Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 968

At this time the Bing Xin father also immerses in the good wine. Before his head, has many white hair, but all vanishes to disappear now. Heard this to trample gate sound, the Bing Xin mother and Bing Xin looks to the entrance. But Xia Tian is different. He is eating sauce bone at this time. Two characters, delicious. Although there is a disposable glove, but he likes taking with the hand directly. Xia Tian has not turned head from the start, but in gulps is eating, he eats unusual is crisp, has gnawed before long three, but that group of people come, was the person of head smelled in the room wine. He is person of the love liquor. Smells such fragrant liquor, how he possibly does not want to take. Who is he? The Boss of China strongest strength army, the leader of management. Thing that he wants, that can also unable to obtain, if this is in the street, he was already direct to snatch, that is his domain, although now this is a street, does not turn over to him to manage. However his aggression still. The little brother is his innermost feelings biggest support. „Who are you? Why to trample the gate that we reserve a room, do you believe me to report to the police directly.” The Bing Xin mother shouts loudly, she is angry very much, today they only think peaceful eating meal, but opposite party unexpectedly must buy their liquor, after does not sell, has the person. This is society under the rule.

Although they truly in main street and small alley very good B, but here is a hotel. Is the tax payment place. Warning? The police we do not pay attention.” Is saying that Captain of head disdains, in his eyes, the police anything is not as if same, they have the food of government similarly, moreover is the different people manages separately, how therefore he did not think the police to be able he. His behind these little brothers are also the appearances of threatening, we are greatly steal openly is the same. Xia Tian has not spoken , to continue to eat, he eats is very happy. Bing Xin has not worried to begin, but is staring at these people. I told you, leave alone was the old , weak , sick and disabled is pregnant, was the young and vigorous young fellow, we bullied, so long as our people are many, profited, we can pass to bully them.” That management Captain said. He gains ground to throw out the chest at this time, what supports is pregnant, but is not the chest. I am buy liquor today, is not snatches, but I told you, even if I snatched, no one could control.” That management Captain said. Didn't have the law of the land?” The Bing Xin mother asked. Law of the land? The law of the land is to cope with the common people, who are we? I told you, was not I blows, I have hit you today, the liquor took away, you did not have any evidence, moreover I also will find from now on the person to tidy up you, yes?” That management Captain very wild saying, understood at a glance that this matter he little has usually not done. Online will have the management to hit the video of person frequently, video that even some people went to the management bureau by person beating savagely. These videos may not be rumors, but is the fact, the threat from his mouth can hear, he has done the matter in this legend. He is true Expert. Is that type, fights with the fists Nanshan Home for the elderly, the foot kicks that Expert of North Sea Kindergarten. Really fierce, knows that bullies our these common people.” Saying that the Bing Xin mother disdains.

I told you, was not I blows with you, even if were the police station we have also rushed, let alone your common people.” That management Captain said that in the ordinary circumstances some people said that is not I with you blow, below must start to blow, but this time he has not blown. Some news saw frequently the management draws in the car(riage) person, or crashes in the police station to threaten the threat. Captain, was that boy played us a moment ago.” Some people have referred to Xia Tian. Management Captain installed the vision to change Xia Tian wickedly: Boy, you very good B, my person you also dares to play a moment ago.” Installs real good.” Xia Tian eats, while said. What?” That management Captain puzzled asking. I said you install real good, I who listens to ate the bone to have the strength, all right, you continued to install your, I ate my.” Xia Tian has not turned head, but there in gulps is gnawing the bone on hand. „Is flavor how is it?” Bing Xin asked. Delicious, the Northeastern Chinese cuisine really has characteristics.” Saying of Xia Tian appreciation. That was natural.” Bing Xin proud saying. Disregarded. They directly entrance that important goods person disregarding, then an important goods person stands there, but Bing Xin discussed the issue that the vegetable was delicious with Xia Tian unexpectedly there, as if has not paid attention to be the same them. Nice wine!” At this moment, the Bing Xin father opened both eyes, to praise sighed that at this time he felt in own body to be full of the energy. This type feels the unprecedented crispness. He even felt one returned to the condition of young time. Em?” But at this time, he saw that group of people of entrance: „Do you want to do? Fights? Felt that your people are many?”

Heard the Bing Xin father to say the nice wine, management Captain envied, he only heard that the wine knows this absolutely was the nice wine, least must have dozens years to collect, otherwise was impossible to present the wine. And is so fragrant. Liquor in your, this is 2000 dollars, your liquor I wanted.” Management Captain has spent 2000 dollars directly. Your head made the donkey kick.” The Bing Xin father stands up angry saying. „Do you want to fight?” The management Captain facial color stares, he most does not fear fights, that is his special skill, usually works does this work, the condition of their management recruitment personnel is also harsh, must result in can hit, will bully the person. Or is not absolutely good. Will not bully the person, can that want? The Bing Xin father has gotten hold of his fist, at this moment he has thought the instruction of Grandfather, cannot use the martial arts before the person casually, north and south different, the south saw that several meeting Martial Arts everybody can also accept, naturally, did not fly up to the eaves and walls, but northern different, once sees meeting martial arts, that must dissect absolutely. Studies in the body the structure. Oboe who look came from the star. The people in north these families such told that cannot use the martial arts before the person. Therefore he can only loosen his fist. This makes his mood very not good, at this time also only then a Xia Tian person can eat the thing. „, Recognized instigates.” Saying that management Captain disdains, in his opinion the Bing Xin father did not answer that was to recognize instigates. Delicious, Aunt, can I take two again?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the Bing Xin mother, a sauce bone of big trough had all been annihilated by Xia Tian, when he turned the head to look to entrance these people: Lying trough, is this bodyguard who we hire?”)