Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 959

Robs the Saint and demon robs the Saint the mood not to be good, because they felt that they had been treated coldly by Xia Tian, moreover they do not have any use. Although helps the Xia Tian person break several big cases. However these matters in their opinion are not anything. They think, only then like stealing the day with Xia Tian the talented person who exits to travel the world together is the Xia Tian person. At this moment Xia Tian unexpectedly called their name, they at once thoroughly there. Robs the Saint, the demon robs Saint to leave ranks!” Xia Tian also shouted one. In!” Their this times not hesitant, ran directly. You for Jiang Hai City has made the contribution peacefully, these I heard, so long as is my Xia Tian brothers, I will treat impartially, although all people perform its own functions, but currently has good thing everybody everyone to divide, I grant you false Spirit Tool, person of eight levels of compounded drugs.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. The assignment of Xia Tian is skillful. The might of nine levels of compounded drugs are big, if gives them nine levels of compounded drugs, they could not absorb, therefore Xia Tian gave them to be most practical. Robs the Saint and demon robs the Saint also to hear these compounded drugs might. They know one cannot absorb strengths in nine levels of compounded drug, eight levels of compounded drugs they need to absorb slowly. Xie Laoda!” Their excited saying. Afterward Xia Tian 11 has sent false Spirit Tool and seven levels of compounded drugs. Finally he also prepared two eight levels of compounded drugs to send for giving Fan Zhuifeng and Zhaoshan river separately delivers.

He gave Lin Bingbing, Bing Xin, Ye Qingxue, Zeng Ruo and a Bai Yiyi person has prepared one set of false Spirit Tool armor, then gave them to modulate the compounded drug specially, took separately to them. Little Fei their several are also nobody false Spirit Tool, and everyone obtained seven levels of compounded drugs. Xia Xue obtained the Xia Tian Spirit Tool nunchakus, Xia Tian has given her nine levels of compounded drugs and eight levels of compounded drugs, these need joke slowly, are old as for Xu and fire, Xia Tian has chosen two most special compounded drugs to them. Although is only seven levels of compounded drugs, the compounded drug that but can actually increase the vigor, after these two compounded drug clothing get down, their hair turned into the black, the surroundings on face were also reducing. Xia Tian has all placed in the remaining weapons big Tomb General, moreover Lin Bingbing again has built inside mechanism, and Xia Tian together has also studied, how only if knows to walk, otherwise after going, must die without doubt. However Xia Tian had not found Zhuge Wanglang and Hongwu, after they return to Jiang Hai City, Zhuge Wanglang said that also has the matter to process, had Hongwu to walk first. These matter Xia Tian have processed for three days. On this day, Xia Tian is practicing Martial Arts with these brothers, some these many Earth Grade Expert directions, the Xia Tian these brothers' strengths are growing rapidly, Xia Tian has the time to direct 12 to them. Comes the safe idly time has a look at the ancient book that takes from Witchcraft Sect. Well?” Xia Tian gaining ground slowly, the vision looked to the distant place. People other gradually also looked to that direction, the person's shadow to here quickly, the speed is together quick, the imposing manner was very strong, quick Han Zifeng and the others saw this form master. That three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea! That three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea looked had found very much for a long time the Xia Tian home, he has not thought that the Xia Tian family was so remote, this stemmed from his anticipation completely, he was planned to eavesdrop on the first position, then stepped on, grasps Xia Tian in the evening. Now was but good, he clashes under thousands of staring eyes.

All people saw him, how this also ran away. Xia Tian really took three teacher's younger brothers in this North Korea, unexpectedly has run single-handedly over to catch him, this simply was moron, although three teacher's younger brothers in this North Korea were very fierce, but he, if the combustion compounded drug can cope with this North Korean three teacher's younger brothers . Moreover the Great General can also cope with him. But his unexpectedly such flagrant running over. But Xia Tian here present five Earth Grade Expert, in addition this monstruous talent, their battle efficiencies may be very formidable. Three teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea see one have exposed, does not worry, starts slowly walked to here, Little Fei and the others just about to put down the movement in hand, Qi Huan is one greatly drinks: Looks at anything to look that continues to practice, who dares to stop looked how I tidy up him.” Therefore these people have practiced. Xia Xue also led the Xia Family armed forces to practice in the other aspect. Very tranquil, everybody is still performing its own functions, Xia Tian was also continues to read the Witchcraft Sect ancient book, was tranquil. Three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea a little have doubts, he thinks that Xia Tian they will be critical situation, the town alerts, when the time comes can act the King, coming a King to arrive, a move repels them, afterward seizes Xia Tian, but the present situation a little stems from his anticipation. Xia Tian their unexpectedly is not anxious. Moreover completely disregarded him. He is Earth Grade late stage Expert, he is No. 3 Expert of North Korea, he in the status of North Korea is very high, was respected by ten thousand people, but his unexpectedly was disregarded now, disregards by Xia Tian and his these brothers directly. They make anything has, there cultivation. But these people such disregard him.

Boss, how you wants to handle this fellow.” Han Zifeng sat. How can also handle, hits!” Xia Tian very optional saying. Em, this fellow went into our domains to come truly to hit.” Han Zifeng said. This is act high and mighty, act high and mighty takes a beating it, is not suitable is used, but I do not like leaving the future trouble now, therefore I did not plan that made him leave here.” Xia Tian lost a while ago has recalled, was the water sister-in-law and water Sheng has saved him, but was because he has hit greatly the child they, the result child they while still alive killed the water sister-in-law mother and daughter greatly. Although Xia Tian has revenged for their mother and daughter, but Xia Tian does not think absolutely the tragedy is repeated. Good, we when the time comes meet surrounded he, did not guarantee that to the opportunity that he escapes.” Han Zifeng said directly. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Three teacher's younger brothers in that North Korea have arrived at the entrance of Xia Tian, but Xia Tian they still do their matter in themselves, he has the feeling that a powerful nowhere causes at this time, he comes act high and mighty, no, is makes an arrest, moreover is flagrant makes an arrest. Air/Qi the field to be full, but others pay no attention to him radically. He even does not know how now should start talking, he prepared, Xia Tian they help the person looks at own time anxiously, oneself say one: Depends on you unable to block me.” But now from the start nobody manages him. Xia Tian, I am grasp your.”