Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 967
The service people just gave Xia Tian their vegetable to deliver. ! The gate was shoved open. Xia Tian and the others looked to the entrance. One line of five guys walked from entrance, their bodies wear the same uniform, this uniform is special, this time Xia Tian complexion changed, the clothes that because the bodies of these five guys wear are representing the China strongest strength army. In China legend best B large-scale army. Management!” Xia Tian surprised looks at these five people. These five people are the best B management. In their legend the peddler Assassins management of main street and small alley. Wine is this room passes on.” On that five management faces one happy, after they enter to room inside, has been interested in this liquor, because in this room liquor air/Qi was too big. The wine of full room. They understood a few words finally, wine did not fear that alley was deep. They follow the wine. Everybody, the liquor is you bring, sold to us, how much money, said the integer, if thinks highly of our brothers, becomes friends how is it?” One of them said directly. He spoke to be competitive. He is similar to feel one are the day of old Freshman type, waits to suffice with him to become friends is a very proud matter is the same. This flash he own exaggerated aggressively. He felt that he probably is a legend is the same, a speech is divulging that boundless aggression actually, his aggression from where? Naturally was this clothes, he had China strongest battle efficiency the people of army. Guo Degang had said that gives me 3000 management, I can regain fishing Dao.

Actually thus it can be seen the management is strong battle efficiency, at this time he is the person of this type of formidable battle efficiency army, therefore he naturally had the imposing manner. Does not sell!” The Bing Xin father only said these two characters, this is 300 years of fine wine, he does not hate to drink, how possibly to sell out, he was not moron, moreover he was not short of money. Although the opposite party is the management. However China spoke the place of law, he does not believe this group of people to dare to be direct to snatch. Moreover is snatches him not to fear. If 300 years of fine wine sells, depends on these five management unable to buy. Brother, lets one step, later meets to speak.” And management said that other four people are also powerful, they biggest skill may bully the person, any old , weak , sick and disabled is pregnant, does not have them not to dare to hit. Does not have them not to dare to bully. The people bully the person few are they biggest skills. Their five such forward walk, the imposing manner appeared immediately, meaning that a word did not prepare to begin greatly at earliest convenience at any time. Sells, how can not sell.” When the Bing Xin father wanted to say anything, Xia Tian has stood suddenly, his vision took a fast look around one to say in five people that at this time his on the face has piled up with the smiling face. Father whole face doubts of Bing Xin looks at Xia Tian, what does not understand in the Xia Tian bottle gourd to sell is any medicine. Bing Xin actually knows Xia Tian disposition, a face smiling face looks at Xia Tian, is waiting for the Xia Tian following performance, although the Bing Xin mother does not understand that Xia Tian is any meaning, but sees own daughter expression. Opposite party one hear of Xia Tian said that has sold, on the face had the happy expression, the vision that they used to appreciate looked to Xia Tian. Thinks that Xia Tian understands the favour. youngster is sensible.” Saying of that famous city control appreciation. That management stared Bing Xin father one eyes. That is, sells definitely sells, but the price of my this liquor is a little high.” Xia Tian said.

„It is not the liquor, can how much money, you say.” One of them said. 300.” 300 dollars, I give you 500, this liquor I wanted.” That person feels very cheaply, because the fragrance of this liquor is better than Maotai, they give Captain with this liquor, that Captain naturally is very happy. „, I do not think that you misunderstood.” Xia Tian beckoned with the hand: „It is not 300, is 3 million.” 3 million! Hears 3 million times, these management all hoodwinked. 3 million? One bottle of liquor 3 million. This TM is cracking a joke, whose TM is sick, the flower 3 million buys one bottle of liquor, this is not sick is moron. Boy, you plays me.” A that person face angry looks at Xia Tian to say. How I possibly play you, I do not dare the interest to the man.” Xia Tian said that sat directly: 3.001 million bottles, buy, you buy, cannot afford you to walk.” The Xia Tian words sound is not loud, does not have the meaning that any medicine quarrelled. However the opposite party listens is being such grating. Snort! You are waiting to me.” Saying of that several management coldly, said that went out of reserving a room. Such walked?” Bing Xin feels very senselessly, she thinks will get one, but opposite party unexpectedly such simple walked. They one will come also back.” Xia Tian said. Your youngster.” Father helpless shaking the head of Bing Xin. Uncle, I move to you.” Xia Tian has taken up a wine class directly, then in the wine class half glass of liquor, he turned on that wine pot but actually afterward fast, then above gently but actually got up one, afterward his fast has thrown compounded drug in inside. Then his fast covering cover, above but actually half glass of liquor, liquor on full.

The liquor turned into yellow slightly! Uncle, you try!” Xia Tian said. Em!” The Bing Xin father nodded, then holds up the wine class. Bing Xin and his mother all are see the Bing Xin father who a face anticipates, what wants to have a look at his expression and this liquor flavor, the people who their two do not drink want to taste. All people were all anticipating looks at the Bing Xin liquor in father and his hand. The Bing Xin father also was a little tense, he was also considered as on is big figure, was his present unexpectedly was a little also anxious, he felt that he was drinking the gold, this got down is several thousand, over ten thousand. Even are more. He has placed the mouth the wine class, fragrance as if immediately entrance. Afterward his gently has selected. Uncle, all drank, a little special function.” Xia Tian said directly. As soon as the Bing Xin father listens, direct Jiang Zheng Cup liquor has all drunk, this makes him feel that from throat as crisp as stomach, was too comfortable, this type feels unprecedentedly, the entire body probably is braving the steam. All people saw the change, on Bing Xin father several white hair started to grow dark. Was too mysterious.” Mother whole face inconceivable saying of Bing Xin. A Xia Tian face smiling face sees the Bing Xin father. Bang! The door had been kicked aside directly, enormous and powerful one group of guys walked.