Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 944

Hears the water elder brother's fact, the child felt greatly this water elder brother is not simple. He also wants to win over the water elder brother, but he understood from the fact, this water elder brother only spoke the benevolence, the possibility that spent money to buy was very low, Guan Yu and Zhao who water elder brother dangerous fellow was just like the Three Kingdom era clouds. This person is the cow B representative. If this person can use for oneself, that can achieve one man guards the pass Yorozuo to open, but if this person cannot use for oneself, that is a malignant tumor, momentarily possibly malignant tumor of outbreak. Therefore, water elder brother must eliminate! But wants to remove water elder brother's means to be very simple, that uses this pair of mother and daughter. In the grocery store that they open.” Three children said. Good, according to office that I said.” Greatly child corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, he has thought that the good means to cope with the water elder brother and tiger, during all were planning, this time must make the tiger elder brother perish thoroughly. Also must make Xia Tian be to hit him has paid the price, most deeply grieved price. The tiger elder brother it can be said that enjoyed the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water recently, his fame was getting bigger and bigger, especially after Xia Tian has hit greatly the child and rash fellow, his market also quickly managed, he was very recently relaxed, 3.1. Every day is various natural. This is tiger elder brother best some time, his life has reached the crest, the fame or the strength, he even believes that in the future can also turn into big Boss that type hoodwinks the public truly. Black and white two sweep the decks. Tiger elder brother, you came.” After going to KTV, Boss respectful saying, here which some people had not known that now the tiger elder brother, the tiger elder brother one, that must be most top treatment. Today has the new goods?” The tiger elder brother behind followed two little brothers. This is his custom, which regardless of arrives must with two little brothers, although his fame is very big, but after is not figure on news broadcast, everybody knew, if bumps into several teenagers, if that side few were rubbed personally may not be good.

Now they most do not want to offend is these young men, because they suffice the tiger, disregards all consequences completely, sometimes killed people cares. They did not fear. Therefore the tiger elder brother must lead several people to come out to work as the bodyguard. Tiger elder brother, the new goods were not fond of playing jokes recently, I look for two to you attractively.” Boss said. Em, goes, remember, I want the upper body to be big.” The tiger elder brother said directly that he likes looking for the woman here, because he felt that here environment suffices to stimulate, moreover he currently has that enjoyment skill. He has put down greatly child their three. He can enjoy the present life. His present heart put on weight, looked like the ancient emperor is the same, thinks the world was own, he has been able to enjoy directly, from the start did not need to consider crisis that might present. Today the tiger elder brother plays is very happy, he likes this feeling, how he has given that two female person of 2000 dollars directly, that two female served to ascend the sky him simply, after finishing up, he was a little hungry, planned that looked for a roadside to spread BBQ( ate to roast string.) At this moment. Bang! He felt that his back of the head had been hit by one vigorously, should be the wooden club and so on thing hits, afterward his body directly soft, his two little brothers also but actually, the present are the black days, on the [say / way] nobody, their three were loaded into the gunnysack. Prepared?” Prepared.” The tiger elder brother their three threw into a warehouse, this warehouse is the tiger elder brother, afterward they in the tiger elder brother and that two little brother's body the gasoline, have thrown the fire on their three but actually directly. Then has closed the warehouse door.

Pitiful yell. In the warehouse has transmitted the pitiful yell. Finally they have put out two transparent small bags, what bag inside installs is du, threw the bag after corner inside, they left, after leaving, they burnt down the thing that today has put on. Big brother, here was solved.” Is the rash fellow, that all were the rash fellow did a moment ago. Em!” Very good. Meanwhile the water Sheng and water sister-in-law had also been knocked down, then before having brought back to them that log cabin, after fire ignites, the water Sheng and water sister-in-law also passed away, the place that Xia Tian lives is the tiger elder brother looking house, in the house is clean, moreover is also very big, but around the house started to catch fire at this time, fire. The door glass and periphery all caught fire. Spelled!” Xia Tian has wrapped up a cup own body, then jumped from the window of second floor directly. With he imagines is the same, body not any illness. Water elder brother! The water elder brother, is not good!” A little brother rushes to outside of Xia Tian, happen to saw Xia Tian. How?” Xia Tian asked. Died, all died.” That little brother startled saying. Who died? Slowly said!” Xia Tian asked. Tiger elder brother died, moreover two brothers, the water sister-in-law and water Sheng also died.” That little brother startled saying. Hears these three people died the news, the Xia Tian whole person has been shocked, angry, super has exaggerated his whole person angrily, the water sister-in-law and water Sheng has the graciousness of life-saving to him, but unexpectedly said definitely dead. Dies, who does?” Xia Tian angry shouting.

Burns, by person living burning, the water elder brother, with only then the child who we had a grudge they, you also runs greatly, the child they will not let off greatly your, you have saved me, I reminded your one, I must travel now.” That little brother said that also ran. Greatly child! Xia Tian understood, this is greatly the child their retaliatory actions, he has thought mixes on this [say / way], that must say that on custom, the calamity is inferior to the family member, but he has not thought that child unexpectedly so is greatly mean, Lian Shuisao and water Sheng kill. Splash! Xia Tian knelt on the ground. Water sister-in-law, the water younger sister, I will certainly revenge for you.” Xia Tian knocked three heads on the ground directly, the hatred has exaggerated his whole person. He must kill people now. Although he does not know before one, is, but he could not control. The water sister-in-law is his savior, now the water sister-in-law had been killed, if he does not revenge, his in vain manner. I must kill you.” Xia Tian both eyes are red, his right hand has taken up a broom in courtyard directly, he must revenge, takes the broom to revenge, today no one can block him, he must kill that three brothers. Lifts up Xia Tian of broom to walk toward outside directly, his goal is greatly the child their families. Greatly the child their family is not the secret, is not the building, but is a courtyard, the courtyard is very big, this generally is also their brothers' agglomerations.