Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 952

Lin Bingbing now impatient wanted to find Xia Tian, she knows that the Xia Tian present situation is not definitely good. First, Xia Tian lost recalls \; Second, Xia Tian does not have the ID card \; Third, Xia Tian was issuing a warrant for arrest, moreover he does not have money. These three issue each people may make Xia Tian beset with a crisis, although the Xia Tian strength is very strong, but he lost now has recalled, he has forgotten oneself all Kungfu. Without Kungfu Xia Tian, how many compared with others can? He is not the monster, is not willing to be able invulnerable, moreover he impossible casual to wield the fist to overthrow a wall, because Martial Arts needs the skill, the application method and Inner Strength in addition holds. Loses the memory Xia Tian to be able at most compared with ordinary Yellow Grade Expert fiercely. Once bumps into Expert. He must die without doubt, moreover he now or most wanted terrorist, if were caught by police is also all right, once he has revolted, was killed at the scene has gone bad, all Lin Bingbing must find Xia Tian immediately. Xia Tian, you may do not have an accident.” Lin Bingbing looked everywhere nearby village, without any Xia Tian fact, therefore he planned that the city looks to look. In Lin furniture company. Attorney Shen, actually you have any means that I want that two people dead.” Forest catalog light ice-cold saying. He understands, if not kill today's these two people, this whole life will live in the aggrievedness, moreover East city here can only have a furniture company, a monk has the water and truth he understands. Kills them to be simple, that furniture company can also remove, but this needs to spend a lot of money.” Shen Jieting covers her head to say.

Lost everything I to kill them.” In forest total vision is the anger, he knows himself , if not kill the opposite party, the opposite party will kill him, East city here can only have a furniture company, so long as has killed the opposite party, he can also stage a comeback. If not kill the opposite party, he will be killed by opposite party, this is the reality, before Li Yu to the material that on he read is the evidence that their company evaded taxes, before him some unclean details. These things drive him sufficiently to commit suicide. Therefore he must kill these people. Good, I help you relate, should you hear a Assassins organization on Quicksand?” Shen Jieting light saying. Quicksand? Does it exist really? I had only heard one time, is my friend is drunk had said a mouth, next morning I will ask him, his agree did not say.” The forest always said. Right, Quicksand really exists, it is the China first Assassins organization, they handle matters very cleanly, without mission that they cannot complete.” Shen Jieting explained: Their prices are very high.” Ok, you discussed that I prepare money.” The forest always said that hired a vehicle directly the hospital, but also made several subordinates quietly has also sent to the hospital three guys. Li Yu may has saved today a life, she does not have to think one almost capsize in Yingouli, she has not thought that Shen Jieting unexpectedly wraps to her , if not Xia Tian, she died, her temper was so fierce, to make how possibly these people spoil. Urine, do not rest, persisted in meeting us to arrive at the hospital again.” Li Yuyao swung the body of Xia Tian. Do not swing, pain.” Xia Tian opens both eyes. You also know to hurt, I also think that you do not know to hurt, received that many wounds not to shout that hurt.” Li Yu noticed that Xia Tian can also speak, relaxed. Do not forget to process the capital to me.” Xia Tian cracks into a chuckle. in addition, I give you to process the capital, you must endure.” Li Yu said hurriedly.

Do not be anxious, I have been all right.” Xia Tian from behind has pulled out the blade! You were insane, your this can be the blood are too much and dies.” Li Yu looks at the blade in Xia Tian hand surprisedly, she stops to inspect the waist of Xia Tian hurriedly. I am all right, I discovered that my resiliency compared with on average man several times, there stopped bleeding automatically.” Xia Tian threw the blade in the ground of vehicle. Li Yu has inspected, discovered that really to is the same, does not bleed, but the wound that Xia Tian said was very scary: I lead you to go to the hospital to wrap up.” Em!” Xia Tian nodded. „Who are you? Fights that fiercely, moreover recovers is a monster is probably same.” Li Yu thought that Xia Tian was too mysterious, makes her feel mystically somewhat inconceivable. I do not know!” Xia Tian said. „Don't you know? You do not know who are one?” Li Yu has doubts looks to Xia Tian. Em, I lost recall.” Xia Tian said. Loses recalled? The dog blood, your Korean drama thought so!” Li Yu thinks that Xia Tian does not want to tell him. Xia Tian had not explained. After going to the hospital, the doctor was Xia Tian has inspected: Your injury are really many, but the majority is the body wound, only then in head wound is quite serious.” Can not be serious, had been hit that many under.” Li Yu said. No, this wound is not today hits, these that today hits are also the body wounds, the wound of his brain should be one week ago, no, two weeks ago receives, is very serious.” The doctor said.

What consequence will that have?” Li Yu asked. Cerebral concussion definitely had, he will have frequently the headache, disgusting symptom, moreover at this degree, he should be some brain cell dormancy now.” The doctor answered. What meaning some are brain cell dormancy?” Li Yu looks puzzled to doctor. According to the normal condition, he now is the condition to lose recalling, moreover looked from CT that he at least lost one-third memories.” Refers to that region that on CT fell black: You looked that is here present is in the dormancy.” „Was your meaning he loses really recalls?” Li Yu also thinks a moment ago Xia Tian is deceiving her, now had the medical certificate, he believes. Really lost recalls.” Doctor's affirmative reply. This also too dog blood, that looked for any thing to pound his head to be good again.” Li Yu has remembered the plot in Korean drama. Nonsense!” The doctor has scolded one. I looked that in drama series such develops.” Li Yu awkward saying. Does not have the culture to be really fearful, his present head had the shake, you pounded him to turn into the vegetable again, in drama series was to deceive people, that type was pounded to restore the memory the probability is surely 1.” The doctor admires Li Yu imagination really very much. „, What means does that have to help him restore?” Li Yu asked. Probability is very low, only if you lead him to walk the beforehand place, having a look at him to produce some resonances, otherwise this whole life is unable to restore to remember.” The doctor said.