Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 963
Beyond flying immortal that chapter about day, if has not seen, tries the book from the bookshelf detachment, then searches the Top Grade versatile students, joins the bookshelf, should, moreover I have also sent to the commentary area. Empty-handed comes, Xia Tian unexpectedly empty-handed comes. In Northeast, the son-in-law first time visits to bring the gift, but Xia Tian unexpectedly is penniless. This was easy to be gossipped. However the Bing Xin mother has not thought that so long as is her daughter likes, she naturally also has liked, woman the intuition is very sensitive, she can feel that her daughter likes this young charming young fellow very much. First, the first point, looks at high of Xia Tian from the semblance, long is quite handsome. Also was considered as to be handsome and intelligent. Next, smiling of Xia Tian is sincere, she has eaten the person of dozens years of rice, any people have seen, she can see the mental disposition of this person from the speech and behavior of person, Xia Tian seems is more optional. Therefore Bing Xin the first feeling of mother's to Xia Tian is good. The Bing Xin family is a three-bedroom apartment, more than 100 draws, in the room are hardbound. Come, Little Tian, drinks water!” The Bing Xin mother was Xia Tian but actually one water. Thanks the aunt!” Xia Tian polite saying. Little Tian, this all the way very laborious.” The Bing Xin mother wants the smalltalk smalltalk. „It is not laborious, takes plane, time-saving reduces effort.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Volume!” The Bing Xin mother does not know how at once should reply, Xia Tian said simply is the idle talk, the airplane was time-saving reduces certainly effort. Was right, Aunt, I asked the friend to make vial cosmetics to you, you can try!” Xia Tian put out small jar of one finger size to give the Bing Xin mother. Just started to hear Xia Tian to say cosmetics time, the Bing Xin mother also thinks that Xia Tian took one set of cosmetics, this looked like is also a little regard, but Xia Tian unexpectedly has put out a such big point small jar.

This was also too small. Said is the cosmetics, can use one time? At this time the Bing Xin mother appeared a little awkward, she had considered decided to receive, was to a Xia Tian stair under. Small Heavens!, was not busy recently busily.” The Bing Xin mother wants to change the topic, if after all she will chat the matter of cosmetics to make Xia Tian appear does not have the face very much. „It is not busy, Aunt, that cosmetics effect is very good, you can try, each time a drop, once a week, two months later you will discover one returned 20 years old.” Xia Tian said. The Bing Xin mother to avoid Xia Tian is awkward, intentionally changes the topic, but Xia Tian unexpectedly also talked about the topic now. Mother, tries, the Xia Tian thing may be the good thing.” Bing Xin also saw mother's thoughts, she knows how she explained uselessly, must her mother personally experience has been able to know, actually although she did not know the cosmetics effect of this vial how, but she believed Xia Tian, she believes Xia Tian took certainly was the good thing. „, That tries, I wash the face first.” The Bing Xin mother said. Aunt, does not use, you lie down on the sofa, then I gave you to drop one drop to be good.” Xia Tian said. But on my face has scratched the cosmetics.” The Bing Xin mother thinks that the cosmetics have the isolation function, what regardless of Xia Tian gives her to drop is anything, is impossible to penetrate the cosmetics. Relax, all right!” Xia Tian had not said. The Bing Xin mother lay down on the sofa directly, Bing Xin watched the fun in the one side, her the anticipation of this time whole face, anticipated that Xia Tian took the effect of this cosmetics. Xia Tian turns on the vial directly, cautious and solemn dropped one drop on the Bing Xin mother's face. The water enters the sea. That drop of cosmetics vanished on the Bing Xin mother's face directly. Probably is braving the cool breeze, whole body to brave the cool breeze.” The Bing Xin mother said.

„After two minutes, took a bath is good.” Xia Tian said directly that Bing Xin has looked at the change on mother face, but she has not looked at anything, her mother's face has not changed probably from the start. However she believes Xia Tian absolutely, Xia Tian takes absolutely is the good thing. After two minutes. Aunt, has been OK, takes a bath!” Xia Tian said. Em!” The Bing Xin mother came to the bathroom, looked in a mirror, discovered that does not have what change, but she deferred to Xia Tian to say did has taken a bath directly. Bing Xin had not asked that she sits there is waiting. Ah! After five minutes, bathroom inside heard one to call out in alarm. Mother!” Bing Xin runs hurriedly to the bathroom, is the gate of bathroom is locked, then she hears the sound that mother has sobbed. Mother, you do not frighten me, how?” Bing Xin anxious shouting. But her mother not any response, therefore she turned head to look to Xia Tian, discovered a Xia Tian face smiling face visits her: What's the matter?” Comes back to sit, the aunt possibly was too excited.” Xia Tian said. „!” Bing Xin heard Xia Tian saying that she has also felt relieved, but she was now curious, actually Xia Tian to her mother's cosmetics was any thing, why can excited her mother cry. ! The gate of bathroom opened, Bing Xin ran hurriedly, when she runs up to the bathroom entrance the whole person was shocked. How is it?” The Bing Xin mother asked.

Mother, how will this have such big change?” Bing Xin discovered that her mother turned into on the 20-year-old appearance face around not to have probably all of a sudden . Moreover the skin compared with before fortunately, skin also had the tremendous changes. Saw own daughter surprisedly becomes this, the Bing Xin mother was very happy, she looked in a mirror a moment ago almost oneself scaring to death, was this she? This simply is a 20-year-old young miss. Moreover her skin had the tremendous changes simply. She also by own change scaring. Xia Tian, I also want.” Saying of Bing Xin envy. That thing very difficult lane.” Xia Tian gives the Bing Xin mother's cosmetics is not the ordinary cosmetics, but is he uses with many precious raw materials for medicine and compounded drugs disposes together, these compounded drug and raw material for medicine price is unable to calculate with money. The lots, Xia Tian here also merely has one. Therefore this cosmetics are very difficult to duplicate. Even if were Xia Tian is also very difficult to accomplish, he listened to Xu to say handles mother -in-law, the wife succeeds in obtaining the larger part, therefore he has spent these many thoughts. Is so precious, daughter, mother's gives you.” The Bing Xin mother saw effect time knew preciously. „It is not good, this is he gives to you, after going back, I make him make to me again.” Bing Xin understands certainly that this was Xia Tian is used to buy her mother's thing, how she possibly wanted. ! The door was shoved open.