Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 943

Child person is greatly to become famous mean sinister, the matter that if can solve outwardly he solves outwardly, matter that if cannot solve outwardly, he behind solves, in his eyes solves the means of matter to have many types. Bright is not good, comes darkly. That water elder brother has hit to take them, he knows how many times, no matter hits, they are impossible to win, because that water elder brother is a lunatic, not awfully fights against this lunatic possibly wins? Since cannot come visibly, that in secret came. Big brother, you think.” The rash fellows have not spoken the words, but he understood the plan of big brother. Snort, so long as the tiger child and water elder brother died, that domain naturally received, moreover I in inside knew that a person, he introduced some du business to me, opportunity many matters that but this thing the sudden and huge profits, later we got rich.” Child cold snort said greatly that he thinks the tiger child and water elder brother has blocked their source of income, therefore he must remove these two people. The difference that but the big brother, you said can leave the important matter, do not look at our piece of work police, no matter, once kills, the police may not manage, said again du this thing moistened is dies.” The rash fellows said in a low voice that he does not dare to be too loud, the fear walls have ears, this matter passes on, that is one dies. Stupid, you come.” The child spoke several words in the rash fellow ear greatly. High! The big brother you were really too high.” The rash fellows admire looks that child said greatly. In Maoshan. Looks up how?” In the Maoshan main hall, the blood old monster start to talk asked. Does not have the news, Xia Tian not chapter of Jiang Hai City, had not gone back.” Under a famous artisan reported. That side North Korea also looked up, they have not obtained the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure probably.” Under another famous artisan reported. Initially the Maoshan old ancestors sent two groups of person nosing, first, the Xia Tian whereabouts, he was lives dies, but has not found out any news to the present, Xia Tian either died, either was missing.

The news that then the second native of Poland looks up is, North Korea has not obtained the buried treasure. Now looks like, Xia Tian should not die, otherwise North Korean crown prince already obtained the buried treasure.” Maoshan old ancestor light saying. Old ancestor , after being possible be North Korean crown prince has killed Xia Tian, by deep Chi Shuiguai is intercepted, then he remembers the position, waited for that next time will be suspicious to look for the buried treasure also perhaps.” The blood old said strangely. Em, truth that a little said.” The Maoshan old ancestors nodded: Goes to two groups of people, one batch guard around Tianchi, another batch go to nearby Changbai Mountains to look to me, if found Xia Tian not to alarm, comes back to tell me, I catch him personally.” Is the old ancestor!” Two famous family master stations. In North Korea. Sends for going to nearby Maoshan to investigate the situation to me, especially nearby Tianchi, if nobody guards told me.” North Korean crown prince orders saying that he thinks his fist was kills certainly Xia Tian, he has remembered that position, when the time comes he only needed to dive fast, looks in the surroundings, certainly can find the Xia Tian corpse. Found the Xia Tian corpse certainly to find nine revolutions of universe cauldrons. Buried treasure in nine revolutions of universe cauldrons. However he cannot the flagrant past, otherwise the person discovery by Maoshan, when the time comes the Maoshan old ancestors definitely will certainly be guessed correctly his intention, that nine revolutions of universe cauldrons were not good to snatch. Therefore he must while nobody time looks for nine revolutions of universe cauldrons again. In Jiang Hai City! All normal.

Stole the day they not to tell that anybody the Xia Tian matter, except for Lin Bingbing, after they went back, starts to train the Xia Tian army, simultaneously they got rid to maintain the Jiang Hai City public security personally. The Fire Cloud evil god has been shocked. Because after their several come back, the strength had the tremendous changes, this change was too obvious, before Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong they walk, is Profound Grade, but now is to he , a pressure does not have. This makes him feel that mixes with Xia Tian, perhaps really can mix a positive result. In Great General not chapter of tomb, but is every day sits in the Xia Tian family is in a daze, nobody dares to disturb him. Steals the day to be Xia Tian builds a special army, the speed, what he most excels is the speed, therefore he must build one army that excels at the speed and steals the information, he knows after this type of army, certainly will have the big use. After Lin Bingbing went to Changbai Mountains, walked in Changbai Mountains, he went to the earthquake and thunder and lightning nearby looked. Anything has not looked that there present turned into the tour area. She walked near Changbai Mountains and Tianchi was very long, was here is very ordinary, anything did not have, did not have what so-called Maoshan, did not have no Tianchi water monster, all with usually were the same. Here is just traveling sacred place. Xia Tian, are actually you at where?” Lin Bingbing felt that the world is very big, she wants to find Xia Tian is very difficult, but he will never give up, he pledged that he must find Xia Tian. Which regardless of goes to look! Perhaps he has been injured, that is injured should recuperate in the, right, I look for him.” Lin Bingbing starts to descend the mountain, she planned that inquired in neighbor first, she did not have the Xia Tian picture, what can only describe Xia Tian long by the mouth.

Present Xia Tian? No, he shouts water elder brother now, he is here best person, his Boss tiger elder brothers are polite to him. Because he child their elder brother three all will tidy up couple days ago greatly. The reputation fired all of a sudden. Everybody knows that greatly the child and rash fellow were entered the matter of hospital by the water elder brother, moreover three children also shouted that took. Mixes on the [say / way], knows, once shouted takes, that face really has folded, which everybody later will arrive at saying that he was not the water elder brother's match, was the water elder brother's defeated wait / etc. and so on. This is here custom. Greatly after the child and rash fellow leave the hospital, the situation is not good, the child turned into the flat nose greatly, the rash fellow turned into the missing front teeth, he wants to add a border several [gold/metal], but the doctor said that his present root is not steady, cannot insert a false tooth! The rash fellows realized finally anything is the feeling that the speech leaks out. Big brother, news Zha Hao, the water elder brother was picked by pair of mother and daughter, has rescued his life, then the water elder brother must repay their mother and daughter, the skill that he fishes is fierce, settled on by tiger, then tiger gave that to buy a house to mother and daughter, and gave them money to make a small business transaction.” Three children said the news: Was right, that water elder brother lost has recalled, he does not remember own beforehand matter.” Now where is at to mother and daughter?” Greatly child mean saying.