Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 940

The thing that in the prison brings does not carry off. Afterward three children have put out electric clippers, shaved directly in greatly the head of child, the hair of child will shave greatly cleanly, then has changed clean clothes in the van. Comes out the later to probably exchange. The meaning of discarding the old for the new. Boards!” Greatly child long is black and fat. Although comes out from the prison, but his whole person is that energetic, thus it can be seen he in the day is good. After he goes , the rash fellows and three children little have not spent. Moreover they also found the person, therefore the child in inside, quite therefore raises Sir greatly, besides cannot come out, the child is greatly casual in inside is why good . Moreover the child person suppresses greatly, is very famous. Nobody dares to annoy greatly the child, greatly in the child is the big brother. All people all boarded. The rash fellows looked for a here biggest hotel to eat meal, to the child reception give a welcoming dinner specially greatly, they have decided a big theater box. Today the child comes out greatly. In hotel. What on the table suspends is Maotai, the vegetable is the uniform meat vegetable. The child leaves prison greatly, the source material cannot have, all has the meat dish, this after their child mixes greatly has the meat to eat, the child looked on greatly vegetable was similar, stood up to carry one glass of liquor directly: Brothers, mix with our elder brother several, I ensure everybody has the meat to eat.” Dry!” The child directly shouts greatly. Thump!

All people together drank. liquor cup Has done, all people did. Everybody waits to have on the auspicious day with the child greatly, they are waiting for day was too long, because before the child comes out greatly, the rash fellows and three children have said greatly the matter of child. After they anticipates the child to come out greatly, leading them to fight for state power. Brothers, the big brother came out, from now henceforth nobody dares to bully us, our domains will be getting bigger and bigger, our business will be getting better and better, today can sit the brothers here is our core brothers, you in the future become Boss.” The rash fellows promised an idle talk to pledge. Although this is only a bounced check, but the people in room will be have been full of the expectation to the future. They have this food, regarding them, does this line to become Boss, was the elite, they mixed this line on the danger, the head might move anytime, but they one want some day they also to rush to the next enterprise time, they have been full of the impulse. Brothers!” The child also mentioned one glass of liquor greatly! All people have all stood, in the hand is also carrying one glass of liquor. I guaranteed, ten years later, your here people all are Boss.” The words that the child spoke greatly are not many, the words that but he spoke make all people all one's blood bubbles up to the brim. We pledge to fight to the death to follow the big brother.” My life is a big brother, the big brother lets me toward east I not toward the west.” Big brother you have any matter to tell that the tremendous dangers and difficulties I also catch up.” These little brothers started the table to be loyal, they hoped the child to remember itself greatly, making the Boss remember itself first, that later had the meddlesome Boss definitely also first to think them. Was good, the brothers, everybody's meaning brothers understood, now everybody opens eats, today all people all open wide eating to me, in the vegetable I have made the chef put the coin, I who who eats the coin give 10,000 dollars, is celebrates the big brother to come out.” Three children stand to say. Attempt to expel the evil influences!

This is one means of attempting to expel the evil influences. The child has left prison greatly, three children put out 10,000 to attempt to expel the evil influences to the child greatly, today is a happy day, who drew cash will be happy, the atmosphere will also surge upward. Like this can in child's walk quickly greatly from prison shadow. Then in the evening takes a bath, asks two younger sisters to rest one, this was equal to sweeping clean unluckiness. Opens eats!” The rash fellows said directly. All people all started to eat, moreover everyone ate very big mouth, everybody was looking for the coin, because that coin was 10,000 dollars, had these 10,000 dollars, they rushed all of a sudden well-off. The child looks greatly everybody is very happy, his was also happier. After all was just came out from inside, the mood was not suitable is very normal matter, the rash fellows and three children were worried that the big brother was sad, therefore has made such a reward of coin. Come, Big brother, I respect your one cup!” The rash fellows mentioned the wine class. Two, now outside how is it?” The child mentioned the wine class to ask greatly, he wants to know now outside situation, since he came out now, naturally must rush well. He has sufficed in inside easily and comfortably. Now he must start to erupt, person but who he is not that type does not have the brain absolutely, this time he does not want to go. Because inside day does not feel better. Big brother, drinks, drinks.” Saying that the rash fellows cover up. He thinks that today is the day that the big brother leaves prison, he does not want to say the present matter, because he is afraid delays greatly the mood of child. The child does not have Hah! greatly

But has placed on the wine class table, looked said directly to the rash fellow: Said, what's the matter?” Deeping frown of child, he naturally can see greatly own Second brother's thoughts, he also understands that the Second Brother does not want to make him be worried. Big brother, we will say tomorrow again that today first drinks.” Three children are also mediate. First said Hah! the child directly said again greatly. Sees greatly the child earnest appearance, three children looked at rash fellow one eyes, the rash fellow nodded. Said that we are brothers, has anything to speak frankly.” The child said greatly. Big brother, the black mole has abandoned, the half domain in our again fishery also by tiger robbing.” Three children directly said that since has prepared to say, he does not need anything to cover up. „Did black mole abandon? The black mole mixed with us in childhood, his is skillful, to lose how possibly, who that tiger is?” Asking that the child has doubts greatly. The brothers on other tables in excited is eating, they have not gone to disturb greatly the child their talk, because they know their status. Tiger is fishery another 50% Boss, he has the person in the police station, formerly he was only responsible for the places of these remote places, afterward does not know that he has tidied why up these fragmentary old comprehensive work, directly another 50% fishery taking.” Three children answered. These little brothers pass and out, in the room is very chaotic, but greatly child they not any disgruntled. Big brother, that tiger child under another was called the water elder brother, started to be very ruthless, the black mole was falls down in his hand.” The rash fellows said. Bang! Lying trough Damn!” At this moment, outside transmitted one to scold the sound.