Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 942

To the person is Xia Tian. The tiger elder brother sees Xia Tian clashes, he also followed. Some Xia Tian, his butt buffer. Tiger elder brother's behind little brother also directly rushed. Quick that Xia Tian runs, the opposite these people even felt that he is quicker than Liu Xiang, several seconds, he ran up to greatly the front of child, but the tiger elder brother they also killed, a Xia Tian fist hit directly on greatly the face of child. The child has not understood greatly what's the matter, directly was overthrown by a Xia Tian fist. Big brother!” The rash fellows and three children hurriedly shout. Xia Tian ran once more, rides is one hits on the child greatly. A bit faster makes him.” The rash fellows shout hurriedly, the surrounding these people start to keep beats to Xia Tian, their wish makes Xia Tian get down from the child greatly, but they discovered how, regardless of hit. Xia Tian is pulling greatly a child person. Does not hide completely does not dodge, this fight way lets nearby rash fellows and three children is the heart is startled. Water elder brother! They know that this person is the water elder brother. Plants the water elder brother in his hands including the black mole. „It is not good, such hits, the big brother abandoned.” The rash fellows take up beverage bottle on table directly, beverage bottle pounded directly on the head of Xia Tian, the blood flowed off from the head of Xia Tian. Xia Tian turns the head to look suddenly to the rash fellow, the rash fellow felt instantaneously one stared at to be the same by a wild animal probably, afterward Xia Tian loosened the ground the child, then directly has fired into the rash fellow greatly.

Bang! After he rash fellow overthrows, hitting of fist then fist on the face of rash fellow. This time child whole face was the blood, the bridge of the nose is broken by Xia Tian greatly, now has been one's turn on the rash fellow, Xia Tian still did not disregard other attacks, this fighting method directly their these little brothers shaking. At this moment, tiger elder brother they also flushed, these people were besieging Xia Tian, the tiger elder brother they happen to sneak attack from behind successfully, tiger elder brother direct beverage bottle got down, blossomed a head of person, then started. These are hitting the Xia Tian person, was done upside-down several by a tiger elder brother sneak attack directly. Clothing refuses to accept!” Xia Tian fought with the fists on the mouth of rash fellow. The tooth of rash fellow was destroyed several directly, his mouthful is the blood, on the fist of Xia Tian is also the blood, at this time does not know is own blood or the opposite party. Three child that anxious, with hits Xia Tian that the little brother keeps. But Xia Tian is one plants, anything does not manage, he only knows that hits front person, hits, even if he is killed him also to drag front this person into the water. „Does clothing refuse to accept?” Xia Tian each dozen of fists shouted one time. You let loose my Second Brother.” Pounding of three child beverage bottle then beverage bottle in the head of Xia Tian, if the average person, had already been battered to death by him, he does not go to control these now, hitting that but keeps. Bang! Xia Tian is the air admission that the rash fellow hits are few, air vent are many. Clothing refuses to accept!” Xia Tian continues to hit. Three children looked that the situation is not good, shouts hurriedly: Took, we have taken, do not hit, stop, all TM stopped to me.”

He knows himself , if not stop, today here must leave two human lives, one is the water elder brother, one is his Second Brother. Heard three children to shout takes, these people have all called a halt, Xia Tian also called a halt. Water elder brother, I took you, do not hit.” Three children thoroughly had been frightened by Xia Tian, previous and black mole Wendou, this time with hitting his big brother and Second Brother, Xia Tian has indicated his making an all-out effort. He is breaknecking. He not awfully saw, but like Xia Tian, his first seeing. Water elder brother, you are what kind.” The tiger elder brother they are hurried to help up Xia Tian, the ground is lying down that two people, looked said afterward to three children: Three children, here destroy the money of thing you to compensate.” Em!” Three children nodded, who made him recognize instigates, the matter that lost money he did. Walks, goes to the hospital!” The tiger elder brother they exited to drive directly the hospital. Three children have abandoned one stack of money, then also greatly the child and rash fellow have delivered to the hospital, has planted, their three brothers have planted today, but they lost to was not the tiger elder brother, but was Xia Tian. They have not thought of Xia Tian unexpectedly such very ruthless. The tiger elder brother now was very happy, today's weaponry must lose, finally Xia Tian came up to do upside-down the opposite party two eldest children, has turned directly defeat into victory, moreover made three children thoroughly recognize instigates. From now henceforth, three children noticed that Xia Tian will fear. Because Xia Tian has projected on him to go, this fear already deep burying three children at heart. Water elder brother, you must insist.” The tiger elder brother noticed that on Xia Tian also bleeds, said hurriedly. I am all right!” Xia Tian light saying, he finally discovered now one and other people was different, although he still could not remember his past, but he can affirm that oneself and others were different.

These beverage bottle pound , on his head, he also hurts, however his body was telling him probably, this ache anything does not calculate. Moreover beating of these people are not big to his use, his Lian azure place does not have. Before water Sheng, has told him, drama series said that these lost the person who recalled possibly are the head receive to cause heavy losses, only then hit to be good again, now Xia Tian understood, in drama series deceived people. Own present head was caused heavy losses absolutely, but a memory has not restored. Water elder brother, you were really too extraordinary, today three child their brothers several may be is given to hit to take by you, they from now henceforth do not dare to look up you.” Tiger elder brother excited saying. Em!” Xia Tian does not like the present life, but he is repaying a debt of gratitude now. When he thought that after he repays a debt of gratitude had finished, he must seek for remembering that oneself lose, moreover he felt that here is not him. Asked several people to go to the propellant elder brother to buy ginseng ganoderma lucidum anything's making up!” Water elder brother excited saying , after they went to the hospital, that doctor looks to get sick to Xia Tian, he gives the Xia Tian careful disinfection, then dresses the wound. He must admire dead Xia Tian simply. He sees excessively injured, but has not seen Xia Tian this always has been the people of not uttering a word, after wrapping up, Xia Tian lay down on the hospital bed falls asleep. Another hospital. Big brother, the Second Brother, you are all right!” Three child anxious saying. This enmity must report.” The mouth of rash fellow is extremely fat. Three, you go to look up that water elder brother's details to me, with his concerned all people, gives the place that my Zha Huzi residence and usually comes and goes out.” Greatly child whole face mean saying.