Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 937

What is main is the tiger elder brother influence is very here big, if he is not obedient, that water sister-in-law their later days do not feel better. Now this tiger elder brother clarified must make him pass to become the little brother. Although he does not prefer, the pricetag that but he asks for is Xia Tian is irrecusable, the water sister-in-law has the graciousness of life-saving to him, this was also also the water sister-in-law's benevolence, as for later with the tiger elder brother's matter, he has thought that later said again , can only temporarily like this. Good, I comply!” Xia Tian nodded. Hears Xia Tian to comply, on tiger elder brother face one happy: Good, happy.” Water elder brother!” In the water Sheng eye is tears. Water younger sister, takes care of aunt well.” Xia Tian looked that said to the water Sheng, the water Sheng and water sister-in-law's day has been very bitter, moreover here does not fish possibly throughout the year hitting, fishing so is each time laborious. Words that such gets down, the day of water sister-in-law and water Sheng will be only getting more and more bitter, because nearby waters fish are getting fewer and fewer, water sister-in-law more and more is not healthy. Water elder brother!” A water sister-in-law face apology looks at Xia Tian, her situation is also difficult, moreover she does not dare to reject the tiger elder brother's request absolutely. Was good, the water sister-in-law, you do business raised me to be good, if some people dare to bully you, I definitely cannot let off the opposite party, you peaceful living, the water elder brother I have carried off, always compared with me in your this moist small log cabins strong.” The tiger elder brother consoles to say. The tiger elder brother is a skilled person of buying the hearts of the people, he knows, regardless of give Xia Tian how much money, Xia Tian at heart possibly will not thank him, but he, if looks after the good water sister-in-law and water Sheng. That was different. Xia Tian will think one have owed the tiger an elder brother big favour. Shortly after disembarked, the fish sold, really has sold a good price, bought the fish the person is big Boss, he thinks that such big fish can bring the good luck in making money to him, therefore he called people to come the fish to move away directly. Xia Tian followed the tiger elder brother.

The water sister-in-law and water Sheng have been admitted to the building, family's furniture is new, is the tiger elder brother buying, saw these things, the water sister-in-law also understood, the tiger elder brother's meaning was very obvious, was makes them do not relate Xia Tian. These things were the seal spend. The water Sheng has not lived in such good big house, enters the room time also specially first washes cleanly barefoot to walk the foot. The water sister-in-law looks at all in room, in her eye has flowed out the tears, many years, she had on the auspicious day finally, she is young time is also a university student, afterward had married the father of water Sheng. Her parents did not agree at that time this wedding, cut off the relations with her finally. The easy life also had calculates, the father of water Sheng is very good to her. But the good outlook did not last long, the father of water Sheng goes out to fish time died, has not transported including the corpse, from then on, her day suffers a disastrous decline, in the family will not have a man to be bullied. Moreover was very just bitter, she who starts the day to pass did not have all things of means in the family to sell, has made a boat, oneself studied is going to sea fishing, this can maintain the livelihood reluctantly. More than ten years, she has raised the water Sheng. Now they can finally on auspicious day. She thanked Xia Tian, thanks heaven, thank the heaven to deliver to her main house gate Xia Tian. Actually this also has the relations with her good intention, if at that time her incurable Xia Tian, then she is still worrying for the matter of protection money now, she rescued a Xia Tian life is benevolent, now Xia Tian has also repaid her graciousness of life-saving. Xia Tian after tiger elder brother walked, the tiger elder brother first leads him to go to the hospital, wrapped up the body, the time tiger elder brother of wrap saw Xia Tian wound, was very surprised, he had inquired, Xia Tian lost has recalled, he guessed that Xia Tian lost recalled before , certainly was a extraordinary person, or was Assassins Special Force and so on. Because on Xia Tian has the bullet wound.

Therefore the tiger elder brother wanted Xia Tian this to boost, he is developing his influence now, although he did not mix the Hei society, but the words of backer, how possibly have not made the important matter this year! The people were bullied friendly, horse Shan was ridden. Afterward the tiger elder brother gave Xia Tian to buy several new clothes, Tiantian asked Xia Tian to have the western-style food. Does not make Xia Tian work, moreover he gives back to Xia Tian to look for the woman, but Xia Tian has not wanted, why he does not know, the specially repugnant these women. Brother, this is neighbor the best inn, I heard that your head has been injured, eats a seafood to make up the brain.” Tiger elder brother continuously to Xia Tian very polite, his these little brothers envy. Which this Xia Tian is becomes little brother, clearly is becomes Sir. Thanks!” Over the two days Xia Tian was received cordially by the tiger elder brother was a little also embarrassed. Bang! At this moment, the gate of room was trampled, one line of more than ten people walked: Tiger, I caught you finally.” Three children, do you want to do?” The tiger elder brother stands up to shout. Does? Among us grievances also wanted.” Three child coldly looks that the tiger elder brother said that he and behind little brothers has put out the thin-bladed knife, at this time they encircle in the entrance, tiger elder brother and the others cannot flush. Three children, are you want to make the human life?” The tiger elder brother looked that asked to three children. Right, today I must kill you.” Three children directly said. Three children, if makes war here, perhaps will die many people, Wendou or the resort to violence, you select.” The tiger elder brother said directly.

Wendou and resort to violence saying was the inheritance in the previous world in the 80's, at that time the charlatan able to move unhindered, they had found out such method of a Wendou and resort to violence, the present is the society with a legal system, the person who fought in groups truly were few, generally was Wendou and resort to violence. Wendou is you chops my blade, I chop your blade, does not chop the face and head, who recognizes first instigated who loses, the resort to violence is two people to chopping, finally is standing winning. Wendou!” Three children do not want to do several human lives to come, otherwise no one can be inescapable. Xia Tian had not spoken, but he also understands that maintained an army to use the army for an hour on the thousand th, the tiger elder brother has given his these many advantage and favours, he must start also others favour now. I come!” Xia Tian said directly. Water elder brother, you?” A tiger elder brother brow wrinkle, he one time useless Xia Tian, he does not know that Xia Tian is good. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Good, Wendou is you chops my blade, I chop your blade, cannot hold, cannot chop the head.” The tiger elder brother answered. Good!” Xia Tian said directly. Tiger, if your person lost, you tumble out here to me, and puts out 200,000 to come Ping Shi!” Three children directly said. Good, if you lost, you get the hell out, I do not want your money.” The tiger elder brother looks at three children wickedly.