Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 955

This sudden accident frightened all people to jump. Because that blood light speed was really too quick, moreover her strength was also very terrifying, three, three Quicksand people all were hit to fly. Quite fierce.” Li Yu whole face inconceivable looks at that blood light. What person?” Is head the person of that Quicksand looks angrily at the blood light. That blood light has not spoken, but is the whole face excited looks at Xia Tian, she looked was so long, finally had found, at this time Xia Tian bewildered visits her, she knew, Xia Tian lost really recalls. Xia Tian did not remember her. Afterward her vision saw the wound on Xia Tian belly turns the head to look angrily at that several Quicksand person. Was you have injured him?” Saying of Lin Bingbing coldly. „Who are you?” Is head the person of that Quicksand asks. Who dares to injure him, I kill anyone.” Lin Bingbing whole face anger looks at that three people, Xia Tian protects her to be so long, today should change into her to protect Xia Tian, these dare to injure the Xia Tian person she not to let off absolutely. „Who are you?” This time is Xia Tian asks. I am your concubine.” Lin Bingbing shows a faint smile, he still remembers that now Xia Tian pursues everywhere the matter that she is making her be the Xia Tian concubine every day, at that time she was a silly woman. Her silly assuming one's post point loses Xia Tian. Now she had found Xia Tian, she does not allow anybody to injure Xia Tian. Li Yu whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing, Lin Bingbing long unusual is attractive, looks is elegantly beautiful beauty, but a she such big beauty unexpectedly acknowledgment is the Xia Tian wife, and concubine. This a little was also too inconceivable. She felt that has surpassed own cognition completely.

Xia Tian also hoodwinked, he does not know that who front this woman was, seemed long was also very attractive, but why must say that was own concubine? Now the country controls to the concubine is so loose? That three Quicksand person saw the opportunity sneak attacks Lin Bingbing directly. Puff! In the right hand of Lin Bingbing presented a short sword to cut open three people of throats directly! Quick ruthless! I have said that who injures him, whose life I want!” Saying of Lin Bingbing coldly. Terror! Li Yu as if saw very terrifying matter is the same, he has not thought that this elegantly beautiful woman unexpectedly so very ruthless, the Quicksand three people cannot hit her, moreover her direct Insta-kill that three people. Puff! Lin Bingbing threw the Xia Tian bosom directly, hugged Xia Tian tight. TM that too the happiness comes was sudden, Xia Tian has not responded at once. The thoughts of woman are very complex, so long as some people snatch, he thought that is good, looks like the present, Li Yu as if felt that his treasure was robbed by others was the same, she regretted why really one do not begin earlier. Now was good, others concubines walked. Who are you? Who am I?” A Xia Tian face strange looks at Lin Bingbing, he felt that he affirms to know Lin Bingbing, but who is Lin Bingbing? I called Lin Bingbing, you followed me all day, asking my police to spend the elder sister, you were Xia Tian, was a very fierce person, was my man.” Lin Bingbing very serious looks at Xia Tian to say. „!” Xia Tian nodded.

Walks, we go home!” Lin Bingbing holds the hand of Xia Tian saying that but she has not drawn: How?” Xia Tian has not spoken, but turned head to look to Li Yu, afterward he has arrived at Li Yu front directly, saw that Xia Tian walked to oneself here, Li Yu was very happy, he thinks the Xia Tian also a little conscience now. „Can my wages tie?” Xia Tian said that time Lin Bingbing and Li of Yu these words all collapsed. Contributes contributes 30 billion dollars Xia Tian, the unexpectedly whereabouts others wants the wages, but the small thoughts that Li Yugang raised were disillusioned, she put out 2000 from the package directly: Gives you, I walked.” She noticed that others wives met him, she naturally must be tactful. Therefore she drove directly, after she walked, felt one lost a very important treasure to be the same probably. Lin Bingbing grabbed the hand of Xia Tian directly: Walks, we go home!” She said that anything will not loosen own hand, she was afraid Xia Tian to run to lose again, she does not want to loosen Xia Tian for a lifetime, she has been afraid loses Xia Tian, when she lost Xia Tian that moment, she felt that she lost completely, lost all. She booked two airplane tickets, Xia Tian did not have the ID card, she subscribed using the credential, but needed to be able early tomorrow morning. Lin Bingbing looked for a hotel directly. She only opened a room. Rests with Xia Tian in the same place, that night she hugged Xia Tian saying that anything did not loosen, no matter she also this posture were comfortable, she must enclasp Xia Tian, she cannot make Xia Tian run away again. Although Xia Tian cannot think the Lin Bingbing status, but he can feel that love that Lin Bingbing transmits, this was false. Next morning, Xia Tian has made a phone call! The telephone hits to Xu. Xu, I found Xia Tian, but he lost recalls.”

Em, when do you come back?” One hour later flight.” Good, first leads him to come back, everybody tries to find the solution together.” After Xu has hung up the telephone, he informed all people, Xia Tian to come back. Lin Bingbing eats meal does not loosen the hand of Xia Tian, she was afraid Xia Tian to lose again, she could not find again, therefore she has been holding the hand of Xia Tian, by the airplane, Lin Bingbing was very attractive, her turning head led is 100%. Even many people looked scared. Although Lin Bingbing has been holding the hand of Xia Tian, but this does not affect everybody to his admire. However quick Xia Tian discovered that in the vision of surroundings these people filled envied the envy to hate, if the vision can kill people, perhaps he early had been killed a lot of chapters. When they boarded the airplane, these men on same airplane disguise back and forth to walk on the ground, for looks at Lin Bingbing. Hello, beauty, I am the manager of small bright pharmaceutical industry, I must go to Jiang Hai City to discuss the business, you are also the Jiang Hai City person.” Wore the man of western-style clothes to give a Lin Bingbing name card. After Lin Bingbing received the name card, threw in the trash trough directly. Sees her action, that male appears very discontented, the appearance that but pretends the gentleman said that did beauty, mind that told me your mobile number, we were a friend. Or you go to South Korea to tidy up first, your long was too scary, I do not dare to visit you, is really not good, you go to Thailand to be also good.” Saying that Lin Bingbing does not lift. The hand of that man has lifted immediately, as if must hit Lin Bingbing to be the same. He has not thought that Lin Bingbing unexpectedly dares to insult him.