Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 960

The brothers, the numeral arrived yesterday late at night, is a little blurry, this chapter forgot to send, now makes up, you spent to subscribe the chapter two charges, will not say that here the sound was sorry. ------------------------------ . Hears his these words time, all people all looked to him. SB!” All people all despise looks to that North Korean three teacher's younger brothers, a person surrounds here more than 100 people, moreover in more than 100 people also has Earth Grade Expert five. What can this be? With two characters described that he is SB adds the mountain artillery, the double bags.’ Everybody said that the later all people continued to make itself should the matter of doing, nobody manages him. This returned to three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea to be angry thoroughly. His such big Expert not only had been disregarded, but also was scolded is SB, what is main is these people are was looking really probably SB same visits him, this makes him feel that he is playing a SB role really probably. Xia Tian, today is your time of death!” The North Korean three teacher's younger brothers shout loudly. At this moment Xia Tian stands up suddenly, sees Xia Tian to stand, all people have also put down the matter in hand. The North Korean three teacher's younger brothers saw the Xia Tian finally a little expression, he started proudly, thought Xia Tian shaking by own these words, but he did not discover immediately right, because on the face of Xia Tian unexpectedly had the happy expression. Master!” At this moment, Xia Tian said loudly. Master? Admitting mistakes person. How one possibly are the Xia Tian master. At this moment, he felt suddenly behind has the person, afterward he turns head hurriedly, he saw a man of white clothing, the man is handsome, the right hand is taking a sword, the sword is very attractive.

Why as for uses to describe attractively he does not know. Thinks very attractive, is very attractive. „Are you?” Three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea have doubts looks to Yin Nie. Yin Nie!” Yin Nie? Has not heard, at the same time is standing going, do not hinder me to handle matters.” Three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea said. I have said that so long as Earth Grade above Expert has intrusion Jiang Hai City of evil intention, I will kill.” You are very crazy.” Three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea sized up Yin Nie carefully, he knows that dares to say the person of this words was not absolutely ordinary, was not ordinary, but oneself Earth Grade late stage Expert, although just entered Earth Grade late stage, but in any case was also Expert. But this person unexpectedly such to oneself the face, does not open mouth must kill itself. I was used.” Saying of Yin Nie coldly. Time all people who hears these words looked to Xia Tian, because this words they from the Xia Tian mouth heard generally, but always indifferent first under Heaven Swordsman Yin Nie unexpectedly also will say such words now. You court death!” Three teacher's younger brothers in North Korea flush away to Yin Nie directly. ! Puff! All in flash. Good quick sword!” Three teacher's younger brother bodies of North Korea, he has been covering his throat but actually, wanted to say anything, but how to say cannot say, his throat cut off, a Yin Nie sword punctured his throat. Quick!

The Xia Tian original manuscript thinks one soon overtook the footsteps of master, when his strength is increased step by step, he will discover that the master he imagines is by far fiercer, although a moment ago his master possibly was any unique skill that used. However this unique skill was also too fierce. Sword Insta-kill Earth Grade Expert, this can be the same with the Maoshan old ancestor's big unique skill simply. Master, what move is this?” Xia Tian surprised looks at Yin Nie. Beyond day flying immortal first!” Yin Nie said. Too good B, Master, what matter does your this time have?” Xia Tian knows Yin Nie usually absolutely not with no reason at all comes to here. Comes to see you.” Yin Nie said. Master, you were good, came to help me solve an archenemy!” Xia Tian affected saying. I heard you with the Maoshan old ancestors has fought, the Maoshan old ancestor's strength is not bad, you can block fully his strikes, the self-confidence certainly was the full house.” Yin Nie said directly. Hears the Yin Nie words, Xia Tian understands finally Yin Nie arrived here goal. He is reminds himself should not be conceited, outside person some people of one should always strive for better, therefore he will directly come up to incur on the enlargement a moment ago, to let Xia Tian knows the person who looks like this rank is the Earth Grade late stage person can also Insta-kill. I understood the master!” Xia Tian said. Em!” Yin Nie satisfied nod of continues to say afterward: Has remembered, although Finger of Consonance is fierce, but needs the Inner Strength in addition to hold, clamps seeing of Wei Guang by your present strength, your finger will directly cut off by him, even if your father does not dare in the past easily clamps the Wei Guang sword.” Em!” Xia Tian nodded, he knows that one and father's disparity, this is just like disparity between him and Maoshan old ancestors, he burnt that many over a million compounded drugs to force with the Maoshan old ancestors to previous, moreover oneself also almost died. Disparity between his father and Maoshan old ancestors is not absolutely big, then the formidable people do not dare easily clamps the Wei Guang sword, actually thus it can be seen the Wei Guang sword is how terrifying. I cannot teach you swordsmanship, this is I promises your father, your father's past skill were many , was very strong, finally but he summarized was the skill many, but cannot absolutely mixed but not fine, Kungfu that must have being expert, this was also my first day tells you, this was also your father to my commission.” Yin Nie said.

Em, I understand!” Xia Tian understands father's meaning. Em!” Yin Nie nodded he to look afterward to Qi Huan: „Are you willing to request me to be master.” Qi Huan hoodwinked immediately. first under Heaven Swordsman Yin Nie said that must receive him for the disciple. Stares is doing, has not acknowledged as teacher.” Xia Tian has kicked a Qi Huan foot hurriedly. Splash! Qi Huan knelt on the ground directly. Pays a visit the master!” Qi Huan said directly how he possibly does not want a master, especially Yin Nie such Expert. Em, my swordsmanship cannot teach to Xia Tian, but I need a successor, therefore I hope that you can practice with me well.” Yin Nie said directly. Hears the Yin Nie words, the Xia Tian brow tight wrinkle, does he listen to Yin Nie to be probably same at the confession things to do after death? Master, you?” Xia Tian looks to Yin Nie. A narrow escape, including you, but you and I must go, because this is your responsibility, is my responsibility.” Yin Nie looked that said to Xia Tian, Yin Nie such Expert unexpectedly said is a narrow escape, Xia Tian thinks one have been ready, but he understood today, he must confess all matters with Yin Nie. Otherwise Yin Nie may look for Wei Guang they to go all out very much, is Xia Tian reduces the enemy. Xia Tian gaining ground slowly, looked at surrounding people: You go to the back side of the mountain first, has processed the corpse of that person, asks on him to have the treasure, my something wanted to say with Master alone.”