Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 957

Close 200 people shouting these words that brushes there simultaneously, is powerful. Even if Chen Haonan in movie does not have such imposing manner. These person of neat black western-style clothing are the biggest spotlights, the quantity of here woman adds to have 70-80 people. Their sounds are resounding. Suddenly the people in entire airport ran to watch the fun, because this scenery line is really uncommon. Boss!” Whom was this name shouting? All people looked to Xia Tian, because the vision of these people gathered at the body of Xia Tian, before that wanted to pursue the Lin Bingbing youth in the mouth to install the next egg at this time, but that met his person is inconceivable of whole face. He also looked down upon Xia Tian a moment ago, is the present. This weaponry, entire Jiang Hai City fears few individuals to have. This imposing manner, this has suppressed simply all people, they do not think that Xia Tian has such energy, because on the airplane, he was really too low-key, a few words have not spoken. Everybody even thinks that he is the handsome boy who Lin Bingbing raises. Before that person must hit Lin Bingbing he not to speak, probably hid in Lin Bingbing behind child is the same. Now is but different. These people understood a truth, person who exceed has the skill read, Xia Tian was this person, he was really too low-key. Looks at these people, everybody even thinks that they are the Hei societies. This scene some people started to photograph immediately, some people started to record. ! At this moment the police came, over a hundred police vehicles send out together. Saw when these many police everybody thinks that the police are grasp these black-clothed person, because they looked like the Hei society . Moreover the police came these many people one time, this definitely was the big case.

Around Xia Tian these people make the distant fear one injure accidentally immediately. The police came, but these black-clothed person have not actually yielded the way. A man walked from behind. Second Uncle!” Lin Bingbing saw man time said. This person Jiang Hai City mayor, Lin Bingbing uncle, at this time his facial color solemn looks at Xia Tian. Welcome to go home!” Volume!” This time Xia Tian hoodwinked, he can look, this person was certainly an official . Moreover the officer position was not small, but his unexpectedly led these many people to meet itself. Senior Official heard that your matter, he ordered my city to declare martial law, the security escorted you to go home.” The mayor said that Senior Official of mayor, that was needless to say. In these character airports people all hoodwinked, such big officer unexpectedly was escorts Xia Tian to go home, actually that Xia Tian was any status, some people access the net to inquire immediately, finally also really looked up. Mayor, that person is the Jiang Hai City mayor, stands in front that three black-clothed person is the Xia Group biggest three shareholders.” Immediately some people shout. Right now the scene immediately has seethed with excitement, mayor said that is Senior Official lets meet, who can Senior Official of mayor be? Is the person who head how many figure of country, the Xia Group biggest three shareholders can call the Boss who? They understood. Front person is in the legend Xia Group Boss. This wrapped in a shroud of obscurity Boss appeared finally. Suddenly all people are giving him to photograph, result these people discovered how, regardless of they pat pat not clear this Xia Group Boss. Headline, but the flash picture and video insanely were passed on. Mounts the headline instantaneously. Xia Group Boss comes, two hundred black-clothed person, over a hundred to run quickly greets, 100 police vehicles clear the way, the mayor escorts personally. This is the name of headline.

The flash, this news on passed on the world insanely. Xia Group Boss came, picture is unable to shoot clearly, however the people described his appearance with the language . Moreover the process on airplane also described, suddenly Xia Tian became the people's male god. The age is less than 20 years old, long commander-in-chief, manner low key. This is the public opinion to his appraisal. But Boss of that small bright pharmaceutical industry dismissed that to offend the Lin Bingbing customer manager directly. This is feeling of going home.” The Xia Tian vision looked at surroundings, all that familiar. Meanwhile, Maoshan also received news. North Korea also received the news. They still play the scheme there, was designing saying that must seek for the Xia Tian corpse, but unexpectedly spreads the news now, Xia Tian has not died. Hateful!” Crown prince angry saying of North Korea. Big brother, should not be angry, I help you grasp him.” Two teacher's younger brothers in North Korea said. „It is not good, you cannot go, now we must face the attack of Maoshan.” North Korean crown prince said. Big brother, I go, he was hit by you, 35 years are impossible to recover, besides him, nobody can block me, I when the time comes past secretly, grasped to be OK him.” Three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea requested a combat assignment. You said also right, you carefully.” North Korean crown prince said. Relax the big brother, my strength aren't you clear?” North Korean three teacher's younger brother self-confident saying of: This time I do not bring, oneself go, nobody can block me, moreover this will be unremarkable.” In this time Jiang Hai City, a mysterious motorcade appeared. Over a hundred police vehicles lead the way all the way, moreover place visited all paths a half hour of Feng Road, this reporter all the way has ahead of time, but must be away from vehicle 100 meters away. Lin Bingbing anxious is shaking the hand of Xia Tian. Go home!

Actually is my family what? Now looks like I certainly is a rich man, in my family can also hit compared with the villa of Li.” Xia Tian innermost feelings doubts said to oneself. His saw the big house all the way, thinks that is the family. But the result is actually not. The vehicle started was very long, had arrived at the suburb to afterward the vehicle. shit, my family is not a manor, the entire that big piece is my family?” The Xia Tian innermost feelings were getting more and more intense, he even a little slightly anticipated. The vehicle continues. The quick vehicle reached the destination. To?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. To.” Lin Bingbing nodded. „Is this my family?” Xia Tian awkward asking, at this time in front of him, only then an one-story house . Moreover the one-story house seems very worn-out, this simply most broken place in rural area. After Xia Tian got out, these police all removed . Moreover the majority of people have also dispersed, has only left behind part with the Xia Tian most intimate person. He looks at present familiar all, the house, he walks toward the house afterward directly. ! When he opens the door, a fist hit directly on his body. Bang! The Xia Tian whole person has flown upside down.