Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 956

Surrounding person all strange looks at the man, he unexpectedly must begin a moment ago. His unexpectedly must hit the woman. That man also felt that he has impulsed, bite back own hand. „! Does not have the skill man to hit the woman, I most repugnant is your such male.” A young young fellow stands up saying that sounds of some surroundings also many echoing. What thing you are, can here be one's turn you to gesticulate?” That western-style clothing man coldly looks that youth said. I have seen you, the customer manager of small bright pharmaceutical industry, unfortunately is I am one of your suppliers, I am quite familiar with your Boss, after I have alit from the airplane, can tell that him you actions on airplane, I believe that he should be willing to listen to these matters very much.” The young young fellow said. You!” That western-style clothing man has not thought that will come across such matter, trend that young young fellow who his hurried face curries favor with, he usually is the manager who likes saying the small bright pharmaceutical industry, although manager name can be many positions, but he such introduced that everybody thinks his status is very high. Actually he is only good is a customer general manager. Now looks at the opposite party is figure of Boss rank, he comes up to curry favor with immediately: Elder brother, I do not know that you are our super client, offended, offended.” „Do I 23, you call my brother this year? Being sick of your Y.” That young fellow like looking at idiot visits him. Right, I am sick, I am sick!” Grovelling that man keeps, he does not want to work does not guarantee, therefore he can only be docile. I do not want to respond you, you walk, I do not hope to have the next time.” That young fellow is a little looking down upon western-style clothing man, but his this saying saying will represent him not to complain, a that western-style clothes man face smiling face has drawn back. Today his face lost. However compares with his work, the face was not anything, the perquisite of this customer general manager was very big.

That young fellow sits in Xia Tian and Lin Bingbing side, has a distance of corridor. You also go to Jiang Hai City!” The young fellows spoke are polite, he saw the Lin Bingbing first time, felt one liked on Lin Bingbing, although sat in Lin Bingbing man looks is his boyfriend, however was looking like, whom this year looked for the boyfriends is looks at to be outstanding, do not say that had the boyfriend, even if married has been able to be what kind of? Em!” Lin Bingbing nod of slightly. Although nodded, but the manner had been better than that person obviously a moment ago. The young fellows look possible, immediately started to continue to speak, he thinks that said procedure that directly own many cow B most under became, what he must do was suggested that opposite party very good B, using own charm to attract the opposite party: Happen to I also go to Jiang Hai City, has the driver to meet me, when the time comes we walk together, happen to I can deliver you a regulation, is becomes friends.” He has not gone to the malicious attack Xia Tian, because he understands that he status in Lin Bingbing heart surely does not have Xia Tian to be high now, if rashly attacks Xia Tian, can only make Lin Bingbing have the repugnance to him. Therefore he must layer upon layer progress. He said that some people meet themselves, that had first indicated he is very rich, has the private car to meet, in his words the concealed information content is very big, so long as is the normal people can guess correctly him to be rich, then this is also not he intentionally says, this can appear he has the connotation specially. Does not use, should some people meet us.” Lin Bingbing said. Lin Bingbing knows that Xu they can definitely meet itself and Xia Tian. „, This, that later has the opportunity words, I asked you to eat meal, was becomes friends.” He said two people intentionally, but is not Lin Bingbing, this will let Lin Bingbing and Xia Tian are many to his hostility reduction. The youth know that cannot worry, therefore he again has not spoken on the airplane, but is eyes closed maintains mental tranquility, he has thought that after having alit from the airplane, he will ask the driver to track Lin Bingbing, which then sees Lin Bingbing to live, later can make anything to meet by chance. Such Lin Bingbing will reduce to his vigilance, this method he has tried many to return.

This is his bubble little girl Unique Skill. He can pick up the little girl to be successful absolutely, he thinks that his talent wants to smile. The airplane is all the way tranquil! Quick arrived in the Jiang Hai City airport. Hello, you have a look, if takes your people not to come, I can deliver you to go back.” Saying that youth does everything to please once more. Lin Bingbing and Xia Tian have not spoken, but is walks toward outside directly, the youth also followed, three people such are walking, under other person of airplane also walks to outside, they naturally can look at the youth are interesting to Lin Bingbing. Therefore they also want with exiting to watch the fun, moreover goes by car also needs to go to outside. Has not waited, that man saw to meet his person. Xu Zong, hello, hello!” The youth go forward to say. You arrived finally, walks, we board first, I have subscribed the hotel and hotel to you.” Xu Zong polite saying. Wait / Etc., Xu Zong, I have two friends one possibly also to use a vehicle.” The youth said. „?” Xu Zong has sized up Lin Bingbing and Xia Tian, saying that afterward a little disdains: Since is your friend, that naturally did not have the issue, what I came was Toyota, the space was big enough.” That troubled Xu Zong.” The youth show a faint smile.

Lin Bingbing has not paid attention to them, she saw the thoughts of youth, simply is a hypocrite, therefore she was also disinclined to speak, enormous and powerful troop people walked, when they got to the entrance, the entrance dense piece of person, more than 200 people, the uniform black western-style clothes, had the male to have the female, all was black western-style clothes. These wear the person of black western-style clothes seem look like gangster in movie . Moreover the formation is neat, each row has several people, each level clearly demarcated. Sees these people time, the person who coming out was all shocked, they also think that these people are kidnap. Had a scare. But immediately they discovered that the situation is not right, because these people stand was too stiff, moreover behind stopped a row of car(riage), has more than 100, uniform to run quickly. This weaponry, is powerful. They were all daunted by such scene. Lin Bingbing shows a faint smile. The Xia Tian look is somewhat confused, these people are quite familiar, but his cannot think. That youth noticed that such scene also shocked him not to know how should speak. Boss, welcome to go home!” All black-clothed person shout together.