Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 935

Regarding here person, the tiger elder brother is a taboo. Existence that a nobody dares to provoke. Once some people heard that tiger elder brother has killed people, although everybody really did not know or false, but everybody believed. Therefore he receives money nobody to dare in this piece not to give. The tiger elder brother said, had the person to leave directly, the fish was also fished, the person who surroundings these watched the fun also all walked. Such gave them the fish?” Saying that Xia Tian is not convinced. Does not have the means that this is here custom.” Water sister-in-law helpless shaking the head of: You are all right well.” Was good, have not thought that earlier rests, tomorrow morning will also want to catch fish with that tiger elder brother.” The water Sheng also consoles saying that their two rest inside, Xia Tian rests outside, the present is autumn, outside is not cool. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, he lies on bed, the eye looks at moon, rests cannot fall asleep. He does not know actually one are, from where. He does not know why this society can be this, this evil person unexpectedly can live is so natural. He not to the water sister-in-law and water Sheng said one can see the matter in water, he thinks that this possibly is own secret, a very big secret, related to the secret of own life experience, the words that this matter said that definitely will make people feel inconceivable. Moreover own strength is very big, will also swim, this is he suddenly discovers. He when hits that person, has not made an effort obviously, but directly hit to fly the tooth of opposite party, moreover these people hit on oneself itchy are the same with flexure, was not painful. Who am I?” Xia Tian asked itself again. Jiang Hai City! Department head, did you decide?” That several Leader very serious asking of Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office. Em, I must look for him.” Lin Bingbing had set firm resolve.

Passed these many days, Xia Tian has not come back, this showed that Xia Tian has had an accident, has had an accident, she must look for Xia Tian, Xia Tian has paid that many for her, she has been evading the Xia Tian sentiment. When she knows Xia Tian has an accident, she knows own could not give Xia Tian at heart. If Xia Tian died, she will not live on dishonorably absolutely. She must find Xia Tian, if could not find, she plunges into Chonji to commit suicide together in the name of love. This is the decision of Lin Bingbing, she made a mistake. She knew at this moment really mistakenly, she was extremely indifferent to Xia Tian before, she has not treasured Xia Tian to her sentiment, now her is very at heart uncomfortable, rebuked oneself very much, this was ascends the sky to her penalty. Department head, making them go with you together, this can also protect you.” Seven groups of Leader said. „It is not good, your mission I have assigned, I take a person to look for him, no one can with, if I discovered, I could not forgive him certainly.” Lin Bingbing expression ice-cold saying. This time she must a person, this be able to represent her regard, can make her understand that one was makes a mistake. Department head, most at least must let the big cow, his marksmanship is good, if has any condition, good strain.” Seven groups of Leader console to say once more. I said that no one can with, after I walked, you temporarily represent this department head, if there is any important matter to give the leaf the chief department head to telephone.” Lin Bingbing confessed after all, he carried a small box, walked toward outside directly. she formally started. After Lin Bingbing walks. Big cow, you give me with, protects the department head well, if the department head had an accident, the teacher comes back not to dig up your skin.” Seven groups of Leader threats said. Good, my this goes.” The big cow runs directly to outside. Lin Bingbing called a car(riage), hurries to the airport directly. The big cow is also tight following on the heels, after having gotten down the rental car, the big cow discovered own unexpectedly could not find Lin Bingbing.

Bang! At this moment, the big cow felt that he has a dizzy spell, afterward the whole person has fainted. Yeah, told you not to follow, must take a beating to give up.” After Lin Bingbing sighed, she walks toward the airport directly, she must set off the traveling schedule, seeks for the Xia Tian traveling schedule. Water elder brother!.” The water Sheng has patted Xia Tian. That tiger elder brother came, they altogether came five people, moreover made an ordinary ship, two rowed a boat to follow in the water sister-in-law they behind. The water sister-in-law rows a boat, Xia Tian also helps, the speed was faster than yesterday, a half hour to yesterday's place, Xia Tian directly said: Proceeds to delimit again.” Em!” The water sister-in-law nodded, one can be Xia Tian catches fish, therefore she must listen to the opinion of Xia Tian. Both eyes of Xia Tian have looked in the water. The current of water is moving, this moving made him have a special feeling. Aunt, some of our altogether how many nets?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask directly. I have brought three.” The water sister-in-law said. Now, meets me to shout on pulling, then under.” Xia Tian said. Good!” The water sister-in-law nodded. The tiger elder brother they also heard the Xia Tian words, therefore he was saying to that several subordinates: Listens his, bottom wire.” They may bring many nets, because of their ships compared with big of Xia Tian. Both eyes of Xia Tian continue to look at the current of water, on his face presented the excited look, he knows that he has not guessed wrong, the fluent exercise speed was getting more and more fast. Fish tide!

Is the fish tide, is the small fish tide. Water sister-in-law they also saw, front fish tide. Has held on to your hat, is fish tide.” The water sister-in-law shouts loudly. ! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, they have drawn net directly, fish tide time, some fish whip in the water surface, they have even flown on the ship, suddenly Xia Tian they radically no matter that many, the fishing net has gotten down to come up on pulling, gets down to come up on pulling, even was broken through by the fish including the fishing net. But draws also to draw many. This. This was also too skillful, unexpectedly will have the fish tide.” Inconceivable of tiger elder brother whole face, now their on the body and face all are the scale, the fish on ship many quickly buried their half body. After ten minutes, the fish tide stopped. Returning home with a full load. The barrel that Xia Tian they bring has all packed, moreover on the ship also has many fish, this time they have harvested over a thousand fish, tiger elder brother their ships are big, moreover person are many, their harvests are more, close 1500 fish. This quite therefore steamship went to sea the quantity that several days can return. Too skillful. unexpectedly will have the fish tide. Tiger elder brothers are unable to believe that this is real. Tiger elder brother, you also saw, the situation is this, although did not have the fish tide yesterday, but with this almost.” The water sister-in-law answered. „It is not right, where to be certain not to be right.” A tiger elder brother brow wrinkle.