Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 965

The Bing Xin father and mother sit in front, Xia Tian and Bing Xin sit in behind, this slam on the brakes almost knock the head of Bing Xin, Xia Tian hurried left hand, pulled back Bing Xin, Bing Xin is also considered as now on is Profound Grade Expert. Therefore she adjusted her condition quickly, the Bing Xin mother situation was just poor, although there is a safety belt, but the slam on the brakes let her chest forced painful. Has had a collision, Xia Tian saw outside situation. A Land Rover car(riage) and Bing Xin father's car(riage), the front bumped into. Has two people in the eyes of driver generally. The first type quick SB that is opens, the second type the slow novice who is opens. The Bing Xin father a moment ago opened was not quick, but when passed by a Xiaolukou, a car(riage) transferred suddenly, her father without enough time moved aside radically, although the front transferred outward, but ran upon. This Xiaolukou does not have the signal light, in the normal condition is good to have an accident, the car(riage) that but comes out from inside generally will hit the loudspeaker first, such outside car(riage) can hear here to have the vehicle route to cross, then ahead of time decelerates. But this Land Rover not only has not hit the loudspeaker, but also the speed is fast. A bald big brother from the Land Rover vehicle, inside the left arm has been clamping a package. This bald big brother big brother the front has the dragon, the back has the tiger, on the arm has, on the neck has chain time. Xia Tian and the others all got out. Can begin the northeasterner who did not talk as far as possible as a small crabby, he was searching the Bing Xin father and Xia Tian with the look, when he saw Xia Tian stared when was staring at him, they as if changed getting married two brothers, entered the cross-eye link, then released itself in the collision of spirit and meat. Generally this situation will only occur, streets and lanes, school playground, subway public transportation and other public accumulation regions.

Then the bald big brother said hidden murderous intention words directly: What do you take a look at?” These words are significant in the northeast significance. Regardless of before , has had anything, regardless of the previous second talked and laughed merrily, if were asked you to take a look at anything, showed that the situation reached the red early warning stage. This you take a look at anything's practical significance not to ask that your you are looking at anything, but told you: You, can begin.” Therefore, please allow me to emphasize again and again: Theoretically, when you step onto northeast avenue, sees a real man, is staring you, wind light Yun Dan saying what do you take a look at?” Time. Please note, cannot treat it lightly. Because at this moment, the warning has sounded, the fight momentarily possibly starts. Was sure to remember that you take a look at anything are the battle manifesto, but non-combatant cause. How takes a look at you!” Xia Tian said directly. Hears these words time, Bing Xin knows that went bad. This simply is the textbook same reply. Afterward their vision have carried on the exchange of spirit and meat, preparation that the word disagreement begins greatly. Oh lying trough, you also look to take a look.” That guy has made a movement of lu arm net sleeve, what he puts on is the short sleeve, therefore does not have the sleeve. Xia Tian understands, if at this time he shows weakness, the appearance that opposite party will certainly exhibit a social big brother despises him, this ostrich escape, will possibly make the opposite party feel that receives the insult to enter the pursuit condition. Therefore he must put one big move: Takes a look, takes a look at you, your long few slid is buried selects, toward that stood to be careless whiz whiz the dance dance, a face puffing and blowing shrivelled stomach, a speech came undone the counter- account, the working wool has brought honor thinly, hasn't made the person take a look? Oh mother you do not open mouth, takes a look at your to use energy to dig up to draw the nasal mucus the blind that vigor, I did not hesitate to say.” Xia Tian said directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, Bing Xin and the others all is a heavy line of face. The Xia Tian words lethality was too full, the opposite guys were too been difficult to be direct by below hoodwink dry. Is away from home, must speak several foreign languages.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings say with emotion.

That guy suddenly does not know how should speak, but he remembers the goal that oneself got out afterward: „Did you hit my car(riage) also such good B?” You are blind, oneself have a look at anyone who is who hits.” Xia Tian said directly. Boy, your very good B.” The guys were also said by Xia Tian unusual was not feeling well. No, I am the cow, you are B.” Xia Tian said. Straight clenching teeth that the guys are mad, wishes one could to be direct to trample the Xia Tian two feet, but he sees the Bing Xin father time, has not caught up, because of the Bing Xin father long is quite strong, moreover stands there body is straight. I did not speak to you, told your family Sir.” The guys have turned the head to see the Bing Xin father directly: Brother, my this car(riage) blows casually is several hundred thousand, your car(riage) I gave you several thousand dollars to send.” Responsibility in me, why I do not compensate your money?” The Bing Xin father asked. You said that in, me did not tell you, today you compensated, my above had the person.” Guy very proud saying, he thinks that on own some people are powerful, can destroy the opposite party psychological defense line directly. Let the opposite party have weak trend a feeling at heart. Such opposite party will hoodwink, he was in the dominant position. „, You called person!” Father very tranquil saying of Bing Xin. I already called, he immediately, after he came, makes the picture, the responsibility is your, I thought that your driver license when the time comes cannot preserve.” Guy clothes nostril appearance upwards. On his face has written two large characters, a left face good character, face B.

The two sides faces add happen to are two B two characters. Quite fierce, I envy your this, which arrived can say the sentence on me to have the person, but I no matter how gained ground could not see on one had the person.” Saying of Xia Tian face worship. Mother helpless shaking the head of Bing Xin, Xia Tian too can do to blame simply. The guys pay no attention to Xia Tian from the start, he said Xia Tian, has not dared to begin, therefore he chose to disregard Xia Tian directly. Uncle, he said a moment ago, his above has the person, I am now good to be afraid, we will not be grasped.” Xia Tian fits out is face panic-stricken saying. Perhaps, others open Land Rover, the person old was fierce.” The Bing Xin father also accompanied Xia Tian to play. „, Is really fierce, originally the National workers they work, when I rich I have also bought Land Rover, such these officials also listened my.” Saying that Xia Tian anticipates. That guy must be irritated by Xia Tian simply. Taunt. At this moment, a car(riage) of traffic police started, saw when person who on the vehicle sits, on the Land Rover guy face happy, excited laughing said: Ha Ha Ha Ha, you ended, my person came, today I must let losing everything that you compensate.”