Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 962

Beyond flying immortal that chapter about day, if has not seen, tries the book from the bookshelf detachment, then searches the Top Grade versatile students, joins the bookshelf, should, moreover I have also sent to the commentary area. „, Ok, I prepare!” Good, early tomorrow morning, must remember surely, you go back are discuss marriage, is not fights, cannot fight against others.” Relax, I now am so graceful, how possibly to fight.” Em, our northeasterner temperament are not good.” All right, my temperament is not good.” Bing Xin collapsed thoroughly, she knows that said again anything was useless, was when the time comes good with tight Xia Tian, avoid Xia Tian makes a matter again. After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, he has been busy for day, is Xu and the others helped the staff officer, finally decides to give any gift, before the clothes and belt that past clothes Xia Tian wears were, Xu asked the person to have custom-made specially. Next morning, Xia Tian combs the Sir appearance the hair, wears a charming western-style clothing, prepares to see the Bing Xin family member. Xu also planned lets Han Zifeng and steals the day. However Xia Tian has rejected, Xia Tian makes them look at Jiang Hai City well, striving makes Jiang Hai City turn into zero crime rate the place, but same, he also hopes that Han Zifeng they a bit faster understand their strength. Han Zifeng they, although obtained very formidable strength, but they cannot completely grasp this strength now, needs the long-term research and combat . Moreover the number of times that they and Earth Grade Expert fights are not many, the experience is not very rich. Normal each Earth Grade Expert promotes a rank, that is several years even dozens years, how among this they use this strength in the ginseng research, but Han Zifeng they obtained the strength to be too sudden, obtained such terrifying strength all of a sudden, in a short time definitely is unable completely to grasp. Therefore now they must do how not to promote the strength \; second, how to grasp the present proper strength. This time Fire Cloud evil god was Senior, his strength was cultivation really comes out, therefore his experience was rich, he in little training these people, the Fire Cloud evil god is also thinking that before his existence feeling was very low, moreover everybody possibly looked down upon him, but he discovered in side not so-called manipulating strategically of Xia Tian. Everybody is the sincerity treats people, the Xia Tian management did not look that absolutely who most is intimate with gives who is good the thing, but looked that which type of thing most suits anyone.

Moreover Xia Tian very much looks after to each brothers. This is everybody wants with the reason that he mixes, even each of them is willing to be Xia Tian dies. Wife, I heard that Northeast is the Hei society, right?” Xia Tian asked. Nonsense, the northeasterners are good, hospitable, non- outlet, but really has love act high and mighty.” Bing Xin answered. „, Your family in military region?” Xia Tian asked. No, in, afterward moved to the Ice City.” Bing Xin said: Winter of Ice City is the China most beautiful place, there has the snow and ice macrocosm.” I have heard the Ice City, is that Sun Honglei advertizes, the Ice City beer, is really kind that.” Xia Tian has also heard beautiful Ice City, moreover present Ice City temperature also be better than Jiang Hai City. After on airplane, Bing Xin has been shaking the hand of Xia Tian, she probably is a little anxious, after all this time leads the boyfriend to go home. Sees the parents. The seeing parents in legend, she can not be anxious. Moreover at that time she was runs away, the grandfather sent for taking her him not to go back twice. Now goes back her to be also worried that the grandfather punishes her. Xia Tian saw the anxiety of Bing Xin, Inner Strength injects into her within the body, and another hand is Bing Xin dredges acupoint, quick Bing Xin has fallen asleep, sleep wakes up arrived in the Ice City in legend. 51, 51!” Just left the airport, Xia Tian heard these to shout the rental car of guest. Stands, Kazakh Station.”

The rental car that various types shouted the passenger was shouting outside. Really is a mysterious state.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Was good, boards.” Bing Xin hired a rental car casually, afterward they board directly. The driver in Ice City likes chatting very much. How, Brother, travels, travels to result in eats Mattill icicle, or the Ice City sausage is also good.” The drivers open the topic on own initiative. Volume, thanks.” Xia Tian said directly. Em, visits you to be young, is a student.” The drivers said again. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. I told you, the place that our Ice City can take a stroll were specially many, the central avenue, the polar hall, Taiyang Dao wait / etc., were too many, your this was not the winter, in the winter the words, you can also see the ice lantern and snow and ice macrocosm.” The drivers were saying: „, Was right, do you go?” To central avenue Youyi Road.” Bing Xin said directly. Good!” As soon as the drivers listen to address that Bing Xin said to guess correctly that Bing Xin was the native: Old younger sister, you are local.” Em, lived for five years in the Ice City.” Bing Xin nodded. Actually the Ice City is good, although the house in urban district expensive, more than a 10,000 draw, but periphery has the good house price, for example the north of the Changjiang River, 3000 can buy now has put down, if you later live in the Ice City, must favor the house.” Driver Master as if can chat north to be the same from day south. On him knows the astronomy, below knows the geography. Chatted from day south north, chatted south the day from the place.

Probably about one hour, the vehicle arrived at the central avenue in legend, the one who maps the Xia Tian view is the person, is the person, the sea of people cannot see the boundary, beauty of full avenue. Since old times the Ice City left beauty. „Can the people in your Ice City such say?” What Xia Tian said was that driver, the drivers does not know a moment ago said any was good, the national affairs that he chatted to purchasing homes to buy the car(riage) he to know. Probably again is Zhuge Liang is the same. Almost, but you only saw the point superficial knowledge of Ice City.” Bing Xin shows a faint smile. „Don't we go to your family?” Xia Tian asked. Goes, my family by this.” Bing Xin said. Walked was less than ten minutes, Bing Xin and Xia Tian arrives at a close community, Bing Xin has then called to tell her mother to come back, her mother heard her to come back, was very happy, today is her mother has a vacation, therefore at home. This close community does not have Minca unable to go in including the front door . Moreover the person who usually passes and out are not many. After several minutes, Xia Tian saw the Bing Xin mother, what making Xia Tian surprised is, the Bing Xin mother seems the 30-year-old appearance, no wonder can give birth to Bing Xin such attractive daughter. „Are you Little Tian?” The Bing Xin mother is very amiable. Aunt is good!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Walks, goes home to chat, your uncle does not know you to come back, I one will call him.” Bing Xin the eyes of mother's looked around Xia Tian, discovered that his anything has not taken, is a little awkward.