish. This you eat, mother does not like eating the fish.” The mother of water Sheng to oneself abundant one bowl, in this bowl is the dashi, only then several fishbones take to bring. Mother!” The water Sheng honk drew out the mouth, she knows that mother does not hate to eat, wants to give her and Xia Tian the meat eats. A bit faster eats, finished eating one also to catch fish.” The mother of water Sheng said. Em!” The water Sheng nodded, then gave Xia Tian to clamp a meat: Water elder brother, you eat the meat.” Water elder brother?” The mother of water Sheng stares slightly. „, Is the name that I give him to give, he does not remember that my name, I gave him to give this name.” The water Sheng said directly. Xia Tian clamped the fish in bowl to mother of water Sheng. Water elder brother, you eat!” The mother of water Sheng also directly called Xia Tian is the water elder brother. Aunt, my stomach is uncomfortable, eats a dashi to be able good, can give me full Tou? I felt that eats a wheaten food should good.” Xia Tian said that he can look, this does not hate to eat this fish to mother and daughter, he is an outsider, moreover had been rescued the life. Thump! At this moment, outside has heard a sound. Comes out to me!” Outside heard one to drink greatly. I exit first.” The mother of water Sheng stands up toward outside walks.

The water Sheng and Xia Tian also followed. Water sister-in-law, today was you should hand over the expense the day, brought.” Three stripped men stand outside, is on the person arm of head has tattoos, on the neck has a big gold chain, shaved a board inch head. „Can tiger elder brother, extend a time limit two Heavens!, recently the fish was not good to hit, you extend a time limit my for two days, I definitely give you money.” The water sister-in-law begged. I think you being concerned about face, you said every month that I extend a time limit to you every month for two days, how that other people see.” Tiger elder brother expression ice-cold saying. Tiger elder brother, I ensure this was the last time.” The water sister-in-law was pledging said. Good, I give you finally this opportunity, if not I looks in your mother's and daughter's pitiful shares, had already driven away you, this is the last time, if next time you such will also tow, I made one to pull down your house, later do not want to fish in this.” The tiger elder brother warned. Certain! Certain!” The water sister-in-law said hurriedly. We walk!” The tiger elder brother said that moved toward outside. „Are they do do?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Also can do anything, collects the protection money.” The water Sheng purses the lips to say. „Does nobody manage?” Although Xia Tian lost has recalled, but he was not silly, naturally knows that had the police. Who manages, person who they have the background, you reported to the police also uselessly, the police cannot catch them, they have the news, moreover they will also retaliate you.” The water Sheng said. Let alone, has gone to eat meal, finished eating the food we to catch fish.” The water sister-in-law said. The atmosphere at meal time is depressing, the water Sheng starts not to speak, after finishing eating the food, the water sister-in-law must catch fish with the water Sheng, the Xia Tian request goes together, just started the water sister-in-law not to agree, because on Xia Tian also has the wound, the Xia Tian manner is strong, must with. The water sister-in-law has put on a self-made life jacket to Xia Tian, preventing Xia Tian to fall to the water , the tool that they catch fish is very simple, is a standing net, the net is not big, moreover on the net does not have the bit and so on thing. What they hit is the live fish, because the dead fish will deliver not to be valuable next morning.

Water elder brother, one will be careful, the strength of fish is very big.” The water Sheng reminder said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. The ship is very small, moreover does not have engine, by rowing a boat the advance, they have delimited for one hour, the water sister-in-law stops the ship. Here has been able to carry on to catch fish. Cast a net! Draw in a net! The water Sheng has made a simple movement, but anything has not fished, the fish is not good to fish, moreover must seize the opportunity. She has been duplicating this movement. Sun has exposed to the sun more and more, but the water Sheng as if completely has not felt to be the same with her mother. „Can I try?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the water Sheng. Ok, but, do not fall down carefully.” The water Sheng thinks, has given Xia Tian the net. Xia Tian looks at the net, he knows that this is the tool that the water Sheng and her mother eat meal, moreover that tiger elder brother also came today, if they cannot arrange the fish to go back, definitely could not make a payment. Must hit the fish.” Xia Tian firm said to oneself.