Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 951

Now, your unexpectedly also has proposed the processing capital with me.” Li Yu was thoroughly speechless, she also thinks involves the apology a moment ago Xia Tian, but she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly will set such request. That three black clothed guys arrived at their side. Bang! When they must begin, Xia Tian set out to take up tea stage pounding on table maliciously instantaneously in a body of black clothed guy, the tea stage was pounded directly crushes, afterward a Xia Tian foot trampled on leg that in that has shouted. Bang! That shouted that falls to the ground accordingly. Afterward his fist has broken the bridge of the nose of that guy directly, experienced according to these days everybody, Xia Tian knows that broke the bridge of the nose of person to make his whole person spirit be defeated and dispersed for several seconds, moreover in the eye all was the tears, the line of sight will also blur. Quick! He got rid to be too quick, another two guys have not responded. When they responded, lay down is broken by Xia Tian in that guy bridge of the nose of ground, afterward they found by search have flung the stick, pounded maliciously to Xia Tian, one of them as if wanted the Xia Tian life, pounded directly on the head of Xia Tian. Bang! A stick hit on the cerebellum of Xia Tian, the Xia Tian whole person body in a flash, turned the head to look afterward to that person. Bang! That person was a stick hits in the head of Xia Tian. Ticktack! The blood flows off from the head of Xia Tian. Bang! Also is a stick. But Xia Tian does not have throat one including the throat, he like this stands up toward that person walks, that person also a little hoodwinked, these according to the truth child early should be perplexed Xia Tian, but Xia Tian unexpectedly was still walking toward him. When he also wants to hit Xia Tian the left hand of Xia Tian held his wrist|skill directly. Ka! Sound of bone break.

His wrist|skill was pinched directly by Xia Tian. Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from his mouth that afterward Xia Tian has snatched the flinging stick in his hand, hitting of stick then stick in his head. Bang! Bang! Bang! Xia Tian did not remember one have turned several sticks, the opposite party thorough fainting passed in any case, fresh blood from uterus everywhere is, remaining last black clothed guys by such situation being scared. However the present is a good opportunity, Xia Tian to carry to him, he puts out a dagger to hold directly to the waist of Xia Tian. Puff! The dagger held the waist of Xia Tian, Xia Tian has not made any sound, but was the flinging stick in right hand pounds, pounded directly on that person of face, the Xia Tian strength was very big, pulled out the meat on that face directly flew, the tooth on that half face also destroyed. Really is scary. The entire process is less than ten seconds. However the fight had ended. At this time that three black-clothed person all cannot fall to the ground, the blood of their whole face, is one by one miserable. Such scene. Li Yu was shocked, the forest was always shocked, Shen Jieting was also shocked. Their three were all shocked. Is so fierce!” Inconceivable of Li Yu whole face, she has not thought that Xia Tian such can hit, although now on Xia Tian is the blood, but he had not said that hurts, moreover his present appearance seems very scary. Do not come!” The forest always directly took up on the table that to aim at Xia Tian the lancet. He has not seen such terrifying person. Xia Tian has not spoken, but the thinking forest step by step always walks, on the flinging stick in his hand was the blood, forest sum total Shen Jieting is all scared.

Bang! Forest total to open fire. However he hit crookedly, bullet has delimited the arm of Xia Tian, has bled a bloodstain on his arm, but Xia Tian and nothing. Xia Tian has not gone to the pain on control arm, but moves toward Lin Zong once more. Bang! Do not come!” The forest is always a (spear|gun), this (spear|gun) hit, the bullet has passed through the Xia Tian left arm directly, flowing off that the blood kept, Xia Tian was not an iron man, although he had not shouted, but he also had the consciousness. Very painful! Guan Yu blows the bone to cure poisonous very good B. The entire journey is playing chess, does not have the throat obstinately, but can he not be sore? Naturally is impossible. Xia Tian is also same! I have killed you!” The forest always saw that Xia Tian also walks to oneself here, took away the third trigger directly. Saw. Xia Tian felt suddenly one saw probably the path of bullet is the same, he tries to move his body. Bang! Xia Tian behind vase was destroyed. Shunted. His unexpectedly this your shunting. Although this seems very inconceivable, but Li Yu did not have the time to think, direct shouts loudly: He did not have the bullet.” Bang! The flinging stick in Xia Tian right hand pounded directly in the forest total hand. Ah!

A pitiful yell shouted from the forest total mouth that his hand was broken by Xia Tian. A Shen Jieting face panic-stricken looks at Xia Tian: Puts. Lets off me.” Do not be silly, I do not hit the woman.” Xia Tian will fling the stick has scratched scratching on the clothes hand, then has placed in the hand of another black-clothed person, this is removing own fingerprint. Bang! Li Yu took up the teapot on table to pat directly in Shen Jieting head: He does not hit the woman, I hit.” Volume!” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. You behind have blade, I help you extract downward.” Li Yu said. „It is not good! Cannot pull out, otherwise meets massive hemorrhage.” Although Xia Tian does not know why one will know these, but the subconscious in brain was telling him unable to pull out, although now is also bleeding, however class were not many, if the blade pulled out, that wound can the massive hemorrhage. Walks, I lead you to go to the hospital.” Li Yufu Xia Tian is walking to outside, here exits to have a gate, does not need the office, the forest therefore approximately to walk in brief to here them convenient, moreover here leads to the back door. They when the time comes only need to load into the gunnysack Li Yu's body, then transported to be good from the back door, their plan fails, this has facilitated Li Yu and Xia Tian on the contrary withdraws. Otherwise they words that walks from the main entrance, certainly some people will report to the police. Now the person in room has all been injured, the police one apprehend both the thief and stolen goods. So long as they leave here, the police came not to have the means that because of here not any evidence . Moreover the forest always does not dare to report to the police, otherwise Li Yu can instead consider him. You are waiting here, I drive.” Li Yu has placed nearby Xia Tian back door. „Will I die? Who am I?” Xia Tian has bled were too much, his consciousness fuzziness gradually, his head is bleeding, the shoulder is bleeding, the waist is bleeding. His body pouring gradually on the ground. In this time lounge. Attorney Shen, has any means to make them die.” On forest total face is the tears, the mixture of nasal mucus. I have the means.” Shen Jieting covers her head to say.