Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 953
Will never restore!” Hears these words time, Xia Tian deeps frown, he always felt one have very important matter to do, if the memory such is unable to restore, something will possibly make him regret life-long. Li Yu mood does not have any is not good, regarding her, the Xia Tian memory does not restore that is good. Xia Tian fights fiercely, moreover there is a matter on. This absolutely is a super bodyguard, moreover she can affirm before Xia Tian, absolutely is not the average person, if such person can follow side her, after her, worked to be able to put 100 hearts. If Xia Tian can restore to remember, that may go to her very much. Thanks the doctor!” Dr. Li Yujiang sent. After sending the doctor, in hospital ward on remaining her and Xia Tian, here was the intensive care unit, was very peaceful, moreover had Xia Tian this bed. Urine, when my bodyguard, my one month gives you 10,000.” Li Yu said. Xia Tian had not answered that he for is unable to restore the memory to be annoyed now, the memory that he is angry is not the complete memory, he understanding the knowledge has not lost, what he loses is the person! In his mind does not have anybody's name, does not have anybody's memory, is surnamed anything including him, who his father mother is, his could not think. Urine, you fight such fiercely, perhaps before you, is the person of upper circles of society, I lead you to experience the person of upper circles of society, perhaps you can think anything.” Li Yu knows that Xia Tian is definitely annoyed for the memory matter. Hears Li Yu words, Xia Tian nodded. Has rested one day in the hospital later, Xia Tian left the hospital, although Li Yu makes him live for several days, but Xia Tian said that anything does not live. Left the hospital the two days, Xia Tian has followed in Li Yu's side!

For these days Li Yu felt one were picks the treasure to be the same probably, because he discovered that the Xia Tian polite arts every kind were skilled, regardless of she met any difficult Xia Tian to help her be easily solved. This makes her rise sharply the face nearby the sisters. These sisters very envied her. She also very much enjoys this feeling. Lin Bingbing looked in the city was very long, had not found Xia Tian, when she wanted to leave here, she has suddenly discovered three strange people, reason that she thought that strange was because she felt a familiar aura from these three people, therefore she sprinkled the luminous powder on the bodies of these three people, in the evening planned that with had a look. She must seek for Xia Tian now. Urine, you were really good, what did you know my sisters present? They everywhere look for the bodyguard now, must look for one like you versatile.” Li Yu excited saying. Volume!” Xia Tian has not spoken, but nod of slightly. Tonight the meeting, is my several good sisters, we are to go to her home today.” Li Yu said. When Li Yu and Xia Tian go out, Little Wang has not done, came two new people. Young lady is good!” Security Captain greets. Em, came two new people, well attendance.” Li Yu nodded to that two new people. The vehicle exits, Xia Tian saw that 007 and 008 are waving to him, for these days came the safe, Xia Tian in the evening in looking idly their, they also mixed with Xia Tian ripe, the person who although in the villa of Li passed and out were many. However resembles nobody to dare to them to speak, therefore Xia Tian became their first friend.

With the depth that they contact later Xia Tian had discovered that these two person very good B, simply was good B, one was to experiment the odd person, the explanation was outstandingly skilled, another was disguise Master. His Disguise Technique arrived at the reach a high degree of proficiency situation. Over the two days Xia Tian had also studied some disintoxicating techniques and Disguise Technique with them, he discovered quick that one studied, no matter anything, one study, although 007 and 008 spiritual a little issues, if after having been familiar, Xia Tian discovered that although these two people met the practical joke, but will not injure someone intentionally, like that frightened off Little Wang. He is the general's family deadlocks every night, that gate regarding 007 is ornaments, 007 open that lock only to take one second. Xia Tian also nodded with them. Probably you mix with them is very ripe.” Li Yu noticed that Xia Tian notified 007 them. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Careful, that two odd people in our Li are two special existences, my grandfather had told, even if he died, the Li high and low all people must take care of parents to these two people, moreover anybody, so long as offends them to be expelled Li immediately.” Li Yu said. „Haven't you spoken to them?” Xia Tian asked. No, a few words have not said that but celebrates the new year to them kowtow every year, Li all people will come.” Li Yu said. „” Xia Tian nodded. Li Yu continues to drive! Parking!” Xia Tian said suddenly. How?” Li Yu looks puzzled to Xia Tian.

I a little restless always felt that must have any matter to occur to be the same, we go back!” Xia Tian said. Good!” Li Yu nodded, these days later, she knew the Xia Tian skill, hears Xia Tian to say now may have the danger, she naturally does not dare to pass, therefore she prepares to turn around directly. The night path original car(riage) are few, especially the villa area, the car(riage) were less. ! An honor chartered car directly is in front of their vehicle. Came!” Xia Tian opens the vehicle door to walk toward below directly, Li Yu also followed, on the van three men, they have put on are the ash-gray clothes, on the clothes have an obvious symbol. Quicksand!” Saw the time Li Yu complexion that this sign changed. She has not thought that the forest always their unexpectedly retaliates her with Quicksand, the Quicksand price is very expensive, once will meet mission certainly to complete, person who so long as stared by Quicksand, that must die without doubt. „Do you know us?” Is head the person of that Quicksand looks to Li Yu. Person who I spend to invite your, my this was also with your a little friendship, the opposite party spent how much money you saying that I left double.” Li Yu said hurriedly that she does not want dead here. Quicksand has the Quicksand custom, since we have met, must complete, naturally, if after you can kill our three, you can spend the double money to buy back your assigning.” Is head the person of that Quicksand said. Xia Tian anxious looks at front these three people, he does not know why always felt these people are very probably familiar, perhaps he is familiar with Quicksand the name: Quicksand? Before me, is the Quicksand person?”