Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 954

„, What is Quicksand?” Xia Tian asked. Em?” That three Quicksand person all looked to Xia Tian, was that person of head looks at a Xia Tian feeling to look familiar, but he cannot think that which in has seen Xia Tian. I lost have recalled, but I heard Quicksand these two characters time felt is familiar, therefore I want to ask that I was am also the Quicksand person.” Xia Tian looked that asked to that three Quicksand person. Hears the Xia Tian words, that three Quicksand person looks at each other in blank diamay. They also started to suspect, because the Quicksand person was very dangerous outside, any matter possibly bumped into, may occurrence like the person who Xia Tian this losing recalled. Goes in the communication equipment, photographs to send to Leader there to him, having a look at Leader to know him, have not injured accidentally own person.” That young leader asked. Afterward a Quicksand disciple ran to the van. Li Yu heart has been hanging, she is afraid now, because she knows fierce of Quicksand. If Quicksand must kill her, she cannot run away absolutely, she actually starts to anticipate that now Xia Tian was the Quicksand person, like this their three can look that let off a oneself horse in the Xia Tian face, after oneself went back, immediately prepared money to buy back own life. That person is taking the equipment to the Xia Tian photograph, but he patted three times not to pat clear. „It is not good, does not pat clearly!” That Quicksand person said. Xia Tian thought that he remembers that also the beforehand tiger elder brother he photographed pats clear, afterward him had not discovered a knack, so long as in own mind imagined can make the opposite party pat clearly, that opposite party can pat clearly. You try!” Xia Tian said. Waste, making me come.” That was the person of head takes in the past the equipment directly, to the Xia Tian photograph: This did not pat clearly.” He said the direct transmission. ! The second returns! Sees the second returns, he was also shocked, the news of answering is the returned telegram.

He found a place to put out the cell phone returned telegram without hesitation. Leader!” Let alone words, your surface advance party that is Xia Tian, you quickly find the way to run away.” Xia Tian? Is he Xia Tian? A your saying I also really thought probably, I have seen him.” Right, he is Xia Tian, words that you do not run away, is impossible to live.” Leader, the matter does not have to be so awful probably, I who you think with he talked discovered a moment ago he loses has recalled, anything does not remember that he said listened to the name feeling of Quicksand to be familiar-sounding, therefore asked that my he was the Quicksand person, I made the picture to send to you.” Lost recalls? Is his strength how is it?” Not much, I have asked employer, he by the whole body that three average people hit is the wound.” Good, your three have killed him to me, so long as can kill him, your three contributed to the great merit, Chief will see you personally.” Yes, Leader.” Person excited saying of that Quicksand, he hung up the telephone afterward, Chief received personally, this was most top treatment, but their Chief China one of the four big Expert, directed his 1-2 casually, he was benefits. Moreover he also knows Xia Tian, can say that person almost nobody in Quicksand does not know Xia Tian, because Xia Tian is the Quicksand public enemy number one, Yin Fu dies in his hands. Now Xia Tian lost has recalled, Martial Arts cannot. This is an exceedingly good opportunity, so long as he can kill Xia Tian, that naturally has contributed to the great merit, moreover his status will elevate all of a sudden, perhaps when the time comes Quicksand Chief Sir Wei Guang personally will teach his Martial Arts. Thinks of here him specially excitedly. He looks at the Xia Tian look time likely in looking at a person, but like in looking at his future and Martial Arts rare book. I looked up, you truly are our Quicksand person.” That Quicksand person moved toward Xia Tian directly, when he arrives at side Xia Tian.

Puff! A blue cloud dagger punctured directly on the belly of Xia Tian. Xia Tian, you died.” That person said that punctures once more to Xia Tian. Bang! This Xia Tian has shunted, his foot kicks directly on that person of arm, then body fast retreat. Kills! Killed his me layer on layer to enjoy!” That Quicksand People sound shouts, that two people who at the same time he brings directly have also fired into Xia Tian, their this time prepared to kill people. Reason that Xia Tian a moment ago was sneak attacked successfully is because his complete thoughts on Quicksand. In his mind is very chaotic, probably related Quicksand memory must be reorganized to be the same, therefore he will be sneak attacked by the opposite party successfully, the ache on body told him to retreat. Therefore he shunted second has struck! But that three people simultaneously plunged him. Is gawking doing, first boards.” Xia Tian shouts to Li Yu, Li Yu ran hurriedly to the car(riage), in these individual hands uniform blue cloud dagger, attacking that they kept to Xia Tian. These people meet Martial Arts. Xia Tian lost has recalled, Zuo Shanyou who anything, he only cannot keep evaded, just started several also good, the speed of but along with several people attacking was getting more and more fast, he a little could not endure. Him on gradually started to have the wound. Hateful, such got down to end!” Deeping frown of Xia Tian , he although strength is big, the body is flexible, but the opposite party meets Martial Arts, the fight skill is also very rich. The words that such hits he must die without doubt. At this moment, that is the person of head takes over the dagger direct thorn to the heart of Xia Tian, accurate incomparable, saw that the dagger is away from the heart of Xia Tian only then less than one centimeter.

Bang! Xia Tian does not know why own left hand double refers to outstretch cannot help but, gripped that directly the blue cloud dagger. Ka! The dagger broke off directly by him. Finger of Consonance!” Expert surprised saying of that Quicksand: You have not lost recalled.” Bang! At this moment, a Quicksand person trampled directly in the chest of Xia Tian. „It is not right, you have not restored to remember.” That person believes that Xia Tian cannot help but used that move a moment ago absolutely, otherwise impossible to be kicked by a oneself under foot by his skill. Killed him, he was unable Martial Arts.” That Quicksand the person of lead said. Afterward two full speed attacking to Xia Tian, they have used the fight skill to attack to Xia Tian, they have also discovered Xia Tian really not Martial Arts, ferocity that more and more therefore they attack. Dies!” That Quicksand person has seized the opportunity, the direct sneak attack has approached the Xia Tian back of the body. Who dares to move him, I kill who!” At this moment the ice-cold sound conveys from rear area together, afterward the scarlet form flushed from the rear area together fast, hit directly on they three bodies. Bang! Bang! Bang! Three people were hit to fly by him directly.