Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 947

Regarding Xia Tian, now biggest difficult position looks for a work. Does not need the work of ID card. Moreover water elder brother name cannot use, he knows himself to be able wanted, therefore he gave a name to call the water graciousness to himself, the meaning was to repay the water sister-in-law's benevolence. The name is unimportant, more importantly he had not found the work. The personnel market is a long street, here is all kinds of work, some are the coming up hiring, some have hung a sign. Brother, we are insurances.” Has heard Ainley?” Losing weight weight gain, the means asked me.” This all the way, Xia Tian looked, is the result is the same, either needs preliminary training, is the basic salary is either low, moreover one month can pay wages, this he starved to death. When he must give up, he saw a small sign in the corner. Incurs the small security, for eating, one day works for 12 hours, guards the door, monthly salary 2500 Yuan.” Sees this recruitment information time, Xia Tian at present one bright, he has written down the telephone number hurriedly, then rushed to a nearby grocery store to make this phone call. This dialog is the dialog that Xia Tian is unable to forget for a lifetime. Hey, hello.” Some matters said that has fart to put.” Volume, I look for work.” Meets the computer?” Cannot!” Will wash clothes to prepare food to see the child?” Cannot!”

Is this city?” „It is not!” Long brain?” Grew!” That was good you to be enrolled, the address was XXX, came on the line directly, making the entrance security give you to arrange the food and lodging the place.” Heard itself to be enrolled, Xia Tian naturally was very happy, first returned to the inn to return a house, but Boss of inn said that the deposit can draw back, the house rent was not good, said half-day Boss was also dies to nip is not relenting. Xia Tian understands that the opposite party is bullies itself not to have the ID card. If there is an ID card, the opposite party does not dare absolutely like this, but he does not have the means that if the police will draw on trouble. Therefore he can only take 180 dollars to walk toward the work place. Just started him also to walk, but afterward he discovered himself unable to find, therefore he spent 30 to take taxi, this may love dearly him, now in he captured on the remaining 150 dollars. Went to the work place, his whole person was shocked. Villa! Here unexpectedly is a big villa. Does?” An entrance security said. I telephoned to look for the work a moment ago.” Xia Tian said. „, Butler said that comes with me, Little Wang, you looks, I get him to go to the dormitory.” A fat security said. Good Captain!” Little Wang said. Little Wang is one skinny such as the young man of firewood, the age is not absolutely bigger than Xia Tian many, the security Captain body weight has more than 180 jin (0.5 kg), one meter seven head, the whole person seems is round.

How Xia Tian sees unable to look at these two people are the security. What matter the security grows into this to have accidentally, whom can that protect? Your boy has remembered, works as the security in our is a few words, watches the front door, has the car(riage) to open the door, anything do not ask that anything do not say was good, two that our here most was unable to offend are the young ladies, his eldest son.” The security Captain reminder said. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Arrived at the so-called dormitory, Xia Tian has been simply shocked, *** did this call the dormitory? More than 100 draws, the three-bedroom apartment, fine interior decoration, this simply is a mansion, this unexpectedly is the so-called staff quarter. Here is the sleeping place, that side has the kitchen, in the evening hungry has been able to prepare food, usually a day six food some people delivering to entrance security room.” Security Captain said that so-called one day six food, are four hours one time, because guards the door takes 24 hours to be in shifts. Three people traded have a person to rest. When do I go to work?” Xia Tian asked. Now goes, is familiar with the environment, today your multiple-valued meeting, you just came a lot not to be familiar, I go to the belt you.” Security Captain said. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. After coming to the security room, Little Wang greeted on own initiative: Hello, called my Little Wang on the line.” Em!” Xia Tian nodded: I called the water graciousness, called me the urine on the line.” After introduced simply, Little Wang went back to rest, which after security Captain told Xia Tian was the parapet raises and button of drop, depends on the bed of security room has slept, idled the safe, Xia Tian has taken up on the table a book, was the well-known author spends book «Potential surface of old and young Super Cheating» Watched a meeting, Xia Tian more looked more is enthralled. ! At this moment, out of the door has heard the trumpet, he according to the button of rise, the window of vehicle opened hurriedly, a female very discontented looked at Xia Tian: Newly arrived?” Em!” Xia Tian nodded. He he.” Female coldly smiles, hopes that you can insist for several days.

Young lady is good.” At this moment a Xia Tian behind security Captain face grinning appearance said. How long did you come?” The females looked that asked to security Captain. Nearly 20 days.” On the security Captain face has piled up with smiling face. Very for a long time, you now certainly were Captain, keep it up, the longest-term record was one month, you can very one month, the wages I double to you.” The young lady said that drove directly. Listened to this dialog, Xia Tian to hoodwink thoroughly. Originally Captain comes two ten Heavens!, moreover probably here can retain the time long person, very extraordinary. After the young lady walks, Xia Tian doubts looked to Captain. Did not need to look, in the evening you knew, I planned for one month later walked, because full one month had 10,000 bonuses.” After Captain shook the head, by continued to sleep there. Xia Tian by a Captain such saying, on the contrary making anxiously, is here evening what happened? Thinks carefully here is also very monster, he came, anything has not wanted, ID card, school record wait / etc.. Moreover the environment that occupies so is good. Quick, some people delivered the food. Xia Tian saw when food that sends was more anxious, when food that because sends rice, the vegetable is four vegetable soup, three meat element. Is this staff meal? This was also too luxurious. Let the person seem feels to harbor evil intentions, treatment good to inconceivable. Eats, does not have the toxin.” Captain sat directly, big mouth has eaten, Xia Tian has also eaten, after having eaten meal, Captain walked directly, just before leaving before , he reminded: In the evening Guan Haomen, regardless of outside has any sound not to exit.”