Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 958

Xia Tian behind several people want to rush immediately go, but was blocked. A grandiose form walked from the Xia Tian room. Great General. That fist was the Great General hit a moment ago. You who?” Xia Tian rubbed own chest to look at the Great General angrily. Bang! His words just said that his body once again flew, but flash Xia Tian felt that own body quick powder has put up, these ancient Buddhist Relic in within the body started to rotate instantaneously, repairs the body of Xia Tian. But ancient Buddhist Relic has not waited to repair. The Great General got. Those present may be know Great General fierce, they also know that the Great General does not want to kill Xia Tian absolutely, the words that but such hits, Xia Tian has abandoned, this sorely. Stole has held breath cold air that day and Han Zifeng they cannot bear. Han Zifeng, Zhong Chuhong, Qi Huan, the Fire Cloud evil god, these are Earth Grade Expert. But they fear the Great General. They also know that Great General actually fierce, looks that Xia Tian was such hit, they were really also unable to continue watching, the Fire Cloud evil god's change was biggest, if before , he was forced by Xia Tian, then he was completely is sincerely convinced to Xia Tian now. Steals the day their three before Xia Tian walks is the Profound Grade strength, especially Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong, but is the Profound Grade intermediate stage, but after coming back, their strengths have even surmounted themselves. This made the Fire Cloud evil god feel the Xia Tian energy. Terror! Unusual terrifying. Such hits not to have an accident?” Asking that Lin Bingbing worries about.

Relax, the Great General most loves dearly Xia Tian, how he possibly injures Xia Tian.” Steals the day to answer. Hateful, actually you are.” Xia Tian has scratched the bloodstain of corners of the mouth, he felt that own bone and muscle were scattered frame several times, but in within the body pure strengths are actually repairing his body. This feeling is not good. No matter, has been such hit, then repaired to hit again, that definitely could not bear. Bang! The Great General fought with the fists once more his arm. Sufficed!” At this moment, Xia Tian gives a loud shout, instantaneous, other his within the body ancient Buddhist Relic and Buddhist Relic strengths all erupt, his entire body was surrounded by the golden yellow ray. The surrounding all people can see, the ray, has the golden yellow ray really around the Xia Tian body. Afterward Xia Tian felt own chest located a cool feeling to fire into his brain directly. Bang! In his brain had many memories all of a sudden, the scattered memory all appeared, finally these scattered memory superpositions in one, he restored to remember that the meteor tears in the situation of eruption has cured the wound of his brain fully. Bang! An Great General fist hits to Xia Tian. Great General, were you do not have?” The Xia Tian left hand has shown a strange posture instantaneously, five fingers change into three. Seizes dragon! Ka! Xia Tian held the right fist of Great General directly, afterward he makes an effort to fling, the Great General will have flung directly. All people all surprisedly look to Xia Tian.

Great General is fierce they to know. But Xia Tian all of a sudden Great General throwing. Steals day and Han Zifeng and the others may has seen Xia Tian this move, Xia Tian is uses this move has blocked the Maoshan old ancestors strikes fully, seizes dragon, their three have experienced this move of might. Has the Fire Cloud evil god not to experience. He has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly also had such big change. However everybody cares is not this, but is the words that Xia Tian said a moment ago, his unexpectedly said the name of Great General. In other words, he restored to remember. „Did you restore to remember?” Lin Bingbing excited eyeful tears. „The man biggest crime was cried by the beloved woman.” Xia Tian holds Lin Bingbing directly in bosom. Restored! Xia Tian memory unexpectedly restored, he projected on to restore to remember that by the Great General, at this time everybody is the admiration looks to the Great General, because he is really stiffly projects on to restore to remember Xia Tian. Laborious everybody.” Xia Tian looks up said to the people. Everybody is a face smiling face visits him, has not spoken, has not needed to understand everybody each other regard by their relations in a moment. Qi Huan leaves ranks!” Xia Tian stood the body to give a loud shout. In!” Qi Huan has stood. I bestow your Spirit Tool universe bracelet and universe jade belt, the application method here, Witchcraft Sect nine levels of compounded drugs.” Xia Tian treats own brothers not to be always parsimonious, Qi Huan this time has not gone, but he looks after the house at home, has omitted the Xia Tian extra worries. Xie Laoda!” Qi Huan hears two Spirit Tool and nine levels of compounded drugs, that naturally was smiles has grinned with ear to ear, he they had exchanged with Han Zifeng recently much, knew the functions of nine levels of compounded drugs. „The Fire Cloud evil god leaves ranks!” Xia Tian shouts once more.

The Fire Cloud evil god has looked at Qi Huan that envied a moment ago, but he did not have to think own unexpectedly will also mention by name, he has thought one were Xia Tian forces to receive, and has not performed any merit, Xia Tian was impossible to give him the advantage, but Xia Tian unexpectedly selects his name now. In!” The Fire Cloud evil god has stood hurriedly. I bestow of a soul seal your Witchcraft Sect Spirit Tool most precious objects, his application method here, Witchcraft Sect nine levels of compounded drugs.” Xia Tian said that will divide the marriages and nine levels of compounded drugs strikes a paper to throw. Xie Laoda.” The Fire Cloud evil god at heart happily blossomed now, unexpectedly is one of the Witchcraft Sect Spirit Tool most precious objects. Han Zifeng, Zhong Chuhong, steals day to leave ranks.” Xia Tian is shouting to three people directly. Their three obtained the most precious object in inside . Moreover the strength turns time of growth, but they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly will also ask them to come out. In!” Three people have simultaneously stood. I bestow your three people of everyone false Spirit Tool, nine levels of compounded drug two.” Xia Tian such does also fairly, although they obtained the strength in inside, but after that is their three pays diligently, earns. Now Xia Tian has only given them false Spirit Tool, appeared a little few, therefore he gave everyone to add nine levels of compounded drugs. Xie Laoda!” The sound that three people shouted was loud. At this time in the corner is standing two people, they are look to steal the day of envying, they with stealing the day come together, but steals the day is actually their guides, steals the day is also earliest with Xia Tian, moreover this time stole the day also to have the opportunity to participate in the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure. They also know Witchcraft Sect buried treasure a narrow escape. However they want to go at that time. Robs the Saint, the demon robs Saint to leave ranks!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout.