Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 945

Today the child they were very greatly happy. Everybody also saw greatly the skill of child, these brothers chapters thorough admired him. Tiger elder brother and water elder brother who before was also insufferably arrogant, now by greatly child processing, a person of fire . Moreover the police do not think that absolutely is they do, because in the tiger elder brother's family and warehouse entrance had du. Had this thing, that died also died in vain. The police only think that he works with these people, the result has not discussed gathers together, was killed. Is eats black black. And saves his two people to have the relations as for the water elder brother with the tiger elder brother, therefore could not be inseparable from. I am this, has any matter I also to be open about the facts everybody, who , if dares to betray us, that fate is the same with them.” These brothers of child know greatly the tiger elder brother they were killed by the child greatly. Like this presented all people to tie up a grasshopper on rope, if some people revolted, that definitely was also guilty . Moreover the child said greatly, who dares to betray everybody, who died family. They believe that the child competently comes out greatly this matter. His sinister and ruthless has made everybody experience. Nobody dares to divulge absolutely the news, because this and courts death not to have what difference. The child their three are greatly impossible to let off betrays their people. Was good, the atmosphere also leaves is so tight, I believe everybody, we are the brothers, now tiger did not have, his domain was our, so long as your big brother mixed, I guaranteed you all were being popular drank spicily.” The rash fellows strike one's chest the guarantee to say. All of you have remembered to me, we start to drink from five points today, has drunk next morning, among this no one has exited.” Three children reminded, this was to give everybody looks for the evidence not on the scene.

Although this tiger elder brother died, the police will not investigate, but between their three brothers and tiger elder brother have a grudge, the police will definitely inquire that when the time comes they said these many people ate barbeque to drink together all night are good. Relax, the Third Brother, we understands.” Three children nodded to say. Good, everybody eats.” The child directly said greatly that tonight crosses, their auspicious days came, at this time this group of brothers drinking in threes and fours. Meanwhile. Jiang Hai City has transmitted a sad news. Xia Group crisis-charged, the commercial war broke out suddenly. Xia Group reputation too loud, definitely some people are jealous, therefore several companies internationally started to cope with Xia Group. Xu, situation how?” Zeng Ruo asked. „It is not quite good, now our Xia Group stock collapses, the increasing number of people disinvested.” Xu deeps frown. Exactly what happened, how to have this situation?” Fire old depressed saying. Should some people aim at our Xia Group intentionally, gets down at this speed, will be less than one month, Xia Group will go out of business.” Xu said. How possible? Our Xia Group has contributed 30 billion dollars, the country will certainly look after our.” The fire old said hurriedly. Country was already taking care of us, but the present is the commercial war, international commercial war, but is not the domestic piece of work, if the domestic matter, the country can also sit by and do nothing, however matter internationally, even if the country does not have the means.” Xu said. This is I most newly acquired news, is the Xia Group negative report, if in the normal condition this news cannot have any influence, but these people deliberately plan, they in secret were already beginning, is almost falsely accuses, moreover they wantonly purchased the Xia Group stock at that time, now suddenly throws, this is compensating their money radically, but they do not care probably.” Zeng Ruo has given Xu and fire the material on hand is old.

Must try to find a solution, now Xia Tian is not, if Xia Group destroys in our several hands, I have any honor to see him.” Fire old anxious in ground chaotic extension. Now means that only then, we eat!” Zeng Ruo said. But these many, how we can eat up.” Xu depressed saying, the Xia Group fund all invested to develop, on also had a lot of money on hand, but these people threw the stock, their money are immediately insufficient. Can eat many to eat many, moreover looks to steal the day they, making them speak these negative news to solve.” Zeng Ruo said directly, although they and steal the day are not a series, one is the article, one is the military, but they for the Xia Tian management. Greatly in the courtyard of child family. These people eat just happy. Bang! Big iron gate unexpectedly was trampled, all people look to the entrance. Sees only in the water elder brother hand to take a big broom to stand there, threatening looks at inside these people. Water elder brother!” Sees Xia Tian time, greatly the child they are one startled, they think that has killed Xia Tian, but they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is also living, moreover living standing in entrance place. At this time Xia Tian imposing manner is huge, although in the courtyard sat more than 20 individuals, but these people is a face are all panic-stricken. According to the truth, 20 to fighting a that do not have the fight of suspense, but this time match is different, but the match the water elder brother, that has left behind the water elder brother of deep impression to them. Greatly the child their three brothers have the dessert to be startled. Pays for a murder with one's life, goes into debt to render back the money, comes out to mix, the calamity is inferior to the family member.” Xia Tian said these 15 characters, although he only said 15 characters, but everybody understands why he is comes.

Revenges. In the hand carries a broom to revenge, this was simply insane. Brothers, do not fear that his person, copies the fellow.” Three children take in a bag bag from the warehouse all are the thin-bladed knife and club, every has divided. The overlords brace the bow hardly! Now these little brothers are hit must hit, does not hit must hit. Brothers, he do not die, we cannot be peaceful, kill him, then throws in the sea.” The child directly shouts greatly: Who can kill him, I give 100,000 dollars.” Under the generous recompense must have Isao, let alone is this group of xiaosheng hurried children. Suddenly, all people have all fired into Xia Tian, the child their three stand in the rear of team greatly. Started. Xia Tian both hands get hold of the big broom to flush away to the opposite directly. In his present mind is the water Sheng and water sister-in-law's appearance, he still remembers that now the water sister-in-law to he smiles is any appearance, the water Sheng, peeps frequently he. Water sister-in-law, the water younger sister, I revenges for you today.” The broom in Xia Tian both hands has brandished directly.