Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 950

The young lady brought Xia Tian to buy new clothes directly, although was not the name brand, insurance that but put on with Xia Tian obeyed willingly to compare, but must. You have remembered, today you are my personal servant, the imposing manner must the foot, yes?” The young lady looks at Xia Tian. „!” Xia Tian does not like speaking. Afterward the young lady drove a company. Went to this company to be direct, they were received the conference room. These people to the young lady are very polite. Attorney Li, you may be come.” After the gate opened, a female looked that said to the young lady. Xia Tian only knows that own Boss is original, he came for two days, no person has said any related this family's matter to him, moreover he does not dare to walk toward the villa , the car(riage) that usually in the villa passes and out are many, but besides young lady, nobody responds him. Em, said that side situation.” The young lady said. Is this, our company sells the furniture, this market was wrapped by us, but afterward suddenly presented a Lin furniture, they appeared low, has robbed half our markets that the later price presses all of a sudden.” You think how I do do?” The young lady asked. Makes them go out of business.” This simple, you find several people casually, does not have the time to find fault, then resorted to some small methods to be OK, these should not need me to teach you.” The young lady said directly. No, Attorney Li, this point is not simple, the opposite party also hired Attorney Shen.” Shen Jieting!” The young lady read this name. Right, is she.” Good, I met.” The young lady has thrown the contract directly: 1 million, in one day arrive at the account, the matter becomes later in three days hits 1 million again.”

Does not have the issue, so long as can let his family yellow outdoor shop, how much money I give.” That person signs directly. I work the custom that has me to work, this many are many.” After the young lady took the document, walked directly, Xia Tian also followed. Xia Tian has not spoken, he saw that could not look this looks like the attorney, the attorney is not to bring a lawsuit? But they probably are are not bringing a lawsuit, but is carrying on the trade war. The young lady drove directly another company. Lin furniture! I must see your Boss.” The young lady said directly. Madame, do you have the appointment?” The sales clerk asked. You told him, I was surnamed Li!” The young lady said directly. Ms. Li, you waits a bit.” The sales clerk has made a phone call, before long the sales clerk has hung up the telephone, then the young lady and Xia Tian brought in a lounge. Treads! Sound of footsteps, moreover is the high-heeled shoes sound of footsteps. A man and a woman walked from behind, the man seems over 40 years old is, less than 50, the woman seems 27 or 28-year-old, puts on noblly, very high stature again was joined to high-heeled shoes, seems is higher than that male of her side. They sat in young lady's opposite directly. Attorney Li, any wind gave to blow you.” That man looked that asked to the young lady. Within three days leave East city, the city is very big, you can go to other places to continue your company.” The young lady orders to say. Li Yu, you a little were too rather wild!” That man is Boss of Lin furniture, but Li Yu was young lady's name, Xia Tian silently remembers.

I only give you three days, otherwise I make you lose everything.” Li Yu aggressive saying. Three days? I look do not use.” At this moment side Lin furniture Boss that female spoke. Shen Jieting, you do not give to be concerned about face, my matter you also dare to manage.” Li Yu looks angrily at that female. Li Yu, should not be too wild, at the worst, we compare, looked that whose skill is big, whose method.” That female said. Snort!” Li Yuleng snort, has thrown a document afterward directly. Looked at the document later Lin furniture Boss complexion big change, afterward has given Shen Jieting the document. After Shen Jieting has looked, deeps frown. ! Boss of Lin furniture makes an effort pounds on the table: „Do you believe me to make you unable to go out of this room.” Letter, but you have family member.” Li Yu light saying. She only spoke such a few words, but Boss of Lin furniture took a seat, a few words could not say, Li Yu these words were telling him, you want to kill me not to have the issue, but some people definitely will revenge for me, when the time comes your family member could not be inescapable. „Are you frightening me?” Boss of Lin furniture looks to Li Yu. Right, I am frightening you.” Li Yu nodded. This morning I already delivered to the overseas to go my wife and daughter, I did not fear death, feared poorly, who dares to snatch the meat to eat in my mouth, I wanted who died.” Boss of Lin furniture falls the teacup on table directly. Afterward three black-clothed person guys walked from entrance. Shen Jieting? Is this your idea?” Li Yu coldly looks to Shen Jieting.

Li Yu, you could rest assured that I will not make them kill you, but I will make them carry off you, brings to a nobody's place, then called several guys your XXOO, and patted to record, I believe that this video recording, you should not look for trouble.” Shen Jieting mean smiles. Shameless, Shen Jieting, I also thinks that before you calculate No. 1 figure, now looks like, your anything does not calculate that I will certainly not let off your.” Li Yu looks at Shen Jieting angrily. You could rest assured that after having solved you, I will leave here, the forest has always given me 5 million, sufficed me to go to the outside life.” Shen Jieting sizes up shaking the head that Li Yu is keeping: Had been a pity you, is so attractive, must be spoiled by one group of people.” Li Yu is a little anxious, her vision looked in the surroundings. The hand reached in the package directly. Do not look, your (spear|gun) in this.” Shen Jieting put out an exquisite small pistol to place on the table. What?” Li Yu hand has traced several in the package, anything has not traced. ignorant, this thorough hoodwinking, she has not thought of Shen Jieting unexpectedly so crazed, moreover is early deliberate, her (spear|gun) was yesterday is certainly stolen away, now the matter went bad. She understands, reason that the opposite party said matter, the proof, they absolutely have not planned to receive the hand. Female grasps, male killed has thrown the into the sea to feed the fish.” Saying of forest total coldly. Li Yu turned the head to look to Xia Tian. Young lady, I must process capital.” Xia Tian also looked to Li Yu, his expression was tranquil, moreover on the face did not have any worry.