Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 949

Good, thanked!” The young lady said that advanced in car(riage) the institute directly, has not exited again. She had the matter to manage, but heard a Xia Tian such saying, her anything matter did not have, by her vigilance nature knows one were tracked, since were tracked, she cannot exit. After the young lady goes back, that person lying window. That person?” Xia Tian asked. The person of lying window with pointing at has referred to the entrance, this that person dressed up an old man, installed looked like very much, without any flaw, with was really an old man is the same. „Do you name?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that person. 007.” That old man said. He?” Xia Tian referred to lying that person on window. He is 008.” 007 said. shit, the agent, I said how to dress up such looks like.” Xia Tian then understands that originally this fellow is an agent, but the head is not quite probably easy-to-use. At this moment, lies that person on window runs suddenly to outside, the Xia Tian vision follows asking that had doubts: „Did he do?” Also can do, murder!” 007 very optional saying. Murder?” Xia Tian turned the head to look to outside, people in 008 goal that van and tree. Killed!

Killed really! Xia Tian saw with one's own eyes 008 to kill that five people, moreover got rid cleanly agile. These may frighten Xia Tian, his unexpectedly dares to kill people, moreover kills so is clean agily, Xia Tian has not spoken again, but is static sitting there, although afterward 7 came several times, but Xia Tian this direct general's family locked. Next morning, he went back to rest. How is it? What in the evening has to feel?” Captain asked. Not anything, good.” Xia Tian said that on the direct lying down bed opens rests. Meanwhile, that seashore that Xia Tian lived couple days ago. Lin Bingbing inquired a clue finally. This is 1000 that you want, said that water elder brother's situation to me.” Lin Bingbing has given fisherman 1000 dollars, the opposite party sees 1000 dollars time at present one bright, hurriedly Qian Shou. Water elder brother is several days ago was rescued in the riverside by the water sister-in-law mother and daughter, after he awoke, does not remember that beforehand matter, his skill is very big, he fishes time, first day returns 200 fish, next day returns home with a full load, third day hits an ultra-large fish, I have not seen that big fish, afterward heard by big Boss buying.” That person said. Hears here time, on Lin Bingbing face one happy, but she also started to worry, what she was happy was finally a little news, although she was unable to determine that the water elder brother was Xia Tian, but looked such for a long time finally had found one a little to look like: Then said.” „Our before there is an Boss called the tiger the elder brother, the tiger elder brother to have a liking for the water elder brother's skill, therefore he wants to gather the water elder brother, was the water elder brother is not dry, then the tiger elder brother started from water sister-in-law their mother and daughter, has given their mother and daughter 100,000 dollars, gave their mother and daughter to buy a house, and opened a retail shop, has saying that the tiger elder brother may really be under the initial capital, the water elder brother saw such situation, naturally knows one are unable to reject, then he followed the tiger elder brother, after he followed the tiger elder brother, on was fierce, before our , fiercest goon. Is the subordinates of three children, called the black mole, black mole by water elder brother waste, afterward three children his Columbia University children had left prison, they wanted to cope with the tiger elder brother, finally their three brothers two were entered the hospital, projected on to recognize instigates.” That person probably was narrating that the legend is the same. Lin Bingbing nod of silently, like, has looked like more and more, although Xia Tian possibly was loses has recalled, but this loyalty really looked like with Xia Tian.

At that time, the tiger elder brother in our, simply was the genuine Boss, nobody dares to provoke him, but afterward had a pitiful matter, the tiger elder brother had been burnt, living burning, together burnt also had the water sister-in-law and water Sheng, but the police had discovered in their families du, thinks that they were the internal strife die, but everybody value was greatly the child their three brothers does, the water elder brother also will be burnt, the house of his family was also ignited, but why did not know, water elder brother unexpectedly ran away to come out, he. After running away , the first matter brought a broom to put down greatly the child directly their three brothers, the child three brothers while still alive died by pulling out greatly, these little brothers were also scared, rush to the police station to surrender, this made the tiger elder brother they clear the charge, I heard that their three brothers' wounds added to have several hundred, they were hurt while still alive.” That person spoke of here time body cannot help but to shiver. Probably was frightens oneself that said. „After that? Which did he go?” Lin Bingbing asked hurriedly. Which this my knows that he became the most wanted terrorist, the police do not know that which he went.” That person said. Good, thank you.” Lin Bingbing said that left directly, she must continue to seek, she currently had 80% assurance people are Xia Tian, although knows that Xia Tian had not died, but she was worried, because Xia Tian lost recalls. If he bumps into the words of that enemy, he definitely cannot resist. Therefore she must a bit faster find Xia Tian. Xia Tian? Xia Tian has rested one on the bed in the morning, in the afternoon got up, after getting up, he changed Little Wang, because had the food to eat here, Little Wang looked at Xia Tian to come, that naturally was being grateful direct walked. He wants a little opportunity, is not willing to treat here. ! Xia Tian opened the door. Hey! Is your wound how is it?” The young lady swung the glass.

All right!” Xia Tian light saying. Wound! Hears the wound time, security Captain had a scare, he knows that last night definitely what happened. You come out, making him guard the door, follows me, I must handle matters.” The young lady said directly. I am only security of guarding the door.” Xia Tian said. Makes you come out, you come out, which that many idle talk, were careful that I dismiss you.” Young lady's temperament is irritable, immediate danger said. Xia Tian one hear of young ladies said that must dismiss itself, then has flustered, he walked directly, he does not want to be dismissed, otherwise he will starve to death, person who other place may not want this type not to have the ID card. „Do we go?” After Xia Tian boarded, sat in the position of copilot directly. First goes to buy clothes for you.” The young lady said directly that what now Xia Tian puts on is the security clothes . Moreover the clothes is a little big, looks like specially irritable.