Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 946

That night after passing. Here had a legend. At midnight the broom demon, in the later dozens years, the child does not sleep, the Sir wanted a saying broom demon, the child not to dare to cry. But these people on the scene besides greatly child their three brothers, after other people, one saw that the broom cries on the lying ground, nightmare this is a nightmare, but is the lead the child their three brothers died by broom living pulling out greatly. These people just rushed to front of Xia Tian time. The broom in Xia Tian hand pulled out these people directly flies. His strength is very big. Directly covered with blood that these people pull out, bruised and lacerated. Four brooms, after he has only whipped four next, these little brothers' bodies all fell down, their painful tumblings, they have not been running into such scene, the broom have patted on the body, these twigs have selected for advancement in their flesh and blood directly. Pain! This pain, simply was the channel in the meat, they felt that in own meat as if pulled out blossoms. After the child their several also pulled out to fly greatly by the Xia Tian big broom, hoodwinked thoroughly. They have not thought that a broom can have such big might, can covered with blood that they pull out, has not waited for them to reflect that the broom in Xia Tian hand once more patted on their three. Ah! Ah! Ah! Pitiful yells shouted from their brothers three mouths. The surrounding these little brothers intentionally leave to the distant place in swaying back and forth, they do not dare to approach Xia Tian, if the broom in Xia Tian hand pulled out on them troubles. Their three of broom pulling out in Xia Tian hand one after another in greatly child on. Xia Tian has pulled out for ten minutes.

After ten minutes. The child their three died greatly, moreover death is very miserable, their intestines flowed, Xia Tian all pulled out their meat did not have, these little brother some frightened to urinate, frightened. They are the people who that type dares to breakneck, when sees Xia Tian such person, they scared. The broom in Xia Tian hand quickly pulled out does not have. Walked! Xia Tian not any unusual feeling, very tranquil walking. Next morning, the warrant for arrest sent. These little brothers of child all surrendered greatly, they think that they cannot sleep outside, they are afraid Xia Tian which day remembers them to come the time, pulls out them with that broom again. Therefore they surrendered. They is a suspect to murder and sell du, they have confessed all, plot light is also the postponed death sentence, what is heavy is the direct death penalty. However Xia Tian issued a warrant for arrest. Because of homicide person, homicide greatly child their three. The name that issues a warrant for arrest is the water elder brother, the picture does not have. Nobody has the water elder brother's picture, therefore on the warrant for arrest the description is the broom crazy magic water elder brother. The water elder brother probably was into thin air was but same. What is this? Is this warrant for arrest? Does not have including the picture.” Cadre very discontented saying of police station. We also want, but nobody remembers that what they are long, nobody has his picture.” Police depressed saying.

Adjusts the monitoring, I do not believe him to go to all places not to monitor.” The cadre in police station said loudly. Moved.” The police explained hurriedly: All cannot see clearly, the clothes that wears cannot see clearly.” The cadre in police station looked up the monitoring video recording personally, finally he also gave up, so long as because has the video of Xia Tian process, is slurred, do not say the face, the color of clothes cannot see clearly. However in the police station some people intentionally are also pressing this time matter, he is the tiger elder brother's blood brother! After the tiger elder brother had been killed, he has almost not irritated, afterward heard that the water elder brother the elder brother has revenged to the tiger, he relaxed finally, he had also heard before water elder brother person, has not seen. Now the water elder brother has killed greatly the child their three, he naturally does not hope that the water elder brother was grasped. Tiger elder brother's elder brother also had the water Sheng water sister-in-law to make the funeral arrangement for tiger elder brother. This is also he changes to repaying Xia Tian for the benevolence that his younger brother revenges. After Xia Tian has killed greatly the child them, he also knows one have violated the law, just started him to surrender, afterward he had thought that the homicide child group of people are rid the people of an evil greatly, moreover his subconscious told itself, oneself had this law enforcement power. Therefore he ran away. He has not gone by car, but depends, why he does not know, walked for day a night not to think tired, moreover he does not dare to walk the main road, what put on was the track. Yeah! 500 dollars, which should I go?” Xia Tian has arrived in a big city, he guessed that here should be the city, the place that before the tiger elder brother they treated was a native place. Suddenly after arriving at the big city, Xia Tian does not know which at once should go. 500 dollars are not enough to spend radically. Moreover this is a city, possibly said that could not insist several days, he will not have money. Ok, first finds a place to stop over, then walks to vary is one step, first looks for a work, waited later to make money to go to the hospital to see a doctor.” Xia Tian had heard city work are many, he planned when the time comes well selects one. The inn that he looks for is not big, is 30 day of small inns, the space in inn is not big, has a small window.

However Xia Tian has not cared! He has handed over directly for ten days, moreover needs to detain 100 dollars, altogether has paid 400 dollars, in his pocket be only 500 dollars, all of a sudden pay 400 dollars now, he felt that he turned into the poor person, he does not want to hand over these many, but he does not have the ID card, if he does not hand over these many, others do not make him live. Comes the safe idly, lies on bed: Tomorrow must look to work, will otherwise starve to death.” Although in the room has the computer. But he will not use, he does not know one so is why strong, but knows to the computer are not many. Afterward Xia Tian rested one to be good to think, because before him , a day a night has not rested. Next morning. Xia Tian gets up is very early, he gets out of bed each time thinks to be refreshing, after having had the breakfast, Xia Tian directly goes to look to work, he looked was very long, found many places, was the final result is the same. Does not have the ID card not to use. Therefore Xia Tian has been busy at work fully for day, anything worked had not found, around 4 : 00 pm times, Xia Tian still strolled on the avenue: Yeah, in the pocket only remained 80 dollars, if could not find the work again, must starve to death.” Xia Tian understood, he does not have the ID card, that nobody dares to use him, because the present person does not dare to use the person of unknown origin. Personnel market!” The Xia Tian vision looked to the advertisement on wall, at present one bright, he as if saw the hope was the same. The personnel market, the work are definitely many, when the time comes he looks for an income low point was good, therefore Xia Tian interest to moved toward the direction of personnel market.