Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 933

Xia Tian anticipates to display own value, he also hopes one can make many fish, this can the neutralize water Sheng mother and daughter's difficult position. His both hands are taking the fishing net, innermost feelings request themselves. Must hit.” Saying that Xia Tian anticipates, his vision stubbornly is staring at the water surface. At this moment, he suddenly discovered that the opacitas water surface probably suddenly was a little limpid, he can see submarine one meter situation, is two meters. Fish! He saw the fish, was clear, including fish hovering speed and hovering path that clear. Saw such scene his a little god. Water elder brother, are you good, is not good I to come, you lose the time.” The water Sheng sees Xia Tian in that god , the non- bottom wire, a little worried, although she may not salvage, but she thinks that the number of times of bottom wire are many, probability definitely Freshman point. My line!” The Xia Tian direct net scattered, his eye saw escaping route of these fish. His net scatters to escaping route of fish on intentionally. Draw in a net! He received the net directly, makes an effort. Bang! Bang! The fish is beating in the deck. Hears the fish beat the sound, the water sisters-in-law turned head to look to Xia Tian: Your fished.” On the face of water Sheng has written all over inconceivable. She fished for quite a while not to fish a moment ago in that a Xia Tian unexpectedly net caught the fish, moreover fished is two. Comes again!” Water Sheng urgent saying.

Em!” Xia Tian cast the net once more. Draw in a net! Bang! Bang! Bang! This time directly is three, saw that Xia Tian this time caught three fish, the water sister-in-law has put down the desire in hand: Water elder brother, how do you achieve?” The first time is by chance, that second time absolutely was not by chance. I see the fish on the bottom wire.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Is shallow of your here fish tour?” The water sister-in-law looked Xia Tian here, she thinks that is shallow of Xia Tian here fish tour, therefore Xia Tian can see, otherwise here water may not be that type clear enough to see bottom. Moreover quick of fish tour, sees fish shade time generally, the fish walked randomly. You try again!” The water Sheng said directly. The Xia Tian vision has been staring at the fish in water, his two nets have been startled nearby fish. If I can look am deep a point to be good.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. At this moment, he suddenly discovered own unexpectedly can see, two meters five, three meters, three meters five. Saw.” On Xia Tian face one happy, he elongates the string, then drops out the net fast, the lower extremity of net has the iron, therefore quick can sink, when the net sinks to that depth, Xia Tian both hands make an effort! Bang! Bang! This Xia Tian caught five fish, moreover there is a big fish, the water was deeper, the fish was bigger. Saw that Xia Tian this time fishes five. The face of water sister-in-law and on water Sheng has the joy of not being able to conceal, they usually a day can also fish these, not good time could not have fished, but Xia Tian only gets down three nets to catch ten fish now!

On this day, is the water sister-in-law and water Sheng go back earliest a day, because their barrels have packed, in two big plastic barrels slowly is the fish, on the ship also many fish are jumping, even several jumped is jumping on the rebound in the water. Returning home with a full load. This is true returning home with a full load. The water sister-in-law felt one picks the treasure , the heaven felt sorry for their mother and daughter, she showed the kindness of heart to save a person, skill unexpectedly that finally this person caught fish was so strong. After going back, the water sister-in-law places in the water to raise these fish temporarily, here is the place that she encircles. The fish cannot run, has installed in the barrel will feel stifled, the fish of dying is not valuable. Tonight eats up. The water sister-in-law selected two biggest fish to cook dashi personally, made one to stew in soy sauce the fish. Usually this regarding the water sister-in-law and water Sheng, is very luxurious matter, during one day eats three fish, but they can eat a fish today truely, because Xia Tian hits close 200 fish. Their here fish are very cheap, moreover must deliver to the market, there person intentionally is also very low, a fish price of normal size the price presses generally only then about seven dollars, here 200 fish majority of are very however big, the price mentioned that ten do not have the issue. Can sell to 2000 dollars all of a sudden. This is 2000 dollars, the water sister-in-law usually a day of fish can sell to 50 to 70 is very good, one month gets down must give the tiger elder brother 1000, now her day can gain to 2000 dollars. Removes tiger elder brother's 1000, she can also save 1000. She really the start thanks the heaven now, thank the heaven to deliver to her main house gate Xia Tian. Tonight they eat is very happy. Sees they two happy appearances, Xia Tian decided that tomorrow will make up more fish to come back, but will not last forever, some quick people heard that a water sister-in-law day returned 200 fish, immediately some people were jealous. Some people said that she went to others fishpond secretly the dozen, some people said that she has discovered the good place.

Inside person comes out to me.” Outside some people shouted. Water sister-in-law three people ran hurriedly. Your going my family's fishpond secretly has fished, now I request you to compensate.” That person saw water sister-in-law time said directly. The surroundings came people of many watching the fun, meaning that but they have not gone forward. When did I go to your family's fishpond to fish?” Water sister-in-law very puzzled saying. Your smelly widow, your unexpectedly also dares to deny, comes the person, calls me.” That person brings under to come, they hit without demur directly on the water sister-in-law's body, the water sister-in-law have not thought that the opposite party dares to hit the person. Directly by the man of opposite party trampling upside-down. Your unexpectedly dares to hit the woman.” Xia Tian does not know why one will say these words, but he is the vitality, in within the body intense anger has burnt, he rushed directly, fetching water sister-in-law's that person will push to the ground, he does not know how should everybody, comes up is a fist. Puff! On that person of hit face and mouth all are the blood. On, called me together, destroys has calculated my.” The master in that so-called fishpond shouts loudly. These people beat to the body of Xia Tian directly, Xia Tian does not hide completely does not dodge, there dozen of that people, that person hit mouthful was the blood, the tooth hits to fly. These people have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so ruthless, holds one toward the dead beating, how they hit do not let go. A bit faster pulls open, or tramples in him the water, otherwise killed.” That fishpond the person noticed that the situation is not good to shout hurriedly. Bang! These people trampled together on the body of Xia Tian.