Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 939

The brothers, comply with your 100, I have achieved, here asked the monthly ticket, asked the recommendation ticket, asked to hit to enjoy, in brief had anything to give the brothers. ---------------------------- Their three brothers mix the society outside since childhood. They three reputations are not fool, but is the genuine goods at reasonable prices hits, their three brothers fight ruthless that became famous, moreover their brothers three unite. Some matters on together. Therefore their three can stand firm here. Now some people contended for their domain. They naturally must snatch. Second Brother, I understands!” Three children nodded. First gives the big brother the reception to give a welcoming dinner, then tidies up that tiger, my this time must make him vanish from this world thoroughly.” Rash fellow saying of maliciously, the rash fellow has an eye. His another eye does not have with the person fights the lane. It is said at that time he directly filled the mouth eye, studied Xiahou Dun, he did not have to think own this action has been scared the opposite party directly, the frame that lost won all of a sudden. The opposite party all ran. From then on the rash fellow thoroughly has become famous, all people heard he eats the matter of oneself eye! However at that time the rash fellow did not feel better, has lain down in the hospital for three months. After being out of hospital, nobody dares to annoy him nearby this. Three brothers each are the ruthless roles. The child has selected others' hand muscle foot muscle greatly, because of this he goes, two huge children must come out, when the time comes will be Fierce Tiger will emerge inevitably.

After Xia Tian has wrapped up, has not been hospitalized. Tiger must admire dead Xia Tian simply. He first time sees the Xia Tian like this ruthless role. In some hotel. Starting today, the water elder brother is our brothers, you must listen to the water elder brother, understood what is heard?” The tiger elder brother said directly that everybody understood this is must let the water elder brother, when their seconds in command. Is next to the tiger elder brother's status. The water elder brother is only a new person, but he just came to become the second child of this group of people, normal these year to year with the tiger elder brother's person absolutely at heart are not convinced, however the people on the scene have not been convinced. Because they heard the water elder brother's matter. Including the black mole by the water elder brother doing upside-down, them not to have been how possibly convinced. Moreover the water elder brother the words are usually few, does not order them, only likes a person sitting there is in a daze. Which some people over the two days regardless of Xia Tian they arrived at to direct to them, moreover everybody feared him very much, the water sister-in-law and water Sheng have also made a sales store, had the help of tiger elder brother, this matter very simple solution. Xia Tian has not gone to visit them, they have not come to look for Xia Tian, generally speaking the matter is the past. Nearby this legend, said that now this piece who is most ruthless, that definitely is the water elder brother, including black mole by water elder brother cutting down, the black mole is who? Before the fellow who this piece most rode roughshod. He usually eats the thing not to spend, saw that anything takes anything, nobody dares him to be what kind. Because everybody knows that he is not affable. Is the top goons of three children, outside was wonderful, said that he who he passed on fought is ruthless, many not awfully, it is said the once his finger had been cut, he also took the blade to expel others to chop. But now this black mole is still lying down in the hospital.

It is said the later arm has abandoned, but hews such that person water elder brother the black mole. Water elder brother, you came, my this lane the strip big fish, you took to make up!” Water elder brother, my this is the fresh marine product, you bring to taste.” Water elder brother, you looked that you picked anything to take.” The surrounding these people on own initiative give a present, hopes that the water elder brother does not look for their troubles, but they discovered that this water elder brother is different from the black mole, his anything does not take, anything does not want. Who gives, he does not want, he takes a stroll in this nearby. Follows these little brothers behind him not to dare to want the thing. Sees the water elder brother so, everybody admired him, everybody thinks that he was the genuine Boss, because his not corrupt little profit, the tiger elder brothers were busy at work the matter of market over the two days, he has chosen the place, now is asking the person to build the warehouse. „Does water elder brother, which inn we go to eat tonight?” Xia Tian behind little brother asked. They had profited recently at someone's expense with Xia Tian, uniform eating at a restaurant, has the tiger elder brother to pay, how regardless of they eat, the tiger elder brothers with a smile pay, happy, Xia Tian more eats him to be happier. Tiger elder brother, child today leaves prison greatly.” A little brother reported hurriedly. Comes out to come out, but also counted on that I can meet him?” Tiger elder brother very optional saying, he has not dealt with the child greatly, he was also for these years hit with three children, before no one knew anyone. Therefore he does not care about any greatly child, the rash fellow. Tiger elder brother, this greatly child is a ruthless role, I heard that he likes selecting the manpower muscle foot muscle specially, offends his person not good end.” That little brother said. Father is also the ruthless role, offends the father does not have the good end.” Tiger elder brother aggressive saying , since having put down three children, he thinks that the own influence here was getting bigger and bigger, the reputation is also getting more and more resounding, he believes that so long as has Xia Tian, who comes not to be easy-to-use. But, the tiger elder brother, we snatched the cards in a hand of three children, friendliness that their brothers became famous.” That little brother said again. I said that your boy is how long other people spirit, extinguishes oneself power and prestige, ends the calf gadget.” Tiger elder brother very discontented stared that little brother one eyes, no matter he greatly the child rash fellow, coming him to be equally even.

After leaving here, he planned that looks for Xia Tian. Chats with Xia Tian again well, since must present this any greatly child immediately, he naturally has no alternative but to care, many must a little guard, although he had not planned that contends for three child remaining that domains, but he has no alternative but to guard. If three children they play cloudy is not fond of playing jokes. In the evening, tiger elder brother looked for a hotel to entertain Xia Tian. That three child who water elder brother, we tidied up couple days ago you also records.” The tiger elder brother asked. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, he words are usually few, the whole person seems very cold. That three child his elder brothers tonight leave prison, we must prepare.” The tiger elder brother must say calmly. At this time outside prison. Greatly the child and rash fellow lead No. 20-30 little brother to stand outside the prison, they waited here for two hours, but does not have any person to shout tired, because they emerged and other Fierce Tiger now. The hotel has subscribed. Must give a welcoming dinner to the child reception greatly. ! The front door of prison opened, a person of portable bedding roll walked from inside. Big brother!” All people shout together. The rash fellows run hurriedly go, in the bedding roll with oversized child hand, directly throws side: Burnt to me.”