Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 941
The brothers, 100 had finished, but I have not stopped, I in the numeral, for these days will not reduce, writes many biography many, does not go out, does not pick up the little girl, in low spirits wrote at home, thank everybody's support, the flower here was thick the facial skin, asked the recommendation ticket, asked the monthly ticket, the ball hit to enjoy. In the child their three chatted the fiery time greatly, outside the room suddenly has broadcast the sound of cursing at people . Moreover the sound was very familiar. Is six.” Three child complexions changed directly ran, this was his little brother six child voices, other people noticed that three children ran, they also ran, the rash fellow looked at child also to stand up a greatly to outside walks. Fought! The sound that one hear of cursing at people knows that outside fought. Moreover their people have suffered a loss probably, when three children exit, he discovered that six child whole faces are lying of blood on the ground, two people are beating to him. moda foka, you dare to hit my brother, courts death!” Three children cursed angrily one, rushed directly. Three children this clashes, his behind little brother also rushed, one group of people gather round that two people to kick, that two people lost the ability of revolt, both hands grasped the head, has kicked for two minutes. Do not kick, kicked to kill again.” The rash fellows shout hurriedly. Gets up, what's the matter?” Three children pull up six of ground. Had asked, knows, they went to the washroom a moment ago time, six child drank, just arrived at the washroom entrance to spit, that two people happen to came out from the entrance, six child spat on their bodies. These two one punch, six child run, afterward six child went into the hall time, takes up beverage bottle to hit, is double fist difficult enemy four, six child by them were knocked down directly. moda foka, my brother you also dares to hit.” Three children listened to trample several feet on that two people. My big brother will not let off your.” Lies down in that two boys of ground, if did not speak, they should not take a beating, but this saying just said that three children thoroughly got angry. Brings a prisoner before a court with oneself? Tramples to me, is covering the arm and leg tramples.” Three children directly said that afterward these people trampled. The sound that the inside of hall fights is very loud.

At this time another reserving a room inside. Tiger elder brother, outside resembles some people to fight.” A little brother said. Has a look what's the matter.” The tiger elder brother said directly. That little brother exited to run before long, face anxious saying: Tiger elder brother, was the emboli and two eggs is hit.” Anything, some people dare to hit my brother, walks, exits to hit.” The tiger elder brother takes up beverage bottle on table to walk toward outside, he determination reward plans now, has been full of the infinite fantasy to the future. Now some people dare to hit his little brother, he naturally must put out oneself aggressive side. Xia Tian also directly followed. Whose TM hit my brother.” A tiger native of Costa Rica has not exited, sound first exited. Three children heard this familiar sound, a brow wrinkle look to the entrance of that reserving a room, the tiger elder brother were leading his little brother to walk from inside, today the tiger elder brother altogether led 13 people, removed to lie down in two of ground, now only remaining 11. Tiger, TM is you, you court death.” Three child coldly looks to the tiger elder brother. „Is he tiger?” The child looked asked greatly to the rash fellow. Em, is he.” The rash fellows nodded. Three children, are you, why do you hit my brother? Can't lose? That said that who makes everybody listen to your three children is.” Very the tiger elder brother disdains looks at three children. Three children see the tiger elder brother's look, was angrier. Tiger, your TM courts death!” Three children loudly shout, at this time the security of hotel hides by far, the service person and manager have not gone forward, had the service person to report to the police a moment ago also to be blocked by the manager, the manager and security know these two groups of people. They do not want to mix.

If they hit, finally lost money on the line. These come out to mix spoke morality and justice, will destroy the thing certainly to lose money. Three children, what I look to court death is you, I do not want to manage you, but has not thought that your unexpectedly delivered.” Saying of tiger elder brother coldly, in his opinion his personhood undoable too certainly, therefore he has not followed up a victory with hot pursuit, has given three child means of livelihood. But three child unexpectedly do not understand to repay a debt of gratitude. You.” Three children also want to say anything, by one big drawing behind. The child walks up greatly, eye has sized up on the tiger elder brother's body: You are tiger, I am the little three brothers.” You are greatly the child who that just came out.” The tiger elder brother disdained to sweep a greatly child. You are very crazy.” Greatly child discontented saying. I was used.” Saying that the tiger elder brother refuses to admit being inferior. Tiger, you dare such to speak to my big brother, I have abandoned you.” Three child angry shouting. „Do you have that skill? Some words domains will not lose to me.” The tiger elder brother thinks that three children lose to his match, this match he does not pay attention to from the start. Defeated. The normal people have this psychology, if you fight to win a person today, your thinks at heart he definitely was not your match, at that time regardless of hit was intense. Tiger, you listened, I came out, nobody dares to offend my brother, I gave you 100,000 dollars, your place turned over to me, then you tumbled out here, I let off your horse.” Greatly child coldly sees the tiger elder brother, he was angry, in his heart, oneself these two younger brothers is most own person, nobody can move them. My TM gives you 200,000, you leave.” Tiger elder brother's domain is fat, later that is can under [gold/metal] Dan the chicken, how he possibly surrenders something submissively, moreover he let show that he had feared this greatly child, after him, which went unable to mix. Being concerned about face!” The child directly has lifted hand greatly: Who can select his hand muscle and foot muscle, after coming out, I make him work as the chieftain, I buy the car(riage) to purchase homes for him, in also absolutely is the Boss.”

Under the generous recompense must have Isao! These young xiaosheng hurried children, did not fear death, impulses anything to dare to do, now hears the big brother to pledge that can work as the leader, they specially were naturally excited. The war is ready to be set off. They altogether have 21 people. The tiger elder brother they have 11 people. This dozen is anger kills completely. Tiger has not thought that this child really must hit greatly, did not speak the Jianghu custom, the Jianghu custom has bumped into, regardless of some big enmity, must first approximately a place then be Wendou or the resort to violence, or ganged up on. But now greatly child unexpectedly directly must in this dozen. Such hits suffers a loss absolutely. Tiger, do not want to run, the gate us, I thought that which you toward run.” The child as if had completely understood greatly the tiger elder brother's thoughts are the same. Whiz! At this moment, a tiger elder brother's behind form runs directly to front. Saw this form clashes, the tiger elder brother braces oneself to shout: Calls me.”