Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 936

Many thanks the attendance of tiger elder brother.” The water sister-in-law understood, reason that tiger elder brother such takes care of them because of Xia Tian. The tiger elder brother saw anything probably, the tiger elder brother this time called the steamship big net, this took advantage regarding the water sister-in-law, such big ship fishing may be more than artificial fishing convenience. I am need you to look after am right, yesterday I have gained more than 30,000, today I specifically called a steamship, if we can also bump into the fish tide, certainly can gain one greatly.” Tiger elder brother very optional saying. He probably is chatting to be the same, has not taken seriously this matter. „, Where goes?” The tiger elder brother asked. „Does water elder brother, go?” The water sister-in-law asked. Also went to yesterday there, said to there again.” Xia Tian does not know that which should go, he can see the situation in water in any case, when the time comes looks for the fish multi- point place bottom wire again. Set sail, goes to yesterday that!” The tiger elder brother orders to say directly that his several little brothers grow up in the water's edge, will set sail. This time is the motor boat. The ship is quick, after ten minutes, they went to yesterday's fish tide place, Xia Tian looked in the water, had the fish, but was few, the fish was few, few inconceivable. How is it?” The tiger elder brother goes forward to ask. „It is not good, here does not have fish, opens again forward, selects slowly, I have a look.” The eye of Xia Tian looks to the water that looked for very long result altogether to add less than ten fish. Deeping frown of tiger elder brother, he starts to produce now questioned, he even starts to suspect that the water sister-in-law was deceiving him, reason that yesterday can bump into the school of fish is only the luck is good. However he has not worried. Since departed, he can wait, but goes back after today , if no place that anything loses face, he should ask the water sister-in-law to chat. The water sister-in-law also discovered that the tiger elder brother's complexion is not good. However she has not urged Xia Tian.

The Xia Tian vision is observing in the water, he discovers very strangely, how in this waters possibly not to have the fish. Well!” Xia Tian said in a soft voice. How is it? What has discovered?” The tiger elder brother goes forward to ask hurriedly. Here has everybody, the fish in nearby water ran away in fear by it.” The hand of Xia Tian in the aquatic fluctuation gently, is feeling the change of current of water. Everybody? Won't kill the shark?” The tiger elder brother stares slightly, if were the shark is dangerous, their this ships may unable to withstand the attack of shark: Turns around!” „It is not the shark, is not the zoophagous, otherwise these schools of fish do not escape, but perished.” Xia Tian has not felt any bloody flavor on the water surface. Since here did not have the fish, we change a place.” The tiger elder brother said. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly, afterward he stands up directly, the vision took a fast look around in the water. Splash! Water elder brother!” The water sister-in-law noticed that Xia Tian jumps to water in shouts hurriedly, although she and Xia Tian just knew, but she early has regarded their family members Xia Tian. I am all right!” Xia Tian pokes head, afterward sneaks once more submarine. Sees Xia Tian to be all right, the water sister-in-law relaxed. Gives me the string!” The Xia Tian probe head comes up! Gives him the string.” The tiger elder brother shouts directly, after Xia Tian received the string, has submerged directly submarine. The tiger elder brother they lies is passing on the nearby to look downward, but anything cannot see. At this moment, in the string transmits one vigorously.

„!” The tiger elder brother shouts hurriedly. All person together effort upward. Puff! Xia Tian also climbed up the ship, draws with everybody, a head person of high fish appears in the people at present. Such big fish, this time sent.” On tiger elder brother's face has written all over inconceivable, he first time sees such big fish. Boss, he is struggling, we have killed it first.” A little brother said. „It is not good, I must live, must be lives, live is valuable.” The tiger elder brother said hurriedly. These people discovered that the string became has drawn suddenly very well, they have not noted, Xia Tian made an effort in their behind, Xia Tian does not know why one had such big strength. Looked like in submarine was the same a moment ago, he made an effort to make a fist, that fish was honest. After the fish draws, fish keeping is whipping the ship, the entire ship rocks. Boss, such does not get down good, the ship can turn.” A little brother said loudly. „It is not good, dies was not valuable.” The tiger elder brother said hurriedly that he knows some such big fish definitely people will receive, when the time comes can sell a good price, if killed, even if were big, everybody is willing to buy, could not sell how much money. I come!” Xia Tian walked from behind directly. Bang! His fist hit directly above the fish head, that fish has gotten down immediately honestly, no longer moved. Has not died well, pours water toward it on, do not let it die.” The tiger elder brother looks that this fish probably saw a gold coin is the same, how such big fish does not need to propagandize to sell, definitely some people are willing to change hands.

The ship started. Water sister-in-law, you could rest assured that I will definitely not treat unjustly your, our houses are less than 2100 draws, if has curried favor with, I make the house money to come out to you.” The tiger elder brother strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Thanked the tiger elder brother.” Water sister-in-law excited saying. What to be polite, this little brother, I very appreciates your, later mixed what kind of me?” The tiger elder brother looked that asked to Xia Tian. „It is not good, I must take care of the aunt and water younger sister.” Xia Tian said. You felt relieved that so long as you mix with me, I give them two to buy a house directly, then gives them a sum of money, making them make a small business transaction.” What the tiger elder brother regards as important Xia Tian is his skill. He thinks person who Xia Tian is one has the skill, is worth him investing like Xia Tian this person. Moreover he has found by inspection the lemon spot now, should be the water sister-in-law and water Sheng has rescued the Xia Tian life, therefore Xia Tian must repay a debt of gratitude, he wants propellant sister-in-law's enough advantage, that this boy should repay a debt of gratitude to him. He does not think that launching can the daily luck so be good. Therefore this absolutely is not the long-term plan, he also has the job outside, he wants Xia Tian to help him. Xia Tian has not spoken, he has chosen silent, because the tiger elder brother's proposition is very attractive, his goal is to let the water sister-in-law and water Sheng has on the auspicious day, does not need to squat every day in the log cabin, now the tiger elder brother not only need two buy the building for them, but also wants a propellant sister-in-law sum of money to make the small business transaction, this has completed all of a sudden his wish. The tiger elder brother strikes while the iron is hot directly: Brother, the house I telephoned to arrange a moment ago, tomorrow can transfer title of ownership, in this card has 100,000 dollars, the water sister-in-law had this sum of money also to be able on an auspicious day.” The tiger elder brother is natural, he can look, Xia Tian is a heavy benevolence person, now he pays are more, in the future will repay definitely also will be more.