Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 938

This battle is the face and domain struggle, struggles between three child and tiger elder brother are many, but struggles now is not hitting of bright blade bright (spear|gun), otherwise their person was hard also goes. Today this weaponry, is three child and tiger elder brother first front impact. This weaponry who wins, this piece turns over to anyone, who lost, gets the hell out, most primitive processing method. Walks!” Saying of three child coldly. Wendou cannot certainly, otherwise the person in hotel definitely report to the police here, they must choose a place. After the tiger elder brother paid up, they walked to outside. The tiger elder brother has not called to call person. Because this is the gambling of big brother rank makes, they will lose will definitely have recognized, if did not recognize, after that could not mix, only if three children they spoke tiger elder brother these people to kill, once has all killed, three children absolutely could not be inescapable. The police are not a vegetarian. Piece of work possibly nobody manages, if has killed, no one can be inescapable. Therefore they must find a nobody's place, or warehouse. Is the fish hold.” The tiger elder brother said. Ok!” Three children directly said that he is self-confident regarding Wendou, because in his subordinate has the person who under the stingy also anti- hits, scary of his day growth, generally with person Wendou time, a blade gets down, the opposite party frightened to hoodwink. Therefore he thinks that own today wins certainly. The tiger elder brother will certainly be expelled here by them, so long as he takes here, he can make to monopolize here fishery to trade, now nearby fishery half in his hands, moreover half in tiger elder brother hand, they, if opens the fishery to trade, that opposite party will certainly raise prices, when the time comes lost money. Therefore wants the fishery transaction to kill the opposite party first. The fish hold is nearby small goods warehouse, here usually puts the fish, but is early morning before 9 : 00 am, after nine points , the fish was already moved away. After entering the fish hold. Three children directly throw a blade. Afterward he behind went out of a small fellow, the small fellow is black and thin, looks like that anti- does not hit.

However on the faces of three children actually has written all over self-confidently. Water elder brother, careful, this fellow called the black mole, a little fame on the [say / way], started ruthless that became famous.” The tiger elder brother reminded. Xia Tian has not spoken, does not know why he cannot feel completely anxiously. A feeling of fear does not have, according to truth, such strong to chopping to be very dangerous, but he did not fear probably. The Xia Tian right hand has gotten hold of the blade. Who comes first?” Three children looked that asked to tiger elder brother. You come first!” Xia Tian said directly that the tiger elder brother nodded, should be three children they first comes according to the Jianghu custom, because today was three children gives to encircle them. Therefore three children they occupy offensive. Puff! The black mole starts to be quick, a blade chopped directly on the left shoulder of Xia Tian. His blade compared with the sharpness of Xia Tian, cut open the Xia Tian shoulder all of a sudden. Blood directing current, although Xia Tian human body compared with normal person, but he absolutely is not Superman, is not the blood is old. Em?” A black mole brow wrinkle, that blade he had exhausted a moment ago fully, in his opinion this blade can certainly break out the shoulder of Xia Tian, but looked like just has broken out the meat now, a Xia Tian bone matter did not have. But Xia Tian Profound Grade late stage Expert, the bone may probably be harder than the normal person. Ticktack! The blood dropped on the ground, the blade of black mole chops, Xia Tian snort did not have snort one continually. Xia Tian mentioned the right arm that oneself bled, a blade has chopped directly, this blade speed was fast. Ka! Ah!

A pitiful yell transmits. Black mole unexpectedly has sent out the pitiful yell, reason that before the black mole became famous is because his bone was hard, but his unexpectedly is chopped by a Xia Tian blade today called out pitifully, because the Xia Tian blade has chopped in his bone. Puff! The black mole right hand blade trades the left hand, strikes off to Xia Tian once more. This time he chopped once more on the right arm of Xia Tian, Xia Tian has still not made any sound. Ka! Ah! Also is the doctor calls out pitifully, the left arm of black mole was also chopped in the bone by Xia Tian. Two arms both chopped cannot move, this also ratio? Ticktack! Bleeding that the Xia Tian shoulder place keeps, but he stands there, his right hand is taking the blade, has not traded the hand, imitates the arm on finger citron is not he, the facial color is very cold, this time Xia Tian will have presented all people to shake. Ruthless!” This is all people's appraisal to Xia Tian. Three children, but also hits?” The tiger elder brother asked directly. You won!” Three children look that Xia Tian that ice-cold look has the dessert startled, he believes that this person dares to breakneck absolutely, moreover this person should also kill people, otherwise he is impossible the so tranquil station here. Does not change the facial color. dāng! Xia Tian threw the blade on the ground. Water elder brother name has become famous today, because he becoming famous the black mole putting together, the black mole lost, recognized instigates. Before was the black mole frightens the opposite party to be lenient with the imposing manner, but the black mole results in the imposing manner frightening today absolutely by Xia Tian.

This tiger elder brother was very happy. Has put down three children, his parallel import market can open. When the time comes money must have, because he can monopolize here all parallel import transactions. His here will turn into the stopover station. The low price receives the parallel import, then the high price sells, his here will turn into the wholesale market. We walk!” The subordinates of three children have helped up the black mole, his complexion is ugly, he knows that own today has planted, he has not thought that tiger elder brother under unexpectedly also has such capable person. His time lost half domain all of a sudden, loses does not have the means to calculate. Third Brother, we what to do?” Under a famous artisan asked. Looks for my Second Brother, this time matter cannot such consider as finished.” Saying of three child coldly, he lost, domain definitely to tiger elder brother, but he is not willingly, he must think the means to snatch the domain. Because his half domain and tiger elder brother's in addition was a complete market. This is money, he now helplessly looks at money to steal into the tiger elder brother's pocket. Brother, we go to the hospital.” The tiger elder brother called the car(riage), delivered to the hospital Xia Tian, hospital inside doctor felt the terrifying, he gave the Xia Tian sewing thread time, has not taken the anesthetic, but Xia Tian did not have throat one including the throat. After three children go back, looked for his Second Brother directly, the rash fellow: Second Brother, my half water market domain turned over to tiger.” What's the matter?” A rash fellow brow wrinkle. Today I had the person to encircle tiger, then with their Wendou, the black mole was cut down by the opposite party finally.” Three child depressed saying. Two days of big brother came out, when the big brother came out to say again.” Saying of rash fellow coldly, when have their brothers suffered a loss?