Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 966

This time Land Rover guy villains holds sway probably. His self-confidence full house, because he saw the acquaintance in traffic police car(riage). This was he a moment ago the friend who called to call, had the traffic police to work as the acquaintance, moreover his car(riage) was expensive, that naturally can ask to be cheap, after waiting to handle the accident, front he wanted this hateful fellows to lose money. He enjoys this feeling. Is the feelings of above some people, the person one, matter to his crab. However Bing Xin on they several people of faces does not have any startled, even if a faint trace startled does not have, the expression is light, this made the Land Rover guy extremely discontented, fantasized in him, now front these fellows should be fall into desperately, then surface like the dying embers, knelt beg for mercy. But all these have not occurred, probably is he is really having a dream to be the same. Tranquil, is very tranquil. The car(riage) of quick traffic police stopped, the traffic police on vehicle all ran. Your speed very quick.” The Land Rover guy greeted. But he discovered that these traffic police unexpectedly all ran to the opposite that man. Captain!” That several traffic police salute, said. Em, processes!” Father very tranquil saying of Bing Xin. Captain? These people are the traffic police teams. In front of that this person was Captain of traffic police team, the Land Rover guy saw such situation, the cold sweat flows, he knows good that the traffic police team Captain energy, the old saying said that people not with standard dou-measure. Moreover now he must blackmail Captain of others traffic police team.

What is main is his unexpectedly blackmails Captain of others traffic police team by the traffic accident. Finished up? My daughter son-in-law came back, finished up I to eat meal.” The Bing Xin father said that his unexpectedly called Xia Tian for the son-in-law directly, a saying directly is so red the small face that Bing Xin said. Captain, finished up!” These people said hurriedly. You, will hand over share report tomorrow to me.” The Bing Xin father with pointing at has referred to the person who that Land Rover guy finds. Yes! Yes!” That traffic police said hurriedly. On the forehead of Land Rover guy is the sweat, he understands that oneself this was own brothers harming, regardless of now the Bing Xin father kicks any condition, he will comply, he has prepared for by the Bing Xin father pit. But Bing Xin father anything had not said that several people boarded. Walked! unexpectedly such walked. This chapter of Land Rover guy was afraid. If the Bing Xin father asks for money he not to be afraid from him actually, but Bing Xin father anything does not want now, walked directly, this made him have the fear. The Bing Xin father does not want to respond him from the start, such person he sees were many, today sees the son-in-law, he does not want to stir up trouble. Quick, the vehicle has arrived at hotel. After arriving at the hotel, Bing Xin wanted a Real Madrid of vial to be strange to his father directly, this liquor price was inexpensive, two two halves attires: Father, you tries Xia Tian to your liquor.” This has not opened eats, first drank, was not good!” The Bing Xin father said. All right, tastes!” This has also opened the mouth including the Bing Xin mother, she and Bing Xin very much anticipated that Xia Tian gives the Bing Xin father's liquor is any thing. Because cosmetics that mysterious.

Now Bing Xin and her mother think that knows Xia Tian will definitely not put out the casual liquor, moreover is that small bottle. Saw the look that the Bing Xin mother and daughter anticipate, the Bing Xin father also came an interest, he put out Xia Tian to give his liquor, wanted to turn on the cover, was the cover is very tight, his unexpectedly has not opened all of a sudden. He is not an average person, but this unexpectedly has not opened all of a sudden, therefore he makes an effort once more. Bang! Opened. A wine fluttered all of a sudden completely the entire theater box. Smells this wine time, all person complexions in room all change, the Bing Xin father turns the head to look that asked to Xia Tian: „Is this hundred years always ferments?” 300 years of fine wine!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Heard the Xia Tian words, the Bing Xin father has covered the cover hurriedly, precious, this was really too precious, even if uncaps will also reveal inside liquor air/Qi, this type of thing truly can be called the fine wine. 300 years of aging good wine. No wonder Xia Tian must say that must blend to drink, this wee bit liquor gets down to be luxurious. This was too precious, I cannot want.” The Bing Xin father has handed over the liquor, his vision all stares on that bottle of liquor, on the face all regretted that obviously does not give up. Uncle, reason that I called your uncle because of me also not with the Bing Xin marriage, however in my heart you is a my father, son filial father, what relations also there is?” Xia Tian has pushed the liquor. Right! Right that said that son filial father, does not have any incorrect, I accepted.” Father excited saying of Bing Xin. These gifts are the Xia Tian careful preparations. Bing Xin mother's cosmetics, Bing Xin father's liquor. Is the Xia Tian careful choices.

What cosmetics is Xia Tian spends the big painstaking care modulation, the liquor is Xia Tian chooses from the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, although the year is not highest, but the liquor is truly finest, other years high with the wine pot child attire, he cannot come a big wine pot innertube. That will perhaps frighten the Bing Xin father to jump. Therefore he has chosen this small pot, after the small pot opens, the wine will create a moment ago that situation, although will open each time will have this type of fragrance, but that type made in the entire room be full of the degree of fragrance actually unable a moment ago to appear. Be only first time opens will have. Uncle, the strength of this liquor is not small, blends as far as possible, every day little drinks a point to promote the blood circulation, but cannot drink, otherwise not helpfuled but harmful to the body, waits to drink up me to make to you again other.” Xia Tian said. The quick service person served food. When the service people open the door of room, thoroughly there, the wine in room was too big. Good fragrance! The service people first time smell such fragrant liquor, suddenly in entrance, but the fragrance of liquor suddenly also passed to the corridor, several guys who in corridor taken a walk smelled this type of wine. Smells this type of wine time, their first response is the nice wine. Such fragrant liquor their first smelling. Service person, this is any liquor, why did not tell us.” These guy very discontented shouting. Sir, this is not our liquor, is customer in that room brings.” The service people said. What? Liquor that one bring.” And a guy deeps frown: Walks, we have a look, today happen to entertains Captain, we pass buying, Captain was definitely happy.” Said several people directly to Xia Tian their reserving a room.