Almighty Student - Volume 10 - Chapter 969

Hears the Xia Tian words, his behind these management complexions changed. Bodyguards. Xia Tian unexpectedly said that they are the bodyguards. Brat, you live are impatient.” Management Captain said. „It is not right, you are not the bodyguards.” Xia Tian serious saying. Naturally was not the report form.” Management Captain said. Originally is the management.” Xia Tian said. Does the management is not willing to mention itself with others is do, especially is not willing to mention is in itself the bulwark control, they will be also embarrassed. We are the administrative enforcements.” That management Captain angry saying. That not management.” Xia Tian said. Brat, you court death.” Management Captain walks directly to inside, his behind these people also followed, enormous and powerful 33 people, their preparation momentarily everybody's appearance. They are are not frightening the person, they will hit. Because of under normal conditions, in population has the overwhelming superiority, they will get rid, how they possibly let off such good bullying man-machine meeting, or is a such good act high and mighty opportunity. Bang! Xia Tian has taken up a beer bottle on table, hit directly in the head of management Captain. Quick! He started to be too quick, all people have not responded. Was grinning Xia Tian unexpectedly got rid a moment ago directly dozen of people . Moreover the effect that this jar made was strong, the jar that broke to pieces also grips on periphery the body of that several person. Ah! Immediately a series of pitiful yell sounds transmit.

But that is management Captain unexpectedly one of the head does not have the throat, his head has flowed off the blood, such coldly looks at Xia Tian. Bang! Xia Tian was beverage bottle pounds in the head of that management Captain. Is that quick. This that management Captain could not support again. Body directly but actually. Captain.” That several people shout hurriedly. Horizontal fearing gawks, feared that not awfully, these people enough horizontal, but that management Captain also sufficed to gawk a moment ago, Xia Tian beverage bottle pounded his unexpectedly to be all right in the past, what a pity Xia Tian was that type not awfully. How?” At this moment outside very prosperous-looking man walked. Sees he walks, these management resigned a channel. Our Captain was hit.” A famous city control said. Broad daylight, ringing the universe, unexpectedly dares to commit murder to offend somebody, grasps to me.” That person said directly that these management must flush away to Xia Tian immediately. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. Feared? Has feared uselessly.” That person said. „Who are you? Said that makes an arrest makes an arrest!” Xia Tian doubts looks to that person. I am the leadership of relevant departments.” That person of very proud saying. Relevant departments. In China best B, the most inconceivable place. Its existence is just like weather forecast inside that local area, is that local area of that local area medium to heavy rain director Tiantian said.

Cow B. A very good B place. Relevant departments. „, That is truly fierce, are that these people are the temporary workers in legend, I remember the relevant departments most liked saying was the temporary worker, so long as caused trouble was the temporary workers.” Xia Tian said. Which your comes that many idle talk, grasps.” The leader of that relevant departments said. Bang! At this moment, the father direct palm of the hand of Bing Xin lay on the table. Sufficed!” He was really unable to continue watching, in the eyes of this group of people did not have the law of the land simply: I am represent Captain of traffic police team, I report to the police now, when the police process, if you also want to look for a job, that is moves me to try.” Captain of traffic police team. Although believing deprive of office is not big, moreover represent, but everybody may understand his real power. If he grasps, the car(riage) of that administrative enforcement, his Tiantian has the right buckle. Good, that reported to the police, this was commits murder to offend somebody, how I must have a look at the police to process but actually, we will sue in any case his.” The leader of that relevant departments said. No, you spoke incorrectly, is not I does, I noticed a moment ago he pounds his head with beverage bottle.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. I am disinclined to assume the rapidness of argument with you, when the police came to say again.” The leader of that relevant departments said. The Bing Xin father does not want to fight, therefore can only report to the police, when the police came to be good to process, although was Xia Tian begins to offend somebody, however the wound of opposite party was not heavy, moreover this was also the justifiable defense, most was also detains for 48 hours, the point of intersection fine on the line. After ten minutes, the police came. Ices Captain, we can only lead him to return to the institute first.” The police know the Bing Xin father. Em! I one will pass.” The Bing Xin father said. The leadership and these management of relevant departments are also 11 has the person to leave, the beverage bottle of ground child was also collected by the police the hand.

Looks for a generation to harness, then please attorney.” The Bing Xin father said. Or asked Xing Ju to say.” The mother inquiry of Bing Xin said. „It is not good, father most repugnant is abuses the authority and bending the law, this matter I cannot do, we walk the regular procedure on the line, he is the justifiable defense most closes for two days, punished counts money is all right.” The Bing Xin father said. They receive father's strict instruction since childhood. Therefore after growing up, the person of ice does not dare to abuse the authority absolutely, even if occasionally walks the relations is also very low-key, does not dare to disclose. Good!” The Bing Xin mother nodded, then looks to Bing Xin: Do not worry, will not have the matter.” I do not worry, definitely will not have the matter.” Bing Xin very optional saying, she does not have from the start is Xia Tian was worried, if such selected the minor matter unable to level, that was not Xia Tian. So long as Xia Tian wants to walk, where does not have to be able to block him. Also, the Xia Tian specially Operations Office chief teacher, was bringing figure of military rank, even if Xia Tian made mistakes is also on the court martial, but is not the local police station can place on trial. Your this child, how does not worry.” The Bing Xin mother was also worried about Bing Xin to worry a moment ago, now starts to complain that she does not worry. In local police station. You do know what you hit is who?” Police coldly looks at Xia Tian. Knows that management Captain.” Xia Tian said. priceless manages Captain, you dare to hit, do you know that you such do are enforce justice on behalf of Heaven simply.” That police have smiled directly, then opened handcuff for Xia Tian: Sits that side rests, I thought that your boy very has to plant, I appreciate you.” Nonsense, who makes you open his handcuff.” At this moment the managers of local police station walked.