Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 934

Puff passes one. The body of Xia Tian was trampled in the water. However Xia Tian is stubbornly is drawing that person, just fell into Xia Tian in water appears is a little thrown into confusion, his body the automatic control crawled immediately directly. Life-saving!” That fishpond the person shouts hurriedly. Puff passes! Puff passes! They jumped, was hit the man who flies to rescue by Xia Tian the tooth that. Xia Tian saw that he was rescued, ran directly, then may be scared these people, fights is this, horizontal fearing stares, feared that not awfully, Xia Tian this completely not awfully, he not only not awfully, but also he must kill this person not to be possible probably. Looks at anything to look that cannot make him come, otherwise must kill.” The master in that fishpond shouts hurriedly. Water elder brother, do not hit.” The water Sheng shouts hurriedly. Xia Tian then a little calmly came, he does not know how one, he saw a moment ago in brief some people hit the woman, he erupted, within the body that sense of justice is probably inborn some to be the same. You go to my fishpond fishing first, person who now has injured my, this time matter you do not compensate 180,000, I am impossible to let off your.” The master in that fishpond noticed that Xia Tian did not hit the person, therefore he started act high and mighty. However this time has not made one to get rid again the fetching water sister-in-law, because Xia Tian that lunatic also stands in the one side.

In his eyes, Xia Tian is a lunatic, a completely lunatic not awfully. He chooses with the water sister-in-law speaks, because he has feared Xia Tian. Do not make false accusations, my fish hits, when I went to your family fishpond, moreover was you begins to hit the person first.” The water sister-in-law shouts hurriedly. Also dares the strong word truth, you told me, which dozen of fish of you were, you usually a day linked ten fish unable to project on, now unexpectedly one time hit 200, how this you said.” That fishpond Boss spoke of here time, all people have all raised up the ear, they the menstruation sister-in-law will not go to others' fishpond fishing. In other words, water sister-in-law had certainly found a new fishing place, there definitely has many fish, Boss of this fishpond perhaps is also this goal, he knew the fishing place, then brings people to go there fish to hit not to have first. I hit in usually the fishing place.” The water sister-in-law said. unexpectedly is dishonest, I reported to the police, making the police process your thieves, hits the fellow of person.” Boss of that fishpond said directly. Wait / Etc.!” At this moment, three stripped men walked from behind, actually they continuously, but has not come out, now looked matter noisy was also similar, they walked. Tiger elder brother!” Surrounding person 11 has said a hello, the tiger elder brother is also nod of slightly. Water sister-in-law, I wants to help over you, but the matter perhaps does not say now, you said in the morning owes my money two days, then steals the fish? Such does is atypical, you are the ill-gotten money, gives me me not to dare to want.” The tiger elder brother looked that said to the water sister-in-law directly. Originally he with Boss of that fishpond is one group.

I have not stolen, you reported to the police, the police came me not to steal, hit the hand that the person was they first moves obviously, moreover that many people hit our family water elder brother person, he was only the justifiable defense.” Water sister-in-law unexpectedly said a justifiable defense, normal looks like this fisherman, from the start does not study, but her unexpectedly opened mouth said a justifiable defense. The fishermen also divide many types, many people have their fishing boat, that type mobile, they generally are very rich, but the water sister-in-law is different, object who in the water sister-in-law's family does not have the man bully, being doomed. Therefore she supports this family by her both hands completely, can raise the water Sheng is very not so easy, from the start does not have money to change the ship . Moreover the ship one badly also needs to spend to cultivate. Raises the police with me not? I fear to tell you, the police came, he only will also listen my, but does not listen your.” Tiger elder brother aggressive saying , this is threatening, although he has not stated clearly, but all people have understood what is heard, his meaning behind saying him had the person. He has the relations in the police station. How the common people fight this person. The water sister-in-law has chosen silent, she looks to understand now, perhaps the masters in this any fishpond are the tiger elder brother look, he noticed that he fishes many of hitting, therefore is jealous, wants to know one in which dozen of fish, by his reputation, so long as he said that piece turned over to him, that naturally nobody dares to snatch. Said, fish in which dozen.” The tiger elder brother facial color one cold said directly. I hit in usually the fishing place , the words that you do not believe that left a fish you to know with us.” The water sister-in-law does not know how should explain, he can only propose that the belt tiger elder brother fished. Good, early tomorrow morning, I look for you.” The tiger elder brother thinks that the water sister-in-law does not want to tell other people the fishing place, therefore said: You listened to me, if tomorrow who dares with, that not to blame me not being impolite.” Tiger elder brother this is telling everybody, that place only then I can go, if you dare to snatch with me, I will not let off your.

Before these people also think that can with getting a bargain, now looked like they want to be many , the tiger elder brother has indicated the manner now, that place was his. Tiger elder brother, my this brother!” Boss of that fishpond looked that said to the tiger elder brother. Water sister-in-law, no matter what, your person has injured the opposite party, what you had a look to make into the person, this was the light injury, if made to the police station goes, least three years, I thought that you also calculate in honest share, today these fish make him take away, this matter.” The tiger elder brother started to mediate. Thus, he appears very much has in both sides that the face, one can manage to accomplish in a moment. Ok!” The water sister-in-law complied directly. She knows that she must comply, because this group of people are rascal, anything can do, her woman, in the family does not have the man to support, how possibly to fight this group of people. Now can exempt the Xia Tian disaster of imprisonment with these 200 fish, is quite cost-effective. Carries off to me the fish.” Boss of that fishpond not polite, he sells the price of fish to be possible from the water sister-in-law to be different, on high more than 1-2 times. Water sister-in-law, my this is helps your busy, tomorrow morning do not make a show, otherwise you cannot treat here, moreover I ensure nearby you could not treat.” The tiger elder brother threatens to say directly. Here person fears him, the water sister-in-law is also, they know that the tiger elder brother dares to kill people, this everybody has heard.