Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 964

Among the man walked, country character face. On the face has written all over firm and resolute, body is straight, understood at a glance that this person has become a soldier. Husband!” At this moment the Bing Xin mother wore the bathrobe to walk. Volume! Who you, I told you me very much to love my wife, I will not do the matter that did a disservice to my wife, however, how you see such look familiar.” The Bing Xin father opened mouth Xia Tian almost to collapse, he thinks the Bing Xin father can be a very serious person, but opened mouth is divulging the color of comedy. Father!” Bing Xin threw directly. Unmarried girl, you may come back, thought the dead father.” The Bing Xin father has held Bing Xin. Which parents can not love dearly their children, Bing Xin goes ahead, ran up to Jiang Hai City to go directly, let their these, when parents was worried really very much. Em, the unmarried girl, behind you that is your schoolmate?” The Bing Xin father has patted the jade back of Bing Xin. Father, that is a mother.” Bing Xin depressed saying. Do not crack a joke, NM quickly turned into the yellow-faced old woman, possibly so to be how young.” The Bing Xin father does not believe from the start that Bing Xin does not know how should explain, but the Bing Xin mother complexion actually changed. Because of yellow-faced old woman these three characters, she arrives at the Bing Xin father's front directly, the right hand pinches in the Bing Xin father waist, gets down deftly ruthless. Afterward she also twists! Whoops!” Bing Xin father's pain hoarse grins, begs for mercy hurriedly: Wife Sir, I made a mistake.” This time he has determined, front beauty is own wife, this technique does not have others to be able besides his wife the meeting, but his wife change was also too big, making him a little unable to believe. Snort, making you not believe.” The Bing Xin mother twisted to drop. Wife Sir, you felt rejuvenated.” The Bing Xin father this time understands finally anything was called the pain to be joyful. Is Little Tian delivers my cosmetics, mysterious.” The Bing Xin mother said.

Uncle is good!” Xia Tian extended own right hand. „, You are small Heavens!.” The Bing Xin father also extended right hand, said that the father-in-law and son-in-law are enemies, because he must raise these many years daughter to give to this man personally, can be comfortable at heart. However the father idea of Bing Xin is the same with her mother, so long as daughter likes, their anything can not care, naturally, who must first see clearly Xia Tian is. The first impression is good, the Xia Tian long comparison sunlight is also charming. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Be not standing, sits down to chat, Little Tian, you want to eat anything, the aunt goes to do to you.” The Bing Xin mother said that she simply was likes dead Xia Tian now, which woman didn't like to look good? She is also a woman, she naturally also liked to look good. Now Xia Tian makes all her of a sudden such attractive, was very happy. Child TM, do not do, we exit to eat, you are so attractive, I must bring to exit to raise the eye to go.” The Bing Xin father said directly. Em, good, I change the body clothes, you chatted.” The Bing Xin mother said that has run back the room directly. Xia Tian right hand, does not know where from has put out a palm of the hand big small wine pot. Uncle, I have gotten one bottle of liquor, does not know that you do like.” Xia Tian has given the Bing Xin father the small wine pot directly. Comes, but also takes any thing.” Bing Xin father smalltalk, but he received the small wine pot in Xia Tian hand, if after all he does not meet, Xia Tian was not good to leave office. The wine pot that but Xia Tian takes was too small, seems is more like the antique. In this is Maotai of attire, does not have how much money. Uncle, this liquor is not suitable to drink, best is on but actually little, then blends the ordinary liquor, otherwise wasted.” Xia Tian said. „?” The Bing Xin father has doubts looks to Xia Tian.

Was good, the father, we go to the hotel to study, Xia Tian gives your thing absolutely is the good thing.” Bing Xin does not hope own father drank exits again, who drives, making her mother open? The women are street Assassins. Em!” The Bing Xin father nodded. At this moment, the Bing Xin mother walked from room, she wears a red long skirt. Noble, elegant, natural! This was three people to her first impression, the Bing Xin father completely looks silly: „Is this my wife?” How is it?” The Bing Xin mother transferred. beautiful!” Three people have raised up the thumb. The Bing Xin mother sees three people of expressions, is happily blossomed at heart simply, she never has to feel one such beautiful, this simply is beautiful in a complete mess, even if three people did not say that she has also understood three people of expressions. Walks!” The Bing Xin mother broke down the Bing Xin father's arm. Several people sit the elevator directly under the underground parking garage, the car(riage) of Bing Xin is not the good car(riage), is only Volkswagen Passat, about 200,000 car(riage)s, Xia Tian this little could not master, the house of her family seems most minimum 2 million, but vehicle unexpectedly only opens 200,000. Normal, the vehicle that others intentionally buy dear, exits to discuss that like this business also talks about. The car(riage) of Bing Xin is but inexpensive. Little Tian, what do you want to eat?” The Bing Xin mother asked that she more looked that now her son-in-law was more pleasing to the eyes. Anything is good, I can eat, guarantee all one wants to eat on the line.” Xia Tian said directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, three people have smiled, but also is very sincere, this showed that Xia Tian regarded the people of oneself family them, did not pretend, if others first time saw the father-in-law mother-in-law, that definitely more displayed is better, moreover gentry some that installed intentionally. But Xia Tian most is not willing to install was so cautious, especially with the intimate person.

After Bing Xin parents, is his parents. Good, eats a Northeastern Chinese cuisine, the flavor is authentic.” The Bing Xin mother said. Good!” Xia Tian said. Eats the sauce bone!” The Bing Xin mother said. Good!” The Bing Xin father is now happy, now wants to eat any him to comply, because his wife changed pretty. Why are these rental cars the empty car(riage) have the customers to keep obviously?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. „The rental car of Ice City is looked that which you go to choose to draw you, difficult to walk, does not go, cannot traffic jams, moreover puts together the guest, if you do not make him spell, his callus.” The Bing Xin mother said. „Does nobody sue them?” Xia Tian remembers that the rental car should be able to sue. Leave with the crafty hooligan, does not have any advantage.” The Bing Xin mother said. Crafty hooligan?” The Xia Tian first channel glossary. ! The Bing Xin father came slam on the brakes.